The Best Tiffany Solitaire Style Engagement Rings To Buy Now

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June 16

The classic Tiffany Solitaire diamond engagement ring is the most popular setting style featuring a knife-edge or rounded shank with a four or six-prong crown.

Tiffany Solitaire is a generic term that people commonly use to describe solitaire style engagement rings. Needless to say, this is a fact that probably ruffles the managerial feathers at Tiffany & Company.

This is my favorite version of the Tiffany style solitaire =======> 

Tiffany solitaire by Brian Gavin

Classic Tiffany Solitaire by Brian Gavin.

Rumor has it that Charles Lewis Tiffany first introduced the classic Tiffany solitaire engagement ring back in the late 1800's. The problem is that the term "Tiffany Solitaire" has become a common use phrase.

In similar fashion to how people use the words Kleenex or Xerox to describe products from other brands. As a matter of fact, just about every mountings catalog in the world offers a broad selection of Tiffany Solitaires.

As you might imagine, none of these rings are actually from Tiffany & Company. Be that as it may, I personally don't see any benefit in paying a premium for a name. However, I will pay more for higher quality and superior design.

Classic Tiffany Style Solitaire Setting:

Classic Tiffany solitaire by Brian Gavin.

Classic Tiffany Solitaire by Brian Gavin.

Variations of the timeless classic tiffany style solitaire range from extremely basic to stunning and elaborate. The basic premise consists of a half-round or knife-edge ring shank set with a four or six prong head on top.

The Classic Tiffany style solitaire half-round engagement ring by Brian Gavin is my absolute favorite. I've seen this ring in person several times and it looks and feels incredible. As a matter of fact, this ring perfectly matches my expectations.

The six prong head has a modern design which resembles a crown and cradles the diamond elegantly. The position of the head nestles down into the base of the shank. In light of this, the ring has a fairly low profile on the finger.

That is a clear advantage over other versions of Tiffany solitaire where the head sits on top of the ring. With this in mind, it's no wonder why this ring is so popular with my clients. Everything about this Tiffany solitaire is perfect.

Tiffany Knife Edge Solitaire Setting by Brian Gavin:

Knife edge solitaire by Brian Gavin

Knife Edge Solitaire by Brian Gavin.

There is another version of the classic Tiffany style solitaire available from Brian Gavin. The classic knife edge solitaire by Brian Gavin below features the same elegant six prong crown.

However, the outer edge of the shank tapers off into a V-shape. This style of ring shank is commonly known as a knife edge even though it doesn't feel sharp.

Under those circumstance, I suppose that knife edge sounds more romantic than V-edge, hence the name. However I think that knife edge solitaires will become more popular when people realize the edges aren't sharp.

Knife edge solitaires have always been popular with our clients. However, it does seem like more people buy the classic half-round version. I'm quite certain that the difference in popularity is simply a matter of perception because of the description.

After all, the prong configuration of these two rings is exactly the same which means that they look similar. In any event, my clients indicate that the knife edge solitaire feels very comfortable on their hand. In that case, which style of Tiffany solitaire you buy is simply a matter of preference.

Victor Canera Tiffany Solitaire with Scalloped Basket:

Victor Canera Scalloped Tiffany.

Scalloped Solitaire by Victor Canera

To begin with, the scalloped basket on Victor Canera's interpretation of the traditional Tiffany solitaire is an interesting twist. On the other hand, the deviation from the timeless royal crown represents a bold risk.

The Victor Canera Scalloped Basket Tiffany Solitaire style ring on the left is a daring interpretation of the traditional design. As can be seen in this photograph, the outer edge of the ring is flat.

That makes it possible for it to set flush up against another ring without any gaps. Be that as it may, setting the basket on top of the ring causes the diamond to sit up higher.

As a matter of fact, this design trait is neither good, nor bad, but rather is just something to take into consideration. It's also essential to consider how other Tiffany solitaire rings fit together with the wedding bands. In my experience, there is no perfect solution, so choose the best option for your specific situation.

Tiffany Solitaire by Tiffany & Co. Jewelers:

Tiffany Solitaire.

Classic Tiffany Solitaire

Obviously, no article on Tiffany Solitaire style engagement rings would be complete without featuring a ring from Tiffany & Company. After all, they say that Charles Lewis Tiffany began selling the classic solitaire engagement ring back in the 1800's.

Arguably, the classic Tiffany Solitaire is the most iconic engagement ring in the. world. In the first place, almost everybody has seen the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. Not only that, but the company has a distinct advantage that only time can provide.

With this in mind, it's not surprising that so many women believe Tiffany & Co., to be the standard. At the same time, from the perspective of an industry insider, I realize that Tiffany's success is largely due to marketing.

Be that as it may, this is true of most successful companies. Is it not? Which is not meant to minimize the success or popularity of the company. But rather, to acknowledge the fact that many other jewelers offer high-quality diamonds and jewelry.

