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Brian Gavin Tapered Tiffany style solitaire

I’m looking for an engagement ring and have about $12k to spend, including the diamond. My girlfriend is very traditional, so I’m leaning towards the Brian Gavin Tapered Tiffany style solitaire. I’m considering J-color diamonds, because that seems to fit my budget. I’m concerned about how a J-color diamond is going to look in a white gold setting. Is a J-color diamond going to look yellow in a white gold setting?”

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Tiffany Diamond Prices Compared to Online Diamond Prices

I’ve been pondering something for awhile now and needed to get an answer to the question which was “Why does Tiffany & Co., seem to focus all of their advertising promoting a  perfectly wrapped blue cardboard box instead of the quality of their diamonds?” After all, they are one of the largest diamond companies in […]

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