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    Roughing It with a Forevermark Diamond from Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2013

    Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus and De Beers Forevermark® have joined forces to create a rare opportunity for holiday diamond shoppers to purchase the ultimate diamond shopping experience. The top gift in the 2013 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book is aptly titled “Roughing It” and costs a mere 1.85 million dollars, it includes a piece of diamond rough weighing 25 carats from the De Beers Forevermark® diamond collection and a travel package for two persons to the heart of Africa.

    Other top gifts featured in this year’s Neiman Marcus Christmas Book are a his and hers outdoor entertainment system which is selling for $1.5 million and ten limited-edition Aston Martin Vanquish Volante convertibles which retail for $344,500 along with  numerous other gift ideas and experiences. While prices for the featured gifts are a bit mind numbing, the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book features more than 500 gifts and about 40% of them are priced for less than two hundred fifty dollars.

    Roughing It with De Beers Forevermark®

    I suppose that if you’re going to “rough it” in the heart of Africa, then an adventure led by a representative from the De Beers Forevermark® division is the way to go! Here’s an overview of the itinerary:

    Your eleven day trip includes first class airline tickets to London, Johannesburg and Windhoek. While in London, you will stay at Claridges and visit the De Beers headquarters in London, learn about the inscription process which is one of the primary selling points of the De Beers Forevermark® diamond brand, and meet the diamond cutter who will hand-cut and polish the diamond.

    You will also be taken on a private tour of The Crown Jewels and dine with De Beers CEO, Philippe Mellier, and Forevermark’s CEO Stephen Lussier in the Tower of London. Now that I think about it, I know a few Jewish diamond cutters who were part of the De Beers Supplier of Choice program who might be willing to spend 1.85 million to buy this year’s top gift from the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, just to meet with those guys to discuss the De Beers Forevermark® program in-person!

    From London, the recipient of the “Roughing It” Forevermark® diamond presentation from Neiman Marcus and De Beers, will travel to south of the Equator, where they will board a vessel destined to Namibia, where they will stay at the Hilton Hotel and tour offshore diamond mining operations, including the location where this particular piece of Forevermark® diamond rough originated more than one billion years ago.

    Once back on land, the couple will visit sorting facilities for rough diamonds, and tour a local children’s community project which is sponsored by the Forevermark® diamond division of De Beers. The purchase of the Forevermark® Ultimate Diamond Experience from the 2013 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, will also generate a donation of $10,000 to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation.

    The trip concludes with a meeting in New York with jewelry designer Maria Canale, to design a setting suitable to display a Forevermark® diamond of this magnitude, and the presentation of a hardcover book which documents the highlights of the diamond’s journey and to commemorate the experience of “Roughing It” in South Africa with De Beers.

    Following the excursion, the purchaser will meet with New York jewelry designer Maria Canale to create an extraordinary setting that is meant to exhibit the polished diamond.

    By the way, if by chance you decide to purchase the “Roughing It” Ultimate Diamond Experience from the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book and don’t want to commit a full eleven days to the adventure, the itinerary states that there is flexibility to shorten the trip.

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