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Cape Diamonds Sparkle Like Sun! BGD Cape Reviews

Cape Diamonds seem to capture the warmth of the sun, and bring it’s sparkle right down on your hand for all the world to see! The rich, warm tones remind me of a white sand beach at sunset. And best of all, Cape Series Brian Gavin Signature diamonds offer exceptional pricing, so you don’t have to break the bank to buy a larger diamond!

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Buying Brick and Mortar vs Brian Gavin Signature online from the perspective of a satisfied customer

A Picture Perfect Proposal: A guest post by Nice Ice Diamond Concierge Client, James M: My plan was to drop down on one knee during a walk through Central Park in New York City and tell Jenny, my girlfriend, how I’ve searched my entire life to find her then offer a ring that would take […]

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Brian Gavin Advance Selection Diamond Review – the Bydlon Diamond Engagement Ring

I want to start out by expressing my congratulations to Matthew and his fiance Emilee, and thank them for this amazing photograph of their engagement moment which was captured in the coastal caves of Hope, Alaska. This exceptional photograph not only captures a beautiful moment in time, it makes me feel like I was there, witnessing […]

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“Blue Velvet” Brian Gavin Blue Fluorescent Diamond Review

I took one look at this 2.296 carat, E-color, VS-1 clarity, Brian Gavin Blue diamond with strong blue fluorescence and immediately found myself singing “She wore blue velvet…” because the combination of the E-color and my experience with strong blue fluorescent diamonds invoked a kind of deep emotion that had to be expressed. I just […]

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Diamond Reviews: Leo Artisan or Brian Gavin Signature Round, which is the better value?

The Leo Diamond is a 66 facet, modified round brilliant cut diamond produced by Leo Schachter and marketed through chain jewelry stores, like Kay Jewelers and Jareds. I was asked earlier today whether I would consider buying a Leo Diamond if I were shopping for an engagement ring and the answer seemed to surprise the […]

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Hearts on Fire versus Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamonds: Which should you buy?

I am in the market for a new engagement / wedding ring set to celebrate our 42 wedding anniversary. My budget for a loose diamond is 6500-8000. I want at least a carat. Loved the “Hearts on Fire” cut I saw at a local jewelry store. Is the Brian Gavin signature cut the same? Looking […]

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