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Jeff Cooper Tracie vs Brian Gavin Anita Halo (Brilliant duo)

Jeff Cooper Tracie vs Brian Gavin Anita halo setting

Trying to decide between the Jeff Cooper Tracie setting and the Anita Halo by Brian Gavin? Tough choice, no doubt about it! Both Brian Gavin and Jeff Cooper are extremely talented jewelry designers with a reputation for the highest quality.
What are the differences between these rings and which should you buy?

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James Allen vs Brian Gavin Diamonds (Updated 2019)

James Allen vs Brian Gavin, hearts and arrows diamond reviews

Trying to decide which brand of hearts and arrows diamond to buy? This bout between James Allen vs Brian Gavin will teach you what to look for in a hearts and arrows diamond. What a proper hearts and arrows pattern should look like, and what is not quite hearts and arrows.

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BGD Signature Emerald Cut Diamond (Rocks the House) Amazing!

Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamond, brilyens brilliance like no other

Announcing the new BGD Signature Emerald Cut Diamond! The brightest, most brilliant emerald cut diamond that I’ve ever seen! Guaranteed to knock your socks off! My jaw hit the floor when I saw how bright these Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamonds face-up.

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Chinese New Year 2017 (Celebrate Your Engagement!)

Happy Chinese New Year 2017, animal rooster

Chinese New Year falls on January 28th and kicks off the year of the fire rooster! Whether you celebrate Chinese New Year or not, you’re going to love the sale prices on diamonds! Read this article for special coupon codes on your favorite super ideal cut diamonds!

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Brian Gavin Black Unveiled (devastating performance)

Brian Gavin Black diamond reviews

Black by Brian Gavin took the world by storm this week. You’re going to want to read all about it. Once again, Brian Gavin has raised the bar and advanced diamond cutting as we know it. The end result are super ideal cut diamonds that are brighter than before, because they are cut to an ever increasing level of precision.

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2 carat diamond ring buying guide (expert ways to save big!)

2 carat diamond ring buying guide

Buying a 2 carat diamond ring involves so much more than just hitting the magic number for carat weight. Sparkle factor and Light Performance are really what it’s all about. That’s what people are going to see from across the room! This 2 carat diamond ring buying guide will walk you through the process.

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3 Stone Diamond Ring: Pear vs tapered baguettes

Summer pear shape 3 stone diamond ring by Brian Gavin

Which 3 stone diamond ring style should you choose? Do pear shape or tapered baguette diamond accents look better on the finger? Discover which 3 stone ring is my personal favorite and how you can save big when buying one from Brian Gavin.

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Brian Gavin ROCKS The House! 4 carats and larger!

There must be something wrong with me. Because just the other day I was walking along the river with my girlfriend, when she says something about “Big Rocks” and my mind immediately goes to diamonds, and more specifically this 8.108 carat, J-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round hearts and arrows diamond that Brian told […]

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Ice Wars! Best Ideal Cut Diamond for $8K. Blue Nile Signature vs Brian Gavin Signature vs Victor Canera vs Crafted by Infinity hearts and arrows diamonds!

“I’m planning on proposing to my girlfriend once I get enough money to buy a good ring. My budget is flexible because I am a student working two jobs while, thankfully, my parents pay most of the bills. My issue is on whether I should buy the best cut diamond I can possibly find, such […]

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Are Blue Nile Signature round diamonds, Hearts and Arrows Diamonds?

I almost blew coffee all over the screen of my Macbook Air when I opened up the GCAL report for this 1.06 carat, G-color, Internally Flawless, Blue Nile Signature round diamond, and saw that GCAL had given the “Hearts and Arrows pattern” of this diamond an Excellent grade, because the hearts pattern is not consistent; the […]

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