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GIA Excellent vs Very Good Cut (seeing is believing)

GIA Excellent vs Very Good cut diamonds, which should you choose?

People often wonder about the difference between GIA Excellent vs Very Good cut diamonds. Will the difference in light performance be something you can see? Or is the difference between GIA Excellent vs Very Good cut diamonds just a paper thing?

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Brian Gavin Signature vs Crafted by Infinity vs Whiteflash A Cut Above diamonds; using Ideal Scope, ASET, and H&A Scope to pick the very best!

I’m looking for the best diamond I can buy for an engagement ring for ~$30,000 ($28k – $32k). I’m looking for AGS Ideal / GIA Excellent cut with Hearts & Arrows, a good score on the Holloway Cut Adviser, D to E color, 1.5 – 1.7 carats, VS-2 or higher in clarity. I’m considering [diamonds referenced below] two Crafted by Infinity diamonds from HPD; a couple from Whiteflash; three […]

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How does Hearts and Arrows pattern affect sparkle in round brilliant cut diamonds?

Hi Todd, I really appreciate the diamond buying tips and advice. My girlfriend likes the split shank French halo setting from Ritani, but they don’t seem to offer hearts and arrows diamonds that are comparable to the Brian Gavin Signature, Crafted by Infinity, or James Allen True Hearts diamonds that you recommend. How important is a […]

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How amazing does your diamond look when dirty? Feedback on CBI diamonds months after purchase!

Practically every woman loves the way their diamond engagement sparkles when they first receive it, but in many cases the sense of amazement which they initially experienced, fades over time as the diamond becomes covered with dirt and grime… this however has not been Sandy’s experience with the Crafted by Infinity diamond which she and […]

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Brian Gavin Signature vs James Allen True Hearts diamonds, best round for $6.5k

Hi Todd, I need help choosing a diamond please. By reading your post, I see that at least you are objective in your view instead of leaning towards one vendor. My goal is to get a diamond with the least amount of maintenance that sparks into eternity (if that even exist). I am debating between […]

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Tiffany Diamond Cut Quality

“I really want to thank you for all of the advice which you provide on your web site. I am currently shopping for an engagement ring, one of our friends has a Hearts & Arrows diamond which my girlfriend can’t stop talking about. A co-worker suggested that I buy from Tiffany, but they don’t seem […]

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