Crafted by Infinity Diamond Review, Light Return & Performance that goes from Zero to Sixty in 3.5

Wink from High Performance Diamonds just sent this photograph to me for a Crafted by Infinity Diamond that he and I have been talking about, isn’t it a beauty?

You’re looking at the diamond as it sits facing you on a piece of glass, so it is reflecting the diamond from underneath as well. The purple and yellowish-white sections are reflections of something in the room, and the black in the arrows is a reflection of the camera lens bouncing off of the pavilion main facets, this diamond seems to be doing a great job of grabbing every color in the room and playing with it. And if you think it looks great here, wait until you see the video that Wink sent me! Talk about a sparkling personality!

Crafted by Infinity Hearts and Arrows Diamond, AGS #104051976002hBefore we get to the video, I want to show you the beautiful pattern of hearts, which is visible within this diamond when it is viewed while unmounted through a special scope.  Very few diamond cutters are skilled enough to produce a hearts pattern this precise, and Paul Slegers of Crafted by Infinity is one of them.

Lots of vendors talk about their “Hearts and Arrows Diamonds” but how many of them provide actual photographs of the hearts and arrows? As opposed to merely displaying “sample photographs” or illustrations of hearts and arrows patterns…

The reason for this is simple, they don’t want you to be able to judge their H&A patterns online, they want you to take their word for it.

But that’s like asking you to buy a performance automobile, without letting you take it for a test drive… and how else could you determine whether that car is capable of delivering the horsepower and performance that you crave? It’s like “Psssst Buddy, would you like to buy a Porsche GT2 RS online?” and then being told “Oh yeah, it’s got the 620 horsepower engine, you bet…” and being shown a sketch of the schematics when you ask to see the engine.

Why am I comparing the performance of a Hearts & Arrows Diamond to the horsepower of a Porsche? Because in both cases, the performance is directly affected by the precision of craftsmanship and design. And calling a Volkswagen a Porsche, isn’t going to make it a Porsche, nothing against Volkswagen of course… but when it comes to “Hearts and Arrows Diamonds” the proof is in the imagery, and if a vendor is not willing to provide it, more than likely there is a reason for it.

Click above to see the video that Wink took of this 1.656 carat, H-color, VS-1 clarity, Crafted by Infinity Diamond. Just check out all the sparkle that this puppy is kicking out! It’s absolutely gorgeous and this video was shot with a simple web cam, nothing special, nothing expensive, no special lighting, just the light which is present on the desk in his office, it’s pretty cool.

Crafted by Infinity Diamond, AGS #104051976002This diamond is graded by the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL) on the Platinum Light Performance grading platform, with an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0, which is the highest rating available from the AGSL for Light Performance, Polish, Symmetry, and Proportions. It simply doesn’t get any better than this… AGS Ideal-0 Light Return and Performance, combined with a crisp and complete pattern of Hearts & Arrows!

The combination puts this diamond within the top 0.001 % of the annual production for round brilliant cut diamonds! Yowza! Now that’s something that you can brag to your friends about! And you don’t have to take my word about the performance factor of this diamond, the proof is staring you in the face, right there in the middle of the AGSL Diamond Quality Document, the results of the Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool (ASET) is right there.

The ASET image tells me that the diamond is gathering light from all over the place, and reflecting it back, up through the diamond, directly into your eyes! Do you see all that red? That’s exactly what you want… Lots of red with just a little bit of green, because the color red in an ASET scan, represents the brightest light and green represents the second brightest light… And all of that blue represents the contrast created by the reflection of your head, or in this case, the camera lens, reflecting off of the eight pavilion main facets which are located on the pavilion (lower half) of the diamond.

The proportions of this diamond are spot-on! It’s cut dead center, right in the middle, of my preferred range of proportions which are published all over this website… The total depth of the diamond is 61.6% and the table diameter is 56% with a crown angle of 34.5 degrees which is offset by a pavilion angle of 40.8 degrees with a thin to medium, faceted girdle and a pointed culet.  Have you had the chance to read my article on Tolkowsky’s Diamond Design? Well compare the proportions of this diamond, to the model of the diamond which Tolkowsky determined represented the optimum proportions for maximum light return, and you’ll notice that they look an awful lot alike!

Naturally, I took a look at the inclusions within this diamond, there are just a few clouds of pinpoint size diamond crystals and some individual pinpoint size diamond crystals, they look like tiny bits of sparkling dust, scattered about within the diamond. While it’s easy to see the inclusions in the video and clarity photographs, they’re not so easy to see using standard 10x magnification, and they are definitely not visible without magnification… keep in mind that the photographs and video of the diamond, show it blown up to the size of a tennis ball, but in real life, it has an average outside diameter of about 7.60 millimeters. Trust me you don’t want to see how large a household black ant looks at this level of magnification, it looks like something out of a horror movie!

This pretty much wraps up this Crafted by Infinity Diamond review of the 1.656 carat, H-color, VS-1 clarity, Hearts & Arrows Diamond from High Performance Diamonds, I would definitely buy this diamond for myself, and can’t wait to hear what you think of it.  Be sure to tell Wink that I said hello when you order it, doing so will not change the price of the diamond, but ensures that I am properly credited for the effort that I put forth to write these articles.  And by all means, if I can help you find a diamond, or look over the details of a diamond which you’ve already found, just drop me a note!

Todd Gray
Todd Gray is a professional diamond buyer with 30+ years of trade experience. He loves to teach people how to buy diamonds that exhibit incredible light performance! In addition to writing for Nice Ice, Todd "ghost writes" blogs and educational content for other diamond sites. When Todd isn't chained to a desk, or consulting for the trade, he enjoys Freediving! (that's like scuba diving, but without air tanks)
Todd Gray


Professional diamond buyer with 30+ years trade experience in the niche of super ideal cut diamonds. In my free time, I enjoy freediving & photography.
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