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Karlie Kloss Engaged! See the Ring Now.

Karlie Kloss Engagement with Joshua Kushner, July 2018, photo via Instagram.

Summer is in Full Swing and Guys are Dropping Down on One Knee and Proposing Marriage Like Crazy. You can hardly glance at social media or the tabloids by the grocery checkout line without seeing some celebrity sporting her new engagement ring. Super model Karlie Kloss is the latest, check out her ring!

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Blue Nile Boycotts South Dakota

Blue Nile stops shipping to South Dakota

Residents of South Dakota will no longer be able to buy from Blue Nile, due to the decision of Blue Nile to Boycott South Dakota in response to a new state law that requires online vendors to collect sales tax. This law is in direct opposition to Federal Law upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

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Blue Nile Signature Cushion vs Brian Gavin Signature Cushion vs Enchanted Diamonds X-factor Cushion cut diamonds

“Can you shed some light on the differences between the Blue Nile Signature Cushion vs the Brian Gavin Signature Cushion cut diamonds? Both seem to exhibit hearts and arrows patterns, which I’ve read is a sign of superior optical precision in round ideal cut diamonds. Is hearts and arrows more of a gimmick in a cushion cut diamond, or […]

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Best Ideal Proportions for Oval Brilliant Cut Diamonds (Maximum Sparkle)

Hi Todd, I’ve been searching for a oval shaped diamond for a while, and it seems to be a fairly uncommon shape in stores. Are there any ideal proportions for oval shaped diamonds that you can recommend? I’m on a budget of about 2500 dollars for the diamond itself, and half carat to three quarter […]

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Thinking about buying a diamond online? You’re not alone…

If you are thinking about buying a diamond online, you are not alone, according to ComScore, consumer purchases of jewelry and watches online have increased approximately 14% over the past year, which is a pretty substantial increase when you stop to consider that when we first launched Nice Ice online back in 1996, everybody in […]

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Blue Nile Canadian Diamonds Review

“Hi Todd, First of all, thank you for sharing your experience which is a gold mine of information, it helped tremendously during my research for a diamond so far. Here is my situation : She wants a Canadian Diamond (Since she has the Canadian citizenship..), I have a $3,000- to $4,000- budget and I am looking for […]

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Brian Gavin Diamonds Suitable for an Officer and a Gentleman

Betty writes: Our son James is in the US Navy and is currently in A-school in Annapolis, Maryland preparing to be an officer.  He is hoping to get married when he graduates (July 22) and would like to get his girlfriend a nice ring. He has little time to research, shop for a ring and […]

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Drop Dead Gorgeous Two Carat Diamonds from Brian Gavin, James Allen and Blue Nile

A returning client of Nice Ice asks “What diamonds do Brian Gavin, James Allen and Blue Nile have on hand at the moment that meet your selection criteria in F-G color and VS-2 clarity?”  I happened to mention this to Brian earlier today and this is the picture he sent me… he’s a funny guy! […]

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Still not engaged? How to buy a diamond engagement ring online.

So how did it feel, showing up to Easter brunch with your girlfriend and being asked yet again by the family “SO when are you going to make an honest woman out of her?”  I don’t know whether you know this or not, but the odds are that she really won’t wait around forever hoping […]

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Selecting the Best Option on Blue Nile Diamonds

Greg writes: “Hi, I really like your website and appreciate the detail you have with pictures – most sites rely on the same generic charts. Over the past month or so I’ve researched diamonds non-stop. I’ve made complex spreadsheets to determine the best value. My diamond value calc is really accurate to what people I know have […]

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