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How important is the HCA Score of a diamond? HCA Excellent vs HCA Very Good Scintillation

Thanks Todd. I think these are great options – I appreciate your help. [referencing a prior email message] I am working on contacting Brian Gavin and High Performance Diamonds. One thing I noticed is the Crafted by Infinity Diamond by HPD scored a very good for scintillation on the HCA, compared to the Brian Gavin diamonds that both […]

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How to Use ASET Scope and Read ASET Colors (red, green, and blue)

ASET Scope Colors

If you’ve been wondering how to interpret the different colors of ASET Scope images (red, green, blue) then you’re in luck because this tutorial explains what they mean.

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Is the Holloway Cut Adviser Accurate?

Selecting a diamond online can seem like a daunting task because it is practically impossible to get an accurate feel for the sparkle factor of a diamond on a computer monitor… so people are always looking for decisive ways to narrow down the field of options and reduce the risk of buying a diamond which […]

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