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GIA Excellent vs Very Good Cut (seeing is believing)

GIA Excellent vs Very Good cut diamonds, which should you choose?

People often wonder about the difference between GIA Excellent vs Very Good cut diamonds. Will the difference in light performance be something you can see? Or is the difference between GIA Excellent vs Very Good cut diamonds just a paper thing?

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Zoara diamonds review: GIA 1179161412, is the price of this H&A diamond too good to be true?

“I wanted to get your advice on this rings GIA certification. the price seems too good to be true. Is there anything you can see on the Certification that might raise some suspicion? The diamond is on Zoara’s website and is under the catalog ID # D11179161412” – H.R. The price for the 1.21 carat, […]

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GIA Excellent vs AGS Ideal cut diamonds, which lab provides the best insight into diamond cut quality?

“I am in search of a magnificent diamond!! Budget: $3,650 Carat Weight: .7-.75 Cut: Ideal (AGS) or Excellent (GIA) Color: F Clarity: VS1 Table: 53-58 Depth: 59-61.8 Crown Angle: 34-34.9 Pavilion Angle: 40.6-40.9 Symmetry: Ideal or Excellent Polish: Ideal or Excellent Girdle: thin-slightly thick L/W Ratio: 1-1.01 Cutlet: pointed or none I have found a […]

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James Allen True Hearts vs James Allen Round Ideal Cut Diamonds Review

James Allen Diamonds is a popular online source for diamonds because Jim and his staff provide a great level of customer service and a large selection of diamonds in a variety of cut qualities in an effort to appeal to the broadest market share possible. I tend to ignore the non-ideal cut options offered by […]

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How to Search for Diamonds at Blue Nile and compare them to diamonds from other vendors

Hello, first let me thank you for putting so much information regarding diamonds on vendor review, I’ve been looking for a week now to find a perfect diamond and am really struggling finding something that suits my perfectionist needs. I was wondering if you could potentially help me narrow down my search and find something […]

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How important is the HCA Score of a diamond? HCA Excellent vs HCA Very Good Scintillation

Thanks Todd. I think these are great options – I appreciate your help. [referencing a prior email message] I am working on contacting Brian Gavin and High Performance Diamonds. One thing I noticed is the Crafted by Infinity Diamond by HPD scored a very good for scintillation on the HCA, compared to the Brian Gavin diamonds that both […]

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Which Blue Nile Signature Diamond to choose?

“Which one would you pick out of these 2 diamonds? [Links Provided Below]. Our budget is up to $11,000 for the diamond and our main goal is to find a perfect symmetry cut diamond. Other factors can be flexible: color from H or above, Clarity vvs2-vs1. Carat: 1 ct or above. Our preference is Cut>Carat>Color>Clarity. Thank […]

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What do Diamond Proportions & HCA Score have to do with Light Leakage in a GIA 3X Cut Diamond?

“I was wondering if you could help me with evaluating if the 5.5 Holloway Cut Adviser score for a diamond is truly an issue. I have seen this diamond and another diamond that scores a 3.4. Is there any sort of analysis you could show me on these two? In person I really did like […]

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