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James Allen Reviews, 1.803 carat, F-color, VS-2 clarity, AGS Ideal-0 round ideal cut diamond

While searching for diamonds on behalf of a client, I happened to trip across this 1.803 carat, F-color, VS-2 clarity, round ideal cut diamond from James Allen. I had not quite finished entering the search parameters that I use when conducting a search for ideal cut diamonds on James Allen, which for this search was to include a […]

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James Allen True Hearts diamond reviews: Which JA True Hearts diamond should I buy?

“You helped a friend of mine shop for a diamond engagement ring about a year ago, he ended up going with one of your recommendations from the James Allen True Hearts diamond collection, and the diamond is drop dead gorgeous! Based upon the two months salary rule, I’ve got about $20k to spend, but I’m not […]

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One carat round diamond engagement ring, F-color, VS-1 clarity, round ideal cut

“Hey Todd, love the web site, I’d like to take advantage of your Diamond Concierge Service, because this whole process of shopping for an engagement ring, is turning out to be a bit overwhelming, and the effects are rippling out into other areas of my life! I’m looking for a one carat round diamond engagement […]

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James Allen vs Enchanted Diamonds Reviews: Same stone, different price?

“I found this GIA Triple Excellent Cut 2.21 carat, E-color, VS-1 clarity, round diamond from James Allen and would like your opinion on it, I think that I found the same diamond for less from Enchanted Diamonds. During the course of my research, I found your negative review of Enchanted Diamonds, but then you wrote a positive review of a pear shape diamond […]

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James Allen True Hearts diamonds reviews, how do they compare to other brands?

I’m trying to decide between three James Allen True Hearts diamonds, and I’d appreciate any insight that you can provide that will help me choose the best option. I’m leaning towards this 1.23 carat, I-color, VS-1 clarity, James Allen True Hearts diamond, because I think that it provides a good balance of carat weight, color, […]

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James Allen True Hearts diamonds review: Is JA True Hearts the Ultimate Ideal Cut Diamond?

Hi Todd, I’m looking for picture perfect hearts and arrows diamonds of the highest cut quality, weighing 1.20 – 1.49 carats, D-color, and VVS-1 or higher in clarity.  I have some questions about the cut quality of James Allen True Hearts diamonds, based upon a thread I found on Pricescope wherein the ideal scope images of some of their diamonds were called […]

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