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Ritani Cushion Cut Diamond Reviews: Which facet pattern sparkles more?

Ritani Cushion Cut Diamond Facet Patterns

Cushion cut diamonds are popular choices for engagement rings. Learn how to pick the best cushion cut diamond in this in-depth tutorial.

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The Best Setting for Cushion Cut Diamonds (How to Maximize the Sparkle)

September National Cushion Cut Diamond Month

What Is the Best Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?Given that September is National “Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring” Month I think a feature article is in order.Before you run off to Google this epic event, you should know that I just made that up. Be that as it may, September shall henceforth be the month […]

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Karlie Kloss Engaged! See the Ring and Get the Look

Karlie Kloss Engagement with Joshua Kushner, July 2018, photo via Instagram.

Summer is in Full Swing and Guys are Dropping Down on One Knee and Proposing Marriage Like Crazy. You can hardly glance at social media or the tabloids by the grocery checkout line without seeing some celebrity sporting her new engagement ring. Super model Karlie Kloss is the latest, check out her ring!

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Brian Gavin Select Cushion Cut Diamonds Review

Brian Gavin Select GIA Cushion Brilliant cut diamond

I’m so excited to announce the launch of the new collection of Brian Gavin Select Cushion cut diamonds! I used to purchase cushion cut diamonds from the same diamond cutter who is producing these cushion cut diamonds for Brian Gavin. I know that they offer a high degree of light return and exceptional sparkle factor!

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Hearts and Arrows Cushion Cut Diamond Review 1.496 carat, VVS-2 clarity, F-color, Brian Gavin Signature Cushion with medium blue fluorescence

I’ve had my eye on this 1.496 carat, F-color, VVS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature Cushion cut diamond for a couple of weeks… I can’t believe that somebody hasn’t snatched this puppy up yet! If I were in the U.S. at the moment, I’d definitely have Brian send it to me for physical evaluation, simply because I […]

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Brian Gavin Coupon Code 10% off Signature Cushion Cut Diamonds in the VVS clarity grade!

I just got off the phone with Brian Gavin and have something amazing to share with you… an exclusive coupon code which will save you 10% off the purchase price of any Brian Gavin Signature Cushion Cut Diamond in the VVS clarity range! That’s 10% off of the exclusive Brian Gavin Signature Cushion Cut Diamond, […]

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Brian Gavin Signature Cushion Cut Diamond Review: 1.448 carat, G-color, VS-1 clarity, AGS Ideal-0 Cut

Brian Gavin Signature Cushion Cut Diamond Review:1.448 carats, G-color, VS-1 clarity, AGS Ideal-0 Cut:It’s been a long time since a new diamond shape has taken my breath away. However, I have to admit that I find the Brian Gavin Signature Cushion cut diamond completely captivating.I’ve had the opportunity to review several of these diamonds in-person […]

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Choosing between a Brian Gavin Signature Round and the New Brian Gavin Signature Cushion Cut

Hi Todd, I’m trying to decide whether I should buy a Brian Gavin Signature Round or Signature Cushion, my girlfriend says that both look pretty, but I’m not sure which one is going to sparkle more. It seems like you’ve had the opportunity to review both (shapes) in-person, so I’m hoping that you can shed […]

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Selecting a Diamond Solitaire for a 10 Year Anniversary Gift, Desired Price Range: $5,500.00

Hi Todd, I bought my wife’s engagement ring from you about 10 years ago when I was based in England. I’m now coming up on an important birthday and want to get her another diamond solitaire, something ~1 carat or $5,500 range. Do you still supply or can you advise? Many thanks – Ian

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Brian Gavin Signature Cushion Cut Diamonds, hand picked by the diamond buyer for Nice Ice!

I’m so excited about the release of the Brian Gavin Signature Cushion Cut Diamond, that I thought I’d sift through their inventory and select a few that I wouldn’t mind receiving as an engagement ring if I were a woman… Don’t even ask how I got into the mindset to write this article, it all […]

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