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How important is the HCA Score of a diamond? HCA Excellent vs HCA Very Good Scintillation

Thanks Todd. I think these are great options – I appreciate your help. [referencing a prior email message] I am working on contacting Brian Gavin and High Performance Diamonds. One thing I noticed is the Crafted by Infinity Diamond by HPD scored a very good for scintillation on the HCA, compared to the Brian Gavin diamonds that both […]

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What do the different colors of an ASET mean? Why do I sometimes see red and green split in the center?

Todd, It is quite daunting and confusing, wading through all of the diamond information. Also, it seems quite inadequate to evaluate a diamond without actually seeing it. I have a few questions: (1) On the AGS light performance document, is it optimal to have the center of the diamond diagram color red? I notice that a lot have […]

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Is the Holloway Cut Adviser Accurate?

Selecting a diamond online can seem like a daunting task because it is practically impossible to get an accurate feel for the sparkle factor of a diamond on a computer monitor… so people are always looking for decisive ways to narrow down the field of options and reduce the risk of buying a diamond which […]

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