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“Once in a Blue Moon” 2.343 carat, Brian Gavin Blue with Very Strong Blue Fluorescence. YUM!

Once in a Blue Moon” is a phrase used to describe a rare atmospheric event which causes the moon to appear bluish, this phenomena is usually due to smoke or dust particles in the air, such as those caused by forest fire or volcanic eruption. Blue fluorescence in diamonds is caused by the presence of […]

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Seeking Professional Insight Regarding Brian Gavin Blue

“Hello, I found your site on Bing while reading about site reviews. You mentioned to contact you if I like your opinion on diamonds, and I’m interested in a couple of BGD Blues: 2.436 carat, H color, VS-2 and this 2.472 carat, H color, VS-1  Or to spend equivalent money on the Signature Hearts and Arrow. […]

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