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Princess Cut Diamond (Amazing ways to Rock her world 3X)

Princess cut diamond rings, GIA Excellent and Brian Gavin Signature

Do you know what to look for in a Princess Cut Diamond? It’s not possible to predict light return in a princess cut diamond in the same way as you can with a round. Discover the effect of chevron facets upon princess cut light performance, as well as the best place to buy!

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James Allen Ideal Scope Images

How to interpret James Allen Ideal Scope Images for James Allen True Hearts diamonds. In-depth review of four JA True Hearts diamonds and the ideal scope images provided. Plus an example of “the ring of death” that you want to avoid, as exhibited in an ideal scope image!

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Cherry Pick the Biggest, Best Round Diamonds 1.70 – 2.00 carats, 20K

Yesterday I conducted an extensive search of the market for a client who is looking for the biggest, best, bang for the buck, in a round brilliant ideal cut diamond weighing between 1.70 – 2.25 carats, G-color and higher, VS-2 clarity and higher. He doesn’t want or need a “super ideal hearts and arrows cut […]

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How important is diamond culet size? None, Very Small, Small, Blue Nile Signature vs James Allen True Hearts

“I’m in the process of shopping for a diamond engagement ring online, and am trying to decide between Blue Nile Signature round diamonds and James Allen True Hearts diamonds, which seem to offer a good balance of quality and price. Neither vendor seems to have anything that matches your preferred range of selection parameters at […]

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James Allen True Hearts diamond reviews: Which JA True Hearts diamond should I buy?

“You helped a friend of mine shop for a diamond engagement ring about a year ago, he ended up going with one of your recommendations from the James Allen True Hearts diamond collection, and the diamond is drop dead gorgeous! Based upon the two months salary rule, I’ve got about $20k to spend, but I’m not […]

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Vintage diamond engagement ring with James Allen True Hearts and Arrows Diamond

“Hi Todd, you helped a friend of mine find a diamond from James Allen awhile back, and after seeing how beautiful the diamond looks, I’m a believer! Could you help me select the best James Allen True Hearts diamond in the range of 1.10 – 1.49 carats, D to I-color, VS-2 in clarity? I would […]

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How does Hearts and Arrows pattern affect sparkle in round brilliant cut diamonds?

Hi Todd, I really appreciate the diamond buying tips and advice. My girlfriend likes the split shank French halo setting from Ritani, but they don’t seem to offer hearts and arrows diamonds that are comparable to the Brian Gavin Signature, Crafted by Infinity, or James Allen True Hearts diamonds that you recommend. How important is a […]

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James Allen True Hearts diamonds review: Is JA True Hearts the Ultimate Ideal Cut Diamond?

Hi Todd, I’m looking for picture perfect hearts and arrows diamonds of the highest cut quality, weighing 1.20 – 1.49 carats, D-color, and VVS-1 or higher in clarity.  I have some questions about the cut quality of James Allen True Hearts diamonds, based upon a thread I found on Pricescope wherein the ideal scope images of some of their diamonds were called […]

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Brian Gavin Signature vs James Allen True Hearts diamonds, best round for $6.5k

Hi Todd, I need help choosing a diamond please. By reading your post, I see that at least you are objective in your view instead of leaning towards one vendor. My goal is to get a diamond with the least amount of maintenance that sparks into eternity (if that even exist). I am debating between […]

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Ritani French Halo engagement ring with Ritani Diamonds Reviews

Todd, I got to you through a search for Ritani reviews. I am in NYC so I have options, but still feel like the process is blind to people not in the business. I saw a ring at Tiffany’s – the Tiffany embrace and thought I could do much better trying to find a similar […]

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