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Blue Nile Signature Diamond Review: Will these 1.00 carat diamonds make the grade?

Lee writes: “Hi, I sit here ready to push the purchase button on an engagement ring but would like your opinion on 2 stones I have narrowed my search to from the Blue Nile signature range: Blue Nile stock #LD03024633 and Blue Nile stock #LD03157195.  I’m also wondering if the GCAL is showing me everything I need […]

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Brian Gavin Signature Diamonds vs Blue Nile Signature Diamonds

So you’re shopping for diamonds online and you want to know whether diamonds in the Brian Gavin Signature Collection are any better than diamonds found within the Blue Nile Signature Collection.  After all, both Blue Nile and Brian Gavin are excellent vendors who enjoy a stellar reputation online for customer satisfaction.  Is there a difference […]

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