Brian Gavin Signature Diamond Reviews: Best options around the 2 carat mark

“Hey Todd, I love your site! It’s helped me understand diamonds better, but I don’t feel comfortable enough to pick a diamond on my own, so I’m going to take you up on your offer to help me find a diamond via your free diamond concierge service, which makes no sense to me because I know you’ve got to earn a living somehow. Anyway I’m hoping that you can help me find a ±2 carat diamond that delivers the best bang for the buck, and I’ve got about $20k to spend, but could go up to $22k for the right diamond if I have to. I guess the question is, if you were me and had that kind of money to spend, what would you choose if you were buying the diamond?” — Skyler

How to save money buying a two carat diamond:

The easiest way to save money and stretch the capacity of your diamond buying budget is to buy a diamond that weighs just short of the weight classification that you are aiming for, because of the price increase that takes place at various intervals of carat weight. In this particular instance, the price per carat of the diamonds you are considering increases substantially between the 1.99 – 2.00 carat marks, so it makes sense to buy a diamond that weighs between 1.80 – 1.99 carats if possible.

How to save money when buying a two carat diamond, Brian Gavin reviews, AGSL 104074030083This 1.943 carat, I-color, VS-1 clarity, Signature round diamond from Brian Gavin is a great example, it represents everything that I look for in a diamond; it has an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0 from the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL) and proportions which are optimized to deliver the highest volume of light return, with a virtual balance of brilliance (white sparkle) and dispersion (colored sparkle / fire) and the highest level of brightness as indicted by the ASET diagram on the lab report; the diamond also exhibits a crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows, which demonstrates that the diamond has been cut to an exceptional level of optical symmetry, which will result in superior visual performance and incredible sparkle factor. This diamond is selling for $21,481.00 via cash / wire transfer, which represents a Price Per Carat (PPC) of $11,055.58


In contrast, we have this 2.106 carat, I-color, VS-1 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round diamond, which is is also graded by the AGS Laboratory with an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0, and which also is cut to the center range of the spectrum designated for the zero ideal cut rating from the AGSL, and which also exhibits a crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows, and which also looks fantastic when viewed through an ASET Scope, but which is selling for $29,421.00 giving it a Price Per Carat of $13,970.00 for a visible difference of only 0.27 millimeters in outside diameter, which means that you’re paying roughly $7,940.00 for a difference in diameter that is extremely slight… If by chance, it is really important for the diamond to weigh two carats or more, then I suggest justifying the additional expense by saying that you paid almost $8k more for 270 microns of visible outside diameter.

In all seriousness, the 2.106 carat, round diamond from Brian Gavin will face-up a bit larger than the 1.943 carat diamond, but it is a difference that is so slight that most people would only be able to see the difference between the two diamonds if they were set side-by-side on a diamond sorting tray, separated by about a quarter of an inch or so… it wouldn’t be a difference in size that most people would be able to detect from across the dinner table.

Brian Gavin Signature diamond reviews: AGSL 104074030064

Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamond reviews, AGSL 104074030064This 1.828 carat, I-color, VS-1 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature round diamond is another option that I feel is worthy of consideration because it meets my selection criteria on all counts; the diamond has an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0 as determined on the Light Performance grading platform of the AGS Laboratory, which uses Angular Spectrum Evaluation Technology (ASET) to measure diamonds for brightness, and which provides insight as to how consistently light is being reflected throughout the diamond. It has been estimated that fewer than 0.001% of the round brilliant cut diamonds produced in the average year exhibit this crisp and complete a pattern of hearts and arrows.


In terms of overall rarity, I can tell you that I over the years I have seen very few round brilliant super ideal cut diamonds produced within the range of 1.80 – 1.99 carats, because from a financial perspective the cutters are better off using the same piece of diamond rough to produce a diamond with good to very good proportions that weighs more than 2.00 carats; so diamonds like this from Brian Gavin which weigh just short of the 2.00 carat mark represent a fantastic opportunity.

Brian Gavin Signature diamond reviews: AGSL 104074500018

Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamond reviews, AGSL 104074500018This 1.947 carat, I-color, VS-2 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows round diamond looks like another excellent option that will save you tons of money if you are looking for the best deal on a diamond that weighs about two carats. As with all of the diamonds that I’ve seen produced by Brian Gavin, this diamond looks exceptional in the ASET Scope image that is provided on the Diamond Quality Document (DQD) issued by the American Gem Society Laboratory (AGSL). The high volume of red that is evident in the ASET Scope image tells me that the diamond will be incredibly bright, and the secondary brightness which is represented by the color green is evenly distributed throughout the diamond, in a pattern that is normal for a round brilliant super ideal cut diamond. This diamond is so new that it is still being photographed, but by all indications on the lab report, it should be stunning!


These Brian Gavin Diamond Reviews provide you with three exceptional options, all of which happen to be diamonds that I would not hesitate to buy personally, because they represent the best of the best in the world of super ideal cut diamonds… I actually did select a comparable diamond for my own wedding ring.

I don’t see a reason to purchase one of these Brian Gavin Signature round hearts and and arrows diamonds over another, they are all exceptional by my standards, all three of them:

  • Have an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0
  • Exhibit a crisp and complete pattern of Hearts & Arrows
  • Look fantastic in the ASET Scope image
  • Have a crown angle between 34.6 – 34.7 degrees
  • Have a pavilion angle between 40.7 – 4.09 degrees
  • Have inclusions that meet my selection criteria

And every one of them provides you with a look that is very close to two carats, without your having to pay the price premium commanded by diamonds that weigh 2.00 carats and higher.

Coupons and Discount Codes for Brian Gavin Diamonds:

I assume that you plan on buying an engagement ring to go with one of these Brian Gavin Signature round diamonds, so I want to offer you access to an exclusive coupon and discount code that I’ve negotiated with Brian Gavin, so that my clients can save a bit of money on a setting. I’m prohibited from publishing the coupon or discount code online, but I’ll be happy to send it to you via email upon request, just send me a note via the submission form for my free Diamond Concierge Service.

Speaking of my Diamond Concierge Service, you asked about how I’m able to make money providing diamond advice for free… the reality is that I have affiliate agreements with most online diamond companies, and I am compensated for the time that I spend assisting you, if you purchase a diamond from them using one of the links provided, and/or reference me as the referral when you speak with one of their customer service representatives. The really cool thing about this arrangement is that your price on the diamond does not change if you purchase using one of the affiliate links that I provide, the cost of my service comes out of their annual advertising budget, and in many cases, I can provide you with vendor coupons that are not generally available to the public!

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