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Diamond Carat vs Karat Gold

In this diamond grading tutorial, we’ll discuss the intricacies of diamond carat weight and karat gold marks. People often mix-up the words carat, karat, and carrot. Learn about the proper use of each word, plus discover what the different alloy stamps really stand for.

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James Allen Ideal Scope Images

How to interpret James Allen Ideal Scope Images for James Allen True Hearts diamonds. In-depth review of four JA True Hearts diamonds and the ideal scope images provided. Plus an example of “the ring of death” that you want to avoid, as exhibited in an ideal scope image!

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Brian Gavin Tapered Tiffany style solitaire

I’m looking for an engagement ring and have about $12k to spend, including the diamond. My girlfriend is very traditional, so I’m leaning towards the Brian Gavin Tapered Tiffany style solitaire. I’m considering J-color diamonds, because that seems to fit my budget. I’m concerned about how a J-color diamond is going to look in a white gold setting. Is a J-color diamond going to look yellow in a white gold setting?”

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