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James Allen ASET Scope Images for True Hearts Diamonds

Where to find ASET Scope images for James Allen True Hearts diamonds

Do you know where to find ASET Scope images for James Allen True Hearts diamonds? Most people assume ASET Scope images are not available for James Allen True Hearts diamonds, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…

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Cherry picked! James Allen’s best 0.50’s

James Allen GIA Excellent Diamond Reviews: I’ve had quite a few request this week to help people find the best half carat round ideal cut diamonds from James Allen. People looking to buy the best diamonds from Australia, Hong Kong, Italy and the United States, it’s really rewarding for me to know that I’m helping […]

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Bull Shit Alert: American Gem Society provides urgent consumer tips

Urgent Consumer Tips for the Holidays from the AGS: The American Gem Society has issued a press release “for immediate release” that they’re calling “Urgent consumer tips for holiday diamond purchases” which I find to be so patently offensive, that I’m issuing an Official Bull Shit Alert.  Primarily because the second “urgent piece of advice” recommended in […]

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Are there lots of inclusions in James Allen Diamonds?

So I open up Google Analytics today, and apparently somebody found my web site by searching for “are there lots of inclusions in James Allen diamonds?” and I thought to myself, this might be a good topic for a blog post because if one person is trying to determine whether diamonds from James Allen have […]

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