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Has Enchanted Diamonds cast a spell on Nice Ice?

I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but I’ve made peace with Enchanted Diamonds of New York City. I know, I know what you’re thinking… “Isn’t Enchanted Diamonds the company that YOU awarded an F minus in your review of the Enchanted Diamonds web site a little more than a year ago?!?! The online diamond vendor that YOU linked to […]

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GIA Excellent vs AGS Ideal cut diamonds, which lab provides the best insight into diamond cut quality?

“I am in search of a magnificent diamond!! Budget: $3,650 Carat Weight: .7-.75 Cut: Ideal (AGS) or Excellent (GIA) Color: F Clarity: VS1 Table: 53-58 Depth: 59-61.8 Crown Angle: 34-34.9 Pavilion Angle: 40.6-40.9 Symmetry: Ideal or Excellent Polish: Ideal or Excellent Girdle: thin-slightly thick L/W Ratio: 1-1.01 Cutlet: pointed or none I have found a […]

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James Allen vs Enchanted Diamonds Reviews: Same stone, different price?

“I found this GIA Triple Excellent Cut 2.21 carat, E-color, VS-1 clarity, round diamond from James Allen and would like your opinion on it, I think that I found the same diamond for less from Enchanted Diamonds. During the course of my research, I found your negative review of Enchanted Diamonds, but then you wrote a positive review of a pear shape diamond […]

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