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These in-depth diamond buying guides are the key to your success. They contain the proportions we rely upon to maximize light return in every shape, including insight on the degree of optical precision and symmetry.

Diamond Buying Guides for Every Shape:

Round Ideal Cut Diamond Buying Guides

Round Diamond Buying Guide.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Buying Guide:

The modern round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape. That's because it offers the best light performance and sparkle factor when cut properly. Learn what to look for in this in-depth diamond buying tutorial.

Asscher Cut Diamond Buying Guides

Asscher Cut Diamond Buying Guide.

Asscher Cut Diamond Buying Guide:

The Asscher cut diamond is a square emerald cut diamond that features step-facets that are carefully arranged to create a pattern of concentric squares. Needless to say that the effect can be mesmerizing when done right. Read the tutorial to learn what to look for.

Cushion Cut Diamond Buying Guides

Cushion Cut Diamond Buying Guide.

Cushion Cut Diamond Buying Guide:

The modified cushion cut diamond is a brilliant cut diamond with a pillow-like outline. As a matter of fact, it offers spectacular light performance and sparkle factor when cut right. In fact, it can even rival the sparkle factor of a round brilliant ideal cut diamond.

Emerald Cut Diamond Buying Guides

Emerald Cut Diamond Buying Guide.

Emerald Cut Diamond Buying Guide:

Obviously, the emerald cut diamond is rectangular in shape. The step-facet design can produce a very bright looking diamond when cut properly. However, the sparkle factor is not as vivid and intense as brilliant cut diamonds.

Tapered 3-row setting by Ritani.

Marquise Cut Diamond Buying Guide.

Marquise Cut Diamond Buying Guide:

The marquise cut diamond is sometimes referred to as a cat-eye shape because of the outline. As a matter of fact, this can be a tricky shape to get right in terms of maintaining the symmetry. Discover the secret to getting it right in this diamond buying guide. 

James Allen Oval Cut Diamond Review

Oval-shaped Diamond Buying Guide.

Oval-shaped Diamond Buying Guide:

The oval-shaped diamond is one of the more popular shapes because the brilliant facets produce a lot of sparkle. In addition, you might like the way that the longer shape has a tendency to stretch down the length of your finger.

Pear Shape Diamond Halo Setting

Pear-shaped Diamond Buying Guide.

Pear-shaped Diamond Buying Guide:

The tear-drop shape of the pear-shaped diamond makes it a very popular choice. Although that may be true, it's prone to symmetry issues because of the challenge of creating sides that are equal in length and curvature. Learn what to look for in the guide. 

Brian Gavin Signature Princess 3-chevron facets

Princess Cut Diamond Buying Guide.

Princess Cut Diamond Buying Guide:

The modified square brilliant cut diamond, AKA the Princess, is a very popular because of the vivid sparkle. But did you know that the size and intensity of the sparkle is dictated by the number of chevron facets on the bottom? 

Radiant Cut Diamond Buying Guides

Radiant Cut Diamond Buying Guide.

Radiant Cut Diamond Buying Guide:

If you like the look of a rectangle, but also want brilliant sparkle, then the Radiant cut diamond is a good option. After all, the design combines the shape of an emerald with brilliant-cut facets that produce more vivid sparkle. 

More Diamond Buying Guides:

Here are some additional diamond buying guides for your enjoyment:

The diamond buying guides above are helpful, but nothing beats experience. In that case, we invite you to take advantage of our free Diamond Concierge Service.

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The Nice Ice® Blueprint™.

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