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Cyber Monday Deals Enchanted Diamonds, save on diamonds and engagement rings!

Good news! If you missed the opportunity to take advantage of the special savings being offered by Enchanted Diamonds for Black Friday, they extended the offer for Cyber Monday! Enter Cybermonday14 to Save 2% off Loose Diamonds at Enchanted Diamonds* Enter Cybermonday14 to Save 15% off Jewelry at Enchanted Diamonds* And of course, I’ll be […]

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GIA Excellent vs AGS Ideal cut diamonds, which lab provides the best insight into diamond cut quality?

“I am in search of a magnificent diamond!! Budget: $3,650 Carat Weight: .7-.75 Cut: Ideal (AGS) or Excellent (GIA) Color: F Clarity: VS1 Table: 53-58 Depth: 59-61.8 Crown Angle: 34-34.9 Pavilion Angle: 40.6-40.9 Symmetry: Ideal or Excellent Polish: Ideal or Excellent Girdle: thin-slightly thick L/W Ratio: 1-1.01 Cutlet: pointed or none I have found a […]

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James Allen vs Enchanted Diamonds Reviews: Same stone, different price?

“I found this GIA Triple Excellent Cut 2.21 carat, E-color, VS-1 clarity, round diamond from James Allen and would like your opinion on it, I think that I found the same diamond for less from Enchanted Diamonds. During the course of my research, I found your negative review of Enchanted Diamonds, but then you wrote a positive review of a pear shape diamond […]

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