Brian Gavin Signature Cushion Cut Diamond Review: 0.917 carat, G-color, “eye clean” SI-1 clarity

Look what Brian Gavin sent me to play with today! A couple of diamonds… very nicely wrapped by the way, that was kind of a nice surprise! It was kind of like being a kid at Christmas, I knew what was in the package, but got to rip off the wrapping paper and pretend like I didn’t! Doh! I didn’t just admit that, did I? Oh well, I’m pretty sure that statute of limitations pertaining to sneaking a peek at my Christmas presents as a child, expired quite some time ago!

Brian Gavin Signature Cushion-ags104065157001So inside the package, I found this 0.917 carat, G-color, SI-1 clarity, Signature Cushion Cut Diamond from Brian Gavin pictured to the left, and it’s just as bright and sparkly as one of his round brilliant ideal cut diamonds! How do I know? Well what do you think was in the other diamond grading report that is wrapped in orange paper? It was this 0.802 carat, G-color, VS-2 clarity, Signature Hearts & Arrows Round Brilliant from Brian Gavin. I say “was” as in past tense, because I ended up having to ship it back to BGD really quick because somebody bought it… so it goes sometimes.


Brian Gavin Round and Cushion Cut Diamond ComparisonOriginally I was going to try and shoot some video of the two diamonds side-by-side, but I got pushed for time, so you’ll have to settle for this shot of the two diamonds, sitting side-by-side on a diamond sorting tray, which was taken quickly with my iPad before I stuffed everything back into a box and ran for Fed-X. Not to worry, they’ll shoot me out a few more diamonds in another week or two, and hopefully I’ll have a chance to get a little more in-depth with those!


What I can tell you is that this 0.917 carat, G-color, SI-1 clarity, Signature Cushion Cut Diamond from Brian Gavin is completely “eye clean” because I did get a chance to loupe it using 10x magnification, and then look at it closely… so if you’re looking for an “eye clean” SI-1, this is a really good option!

This is the second “LIVE” Brian Gavin Signature Cushion Cut Diamond Review that I have had the opportunity to write in the past two weeks, and both of them have been absolutely gorgeous! What makes the Brian Gavin Cushion Cut Diamond so special? This article on their web site explains The Science Behind the Sparkle of the Brian Gavin Signature Cushion Cut Diamond. Let me know if you’d like help picking one out…

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