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Are Twinning Wisps in Diamond Good or Bad? (Alarming Insight)

What are twinning wisps within a diamond? Should you buy a diamond with twinning wisps? Can twinning wisps make a diamond look cloudy or milky? Learn more about twinning wisps within diamonds and get answers to all your diamond buying questions.

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GIA Excellent vs AGS Ideal cut diamonds, which lab provides the best insight into diamond cut quality?

GIA Excellent vs AGS Ideal: “Can you tell me about the differences between GIA Excellent vs AGS Ideal Cut diamonds. I am in search of a magnificent diamond!! Budget: $3,650 Carat Weight: .7-.75 Cut: Ideal (AGS) or Excellent (GIA) Color: F Clarity: VS1 Table: 53-58 Depth: 59-61.8 Crown Angle: 34-34.9 Pavilion Angle: 40.6-40.9 Symmetry: Ideal […]

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What are the Best Proportions for Pear Shape Diamond for 3 Stone Engagement Ring

Hi Todd, I need your help ASAP because I’ve spent the past few months learning all that I could about round brilliant cut diamonds for an engagement ring, and just discovered that my girlfriend prefers pear shapes; thus I’m back at the drawing board, at ground zero with less than three weeks to find the perfect ring! My target range is […]

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