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Sylvie Engagement Rings (designed by a woman for a woman)

Sylvie Engagement Rings

The Sylvie Collection of Engagement Rings from Brian Gavin is designed by a woman for a woman. That means that they are beautiful, dainty, and comfortable. Custom design is available.

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James Allen vs Brian Gavin Diamonds (Updated 2019)

James Allen vs Brian Gavin, hearts and arrows diamond reviews

Trying to decide which brand of hearts and arrows diamond to buy? This bout between James Allen vs Brian Gavin will teach you what to look for in a hearts and arrows diamond. What a proper hearts and arrows pattern should look like, and what is not quite hearts and arrows.

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April is Diamond Month (and other shocking revelations)

April is Diamond Month. Download the Little Black Book of Diamonds by Brian Gavin.

April is Diamond Month! That means that the birthstone for April is Diamond. And that means that special savings off of Brian Gavin Signature diamonds (hidden herein like an Easter Egg) for you to find!

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Design your own Cuff Links by Brian Gavin

I don’t know about you, but my girlfriend says that I’m hard to shop for. She’s probably right, because if I see something that I want and the price is within reason, I’m probably just going to buy it on the spot… All right, maybe I’ll sit there and research it on my iPhone first, […]

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Brian Gavin ROCKS The House! 4 carats and larger!

There must be something wrong with me. Because just the other day I was walking along the river with my girlfriend, when she says something about “Big Rocks” and my mind immediately goes to diamonds, and more specifically this 8.108 carat, J-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round hearts and arrows diamond that Brian told […]

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Register Now with Brian Gavin Diamonds for Big Savings, Discount Codes and Coupons!

If you’re looking to save big money on a Brian Gavin Signature diamond, or even a spectacular gift for Mother’s Day, the best way to do it is to Create an Account with Brian Gavin Diamonds, because doing so will add you to their mailing list! From time to time, registered clients of Brian Gavin Diamonds benefit from […]

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Blue Nile Signature Cushion vs Brian Gavin Signature Cushion vs Enchanted Diamonds X-factor Cushion cut diamonds

“Can you shed some light on the differences between the Blue Nile Signature Cushion vs the Brian Gavin Signature Cushion cut diamonds? Both seem to exhibit hearts and arrows patterns, which I’ve read is a sign of superior optical precision in round ideal cut diamonds. Is hearts and arrows more of a gimmick in a cushion cut diamond, or […]

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Bull Shit Alert: American Gem Society provides urgent consumer tips

The American Gem Society, has issued a press release “for immediate release” that they’re calling “Urgent consumer tips for holiday diamond purchases” which I find to be so patently offensive, that I’m issuing an Official Bull Shit Alert.  Primarily because the second “urgent piece of advice” recommended in the article is that before buying a diamond, consumers should “See […]

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Brian Gavin Signature vs Crafted by Infinity, Hearts & Arrows diamond reviews, D-color, Internally Flawless

Hey Todd, could you help me decide between this 1.100 carat, D-color, Internally Flawless, Crafted by Infinity diamond, and this 1.255 carat, D-color, Internally Flawless, Brian Gavin Signature diamond? The debate that I’m having is whether it’s worth paying the extra $1,239.00 for the larger carat weight, because that is about the same price as […]

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Diamond Reviews: Brian Gavin Signature Round or Victor Canera Ideal Hearts and Arrows Diamond?

Hi Todd I ran across a forum post where you were talking about the different levels of precision within the hearts and arrows patterns offered by different vendors. I’m trying to decide between two hearts and arrows diamonds and would appreciate it if you would help me determine which of the patterns is more precise. […]

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