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Best Round Diamond for 7k – 10k, Deciding between Blue Nile, Costco, BGD and CBI Ideal Cut Diamonds

Hi Todd, I’m trying to find an engagement ring around the 7k – 10k range that is at least 1 ctw for the center stone. I have been looking all over the place and am a little worried about ordering from Blue Nile because I like to see what I’m buying before I actually buy […]

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Diamond Stud Earrings with the best cut quality and visual performance for $25-40k

Hi – I would like to buy a pair of certified diamond earrings, Color – G/H Clarity – VS1/2 Carat – 0.8-1 ctw Cut – as perfect as it can be Will you able to help me on this? My budget is 25k to 40k USD. Thanks — Patty T. Thank you for your inquiry. […]

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Crafted by Infinity Diamond Review, Light Return & Performance that goes from Zero to Sixty in 3.5

Wink from High Performance Diamonds just sent this photograph to me for a Crafted by Infinity Diamond that he and I have been talking about, isn’t it a beauty? You’re looking at the diamond as it sits facing you on a piece of glass, so it is reflecting the diamond from underneath as well. The […]

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The Secret Formula for Maximum Diamond Sparkle

“Hi, I read through your post on selecting the best Blue Nile Diamonds and picked a couple of diamonds out that I think meet the geometric recommendations that you laid out. Links below.  What I am looking for: Diamond over 1ct – 1.2ct Eye Clean Diamond will be set in a white gold setting (in […]

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What do Diamond Proportions & HCA Score have to do with Light Leakage in a GIA 3X Cut Diamond?

“I was wondering if you could help me with evaluating if the 5.5 Holloway Cut Adviser score for a diamond is truly an issue. I have seen this diamond and another diamond that scores a 3.4. Is there any sort of analysis you could show me on these two? In person I really did like […]

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Ideal Cut Diamonds quest 1.30 – 1.50 carats

“Hi Todd, I just stumbled across your site while doing some diamond research! Your in-depth responses to questions are so informative and helpful! I thank you in advance if you help me with my diamond search. Your article on the 1.33 James Allen diamond is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been on the […]

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