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Introducing Astor by Blue Nile Diamond (Unmatched Sparkle?)

Introducing the Astor by Blue Nile diamond reviews

The Astor by Blue Nile Diamond is purported to offer unmatched sparkle! But as you might imagine, I don’t tend to accept such claims at face value. I doubt that you do either, which is why I know you’re going to enjoy reading this review of the new Astor by Blue Nile diamond. Get the real inside scoop, as seen through the eyes of experience.

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360 Degrees of Sizzling Sparkle! (Blue Nile Canada Delivers)

360 degrees sizzling sparkle Blue Nile Canada

High Resolution 360 Degrees Diamond Views are now available for all Blue Nile Signature Diamonds! The trick is knowing what to look for and how to interpret these images, so that you can choose the Best Blue Nile Signature Diamond available. Learn how in this diamond buying tutorial.

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Using Blue Nile Diamond Search vs Build Your Own Ring

“Is it better to Build Your Own Ring on Blue Nile, or Search Blue Nile for Round Diamonds, when buying a diamond engagement ring online? If I may take advantage of the free Diamond Concierge Service you refer to on the web site, I’d like your help finding a round ideal cut diamond in the […]

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Cherry Pick the Biggest, Best Round Diamonds 1.70 – 2.00 carats, 20K

Yesterday I conducted an extensive search of the market for a client who is looking for the biggest, best, bang for the buck, in a round brilliant ideal cut diamond weighing between 1.70 – 2.25 carats, G-color and higher, VS-2 clarity and higher. He doesn’t want or need a “super ideal hearts and arrows cut […]

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Ice Wars! Best Ideal Cut Diamond for $8K. Blue Nile Signature vs Brian Gavin Signature vs Victor Canera vs Crafted by Infinity hearts and arrows diamonds!

“I’m planning on proposing to my girlfriend once I get enough money to buy a good ring. My budget is flexible because I am a student working two jobs while, thankfully, my parents pay most of the bills. My issue is on whether I should buy the best cut diamond I can possibly find, such […]

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Blue Nile Canadian Diamond Reviews, GIA Excellent, Broad Spectrum vs Pin-Fire type sparkle.

This Review of the Canadian Diamonds offered by Blue Nile is an extension of an article that features Blue Nile Canada as a preferred vendor of Nice Ice. The article was written to benefit residents of Canada, who might find it preferable to purchase a diamond from the Blue Nile Canada division of Blue Nile […]

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Vintage inspired diamond engagement rings from Blue Nile, plus Blue Nile diamond reviews

“Hi Todd, I really appreciate all of the information you provide on the web site, it has been a tremendous resource which I have relied on extensively while shopping for a diamond online. I’m wondering what you think of the vintage inspired diamond engagement rings from Blue Nile, which they introduced via email a few days […]

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Are Blue Nile Signature round diamonds, Hearts and Arrows Diamonds?

I almost blew coffee all over the screen of my Macbook Air when I opened up the GCAL report for this 1.06 carat, G-color, Internally Flawless, Blue Nile Signature round diamond, and saw that GCAL had given the “Hearts and Arrows pattern” of this diamond an Excellent grade, because the hearts pattern is not consistent; the […]

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Special Pricing Blue Nile Signature Diamond discount code, coupons

Blue Nile kicked off the holiday season today by announcing savings up to $700.00 off the price of Blue Nile Signature diamonds by way of an exclusive coupon code. Note that this Blue Nile coupon code is only valid towards the purchase of Blue Nile Signature diamonds, it can not be applied to other Blue […]

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Perception of diamond value. Deciding which ideal cut diamond to buy…

Hi! I’m looking for a diamond that has the most value. Preferably 1.40 – 1.99 carats, VS-2 – SI-1 clarity, F color. It does not have to be hearts & arrows, but it must be an ideal cut diamond. Would appreciate any recommendations that you can provide! Thanks so much! — Melissa Thank you for […]

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