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James Allen vs Brian Gavin Diamonds (Updated 2020)

James Allen vs Brian Gavin, hearts and arrows diamond reviews

Trying to decide which brand of hearts and arrows diamond to buy? This bout between James Allen vs Brian Gavin will teach you what to look for in a hearts and arrows diamond. What a proper hearts and arrows pattern should look like, and what is not quite hearts and arrows.

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James Allen Engagement Ring Reviews, the Best Rated of 2019

James Allen Petite Pave

Discover which James Allen Engagement Rings received the best reviews for 2019 from the people who bought them. An in-depth look at the most popular engagement rings from James Allen for 2019.

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Karlie Kloss Engaged! See the Ring and Get the Look

Karlie Kloss Engagement with Joshua Kushner, July 2018, photo via Instagram.

Summer is in Full Swing and Guys are Dropping Down on One Knee and Proposing Marriage Like Crazy. You can hardly glance at social media or the tabloids by the grocery checkout line without seeing some celebrity sporting her new engagement ring. Super model Karlie Kloss is the latest, check out her ring!

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James Allen Ideal Scope Images

How to interpret James Allen Ideal Scope Images for James Allen True Hearts diamonds. In-depth review of four JA True Hearts diamonds and the ideal scope images provided. Plus an example of “the ring of death” that you want to avoid, as exhibited in an ideal scope image!

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Best Ideal Proportions for Oval Brilliant Cut Diamonds (Maximum Sparkle)

Are There Ideal Proportions for Oval Cut Diamond: Hi Todd, I’ve been searching for an oval-shaped diamond for a while, and it seems to be a fairly uncommon shape in stores. Are there any ideal proportions for oval-shaped diamonds that you can recommend? I’m on a budget of about 2500 dollars for the diamond itself, […]

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Thinking about buying a diamond online? You’re not alone…

Is Buying a Diamond Online a Good Idea? If you are thinking about buying a diamond online, you are not alone, according to ComScore, consumer purchases of jewelry and watches online have increased approximately 14% over the past year, which is a pretty substantial increase when you stop to consider that when we first launched […]

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How much does it cost for me to use your Personal Diamond Shopper service?

Hello, I had bought my diamond for my wedding ring back in 2002 from you. I get compliments on it all the time (THANK YOU)! I am referring someone to you but it seems like you may have changed the way you did business back then. Can you help me to understand the differences? I […]

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Drop Dead Gorgeous Two Carat Diamonds from Brian Gavin, James Allen and Blue Nile

A returning client of Nice Ice asks “What diamonds do Brian Gavin, James Allen and Blue Nile have on hand at the moment that meet your selection criteria in F-G color and VS-2 clarity?”  I happened to mention this to Brian earlier today and this is the picture he sent me… he’s a funny guy! […]

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James Allen True Hearts vs Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows Diamonds 3/4 carat

I am looking to purchase an engagement ring in the 3/4 carat range. I would like to spend between $2500-3500 (but would really like to stay closer to the <3k range if possible). I had been looking at James Allen and BGD. Currently, this 0.745 carat, J color, VS-1 Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows […]

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James Allen True Hearts Diamond Review 0.90 carat, D color, VS-2 clarity diamond

After 25+ years working as a diamond buyer, you might say that buying diamonds is in my blood… so I’m always on the look out for certain combinations of diamond cut quality, carat weight, color and clarity because I know that people are looking for them and that as a diamond broker there is always […]

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