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Zoara round diamond review GIA 6167036668, best two carat diamond for 20k

We’re in search of a diamond engagement ring, and are having a really hard time. We want to get the best diamond for our budget, and with all the variations in diamonds, it’s a little overwhelming. The most important thing for me would be the cut, followed by color, then carat weight, then clarity. I’m a little confused about […]

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Ben Bridge Signature Forevermark Diamond Review

Politely, I just want to point out that the review of the Signature Forevermark diamond by Ben Bridge does not take into account the proprietary cut that Ben Bridge partnered with Forevermark to manufacture. It has 8 extra facets, precisely and strategically placed on the pavilion of the diamond. What it does, is it subtly […]

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What is the allure of halo settings? Are halo settings a fad? How popular will they be in a year?

My girlfriend likes the Belle split halo setting from Brian Gavin, however I’m concerned that halo settings are just a fad. Do you think we’d be better off with a timeless classic like the Tiffany knife edge solitaire? What is the allure of halo settings anyway? I know that they’re really popular right now, but I feel like […]

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