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Astor by Blue Nile Diamonds

Astor by Blue Nile Diamonds.

These in-depth diamond buying guides are the key to your success. They contain the proportions we rely upon to maximize light return in every shape. You'll also gain insight into the effects of optical precision and symmetry.

In that case, you will be able to buy a spectacular diamond quickly and easily. Follow the step-by-step guidelines within each guide and let us know if we can be of help.

Our diamond concierge service is free to the public. We can help you search for diamonds or evaluate any that you are considering.

Of course, it's still a good idea to read the diamond buying guides. They'll provide you with a deeper appreciation of the light performance.

Diamond Buying Guides for Every Shape:

Round Ideal Cut Diamond Buying Guide 2020

Round Ideal Diamond Buying Guide.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Buying Guide:

The modern round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape. It offers the best light performance and sparkle factor in specific circumstances. Follow the steps in this tutorial, and your success is guaranteed.

Asscher Cut Diamond Buying Guide

Asscher Cut Diamond Buying Guide.

Asscher Cut Diamonds Tutorial:

The Asscher cut diamonds is a square emerald cut featuring carefully arranged step-facets that create a concentric squares pattern. The effect can be mesmerizing when done right, but it's easier said than done.

Cushion Cut Diamond Buying Guide 2020

Anita Halo Setting by Brian Gavin.

Cushion Cut Diamond Buying Guide:

It's rather apparent that Cushion-cut diamonds got their name because they look like a throw pillow. In other words, they are usually square or slightly rectangular with slightly rounded corners. The sparkle factor can rival a round brilliant when done right, but most are not well-cut.

Helix Tension Setting by Stephen Kretchmer

Emerald Cut Diamond Brian Gavin.

Emerald Cut Diamonds Tutorial:

It stands to reason that an emerald cut diamond will be rectangular. The step-facet design can produce a very bright-looking diamond when appropriately cut. However, the sparkle factor is not as vivid and intense as brilliant-cut diamonds.

Tapered 3-row setting by Ritani.

Tapered 3-row Pavé Setting by Ritani.

Marquise Cut Diamond Buying Guide:

The marquise cut diamond is also known as a cat-eye shape because of the outline. Consequently, it can be a tricky shape in terms of maintaining symmetry. In that case, knowing what to look for is the key to success.

Oval Diamond Brilliant

Oval-shaped Diamond from Blue Nile.

Oval-shaped Diamonds Tutorial:

The Oval-cut diamond is a timeless classic almost as popular as rounds. The brilliant facet configuration produces lots of sparkles. However, the difference in facet length can create a substantial bowtie effect and dead zones if the cutter is not careful.

Pear Shape Diamond Halo Setting

Pear Shape Halo by Blue Nile.

Pear-shaped Diamond Buying Guide:

Pear shape diamonds are trendy because the tear-drop shape seems to lengthen the finger. Although that may be true, it's also prone to symmetry issues. It's quite a challenge to create sides that are equal in length and curvature. Learn what to look for in the guide.

3-chevron Brian Gavin Signature Princess Cut Diamond.

Brian Gavin Signature Princess Cut.

Princess Cut Diamond Buying Guide:

The Princess is also known as a square-modified brilliant-cut diamond. It can exhibit vivid broad-spectrum sparkle if cut correctly. However, the sparkle's size and intensity tend to change wildly depending on the configuration of the facets.

Blue Nile Radiant Cut Diamond Carat Weight

Radiant Cut Diamond from Blue Nile.

Radiant Cut Diamonds Tutorial:

If you like the look of a rectangle and want brilliant sparkle, then the Radiant cut diamond is a good option. After all, the design combines the shape of an emerald with brilliant-cut facets that produce a more dazzling sparkle.

More Diamond Buying Guides:

Here are some additional guides and tutorials for your reference:

The diamond buying guides above are helpful, but nothing beats experience. In that case, we invite you to take advantage of our free Diamond Concierge Service.

We have more than 35-years of experience buying diamonds for light performance. In that case, we can help you find the diamond of your dreams faster and easier.

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