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Down the Rabbit Hole, Brian Gavin Signature vs Crafted by Infinity diamonds

“I think I’ve read every single blog post that you’ve written, possibly even twice, and it seems to me that you definitely have a preference for the super ideal cut diamonds produced by Brian Gavin and Crafted by Infinity; but which hearts and arrows diamond would you select if you had to choose between those […]

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GIA Excellent vs AGS Ideal cut diamonds, which lab provides the best insight into diamond cut quality?

“I am in search of a magnificent diamond!! Budget: $3,650 Carat Weight: .7-.75 Cut: Ideal (AGS) or Excellent (GIA) Color: F Clarity: VS1 Table: 53-58 Depth: 59-61.8 Crown Angle: 34-34.9 Pavilion Angle: 40.6-40.9 Symmetry: Ideal or Excellent Polish: Ideal or Excellent Girdle: thin-slightly thick L/W Ratio: 1-1.01 Cutlet: pointed or none I have found a […]

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James Allen True Hearts diamonds review: Is JA True Hearts the Ultimate Ideal Cut Diamond?

Hi Todd, I’m looking for picture perfect hearts and arrows diamonds of the highest cut quality, weighing 1.20 – 1.49 carats, D-color, and VVS-1 or higher in clarity.  I have some questions about the cut quality of James Allen True Hearts diamonds, based upon a thread I found on Pricescope wherein the ideal scope images of some of their diamonds were called […]

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Brian Gavin Signature Diamond Reviews: 2.5 carats, I color, SI-1 clarity, with Hearts and Arrows

Hello Todd, I very much enjoyed reading all the information on your website. I just started my search for a diamond engagement ring and I have the impression that your diamond concierge service will be very beneficial to me. I am looking for a round brilliant (or possibly emerald cut) around 2.5 carats, I-color, SI-1 […]

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