By the same token, my personal experience Secret Shopping Tiffany & Company was somewhat disappointing. Not to mention rather shocking given the apparently high markup they charge for their diamonds.

From my perspective, it seems possible to buy diamonds of equal or better cut quality at better prices online. Of course, it's entirely your prerogative to pay a premium if that's what you want. Some people place more value than I do on the Tiffany stamp inside the ring and a baby blue box.

The James Allen Tiffany Style Solitaire:

James Allen Tiffany Solitaire.

Knife Edge Solitaire by James Allen

As you might imagine, everybody has their own interpretation of how a Tiffany solitaire should look. With this in mind, the Knife Edge Tiffany Solitaire by James Allen represents their interpretation of the concept.

As you can see in the photograph on the left, the openings in the crown section appear to be shorter. Slight differences such as these between styles of Tiffany ring will appeal to people with different tastes.

That explains why there are so many variations of the classic tiffany solitaire style engagement ring. While I tend to gravitate more towards the classic rendition by Brian Gavin, other people might prefer this version.

Seeing that both of these rings are similar in design, they are both Tiffany solitaires. Which is why it's good to know whether your fiancé prefers the timeless classic or modern adaptation.

In either case, It's just a matter of personal taste. Do you have a preference for either ring style? Leave a comment below and tell us which one appeals to you.

Blue Nile Classic Six Prong Tiffany Solitaire:

Blue Nile Tiffany Solitaire.

Six-prong Solitaire by Blue Nile

As you can see from the photograph below, the classic six-prong Tiffany solitaire from Blue Nile is more basic. To that end, this ring is closer to the standard solitaire you'll find in most jewelry stores.

In the first place, the overall design of this ring is more different than similar to the others. To begin with, the prong configuration consists of a die struck head which is less intricate.

Unlike the six pointed crown effect that the design of the other rings create, this is a standard head. By the same token, this style of catalog setting is commonly available to accommodate diamonds of various sizes.

For example, this setting is shown with a one carat diamond in the center. The head is likely to fit a round diamond measuring between 6.3 - 6.7 millimeters.

Whereas the more elaborate Tiffany style solitaires from Brian Gavin and HPD are individually custom made for the specific diamond being set in the ring. In the same way that a suit off the rack will not fit as perfectly as one tailored to suit your needs.

It stands to reason that a diamond will not fit as precisely in a catalog setting. At the same time, these die struck solitaires cost less to produce. Which makes them a viable alternative for those who aren't looking for a custom ring.

Basic Design and Dimensions for Tiffany Solitaire Settings:

Tapered Tiffany Solitaire.

Tapered Solitaire by Brian Gavin

The vast majority of Tiffany solitaire style engagement rings measure 2 - 2.5 mm in width. The ring shank can be the same width all the way around, or it might taper slightly.

Some variations of the design are wider at the top and taper down at the bottom. While some of the newer designs are wider at the bottom and get thinner towards the top.

Remember that every designer will put their own spin on the classic Tiffany solitaire to make it their own.For example, this Tapered Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring from Brian Gavin incorporates that modern twist to the traditional concept.

As can be seen in the photograph to the left, the ring shank tapers outward. Consequently, the reverse taper creates an interesting visual effect on the hand.

In addition, this modern rendition of the classic Tiffany solitaire features a narrower ring shank which many people will love. In the event that you've been looking for a narrower solitaire, this setting is the answer to your prayers.

The ring shank tapers from about 1.8 mm near the top to around 2.0 mm on the edges. Refer to the product details page on Brian Gavin for specific details.

Custom Crowns vs. Standard Heads:

Six prong peg head.

Six-prong head for solitaire setting.

As with the other Tiffany style solitaire's from Brian Gavin, the prong section on this ring is more crown-like. You can view this ring from several different vantage points on the website.

In contrast, a traditional solitaire engagement ring usually features a basic four or six prong die struck head. The prong configuration is also known as the crown or head.

There are two common configurations, namely four or six prongs. There are also two standard methods of attaching the head to the ring. The first of which is a peg head that has a post at the bottom.

The jeweler will anchor the head to the ring by soldering the post into a hole at the top of the setting. Needless to say, setting the prongs on top of the ring increases the height of the diamond on your finger.

Alternatively, the other option is V-head which the jeweler will solder into the ring. In order to do this, the jeweler will spread the shank at the top of the ring open. Then, they will push the V-head down between the two sides of the ring shank and solder it in place.

Die Struck Tiffany Solitaire Style Settings:

Classic Tiffany Solitaire.

Classic Tiffany Solitaire by Brian Gavin

Traditional die-struck tiffany style solitaire engagement rings are manufactured in a wide range of alloys. They are available in all the normal combinations of gold content. Such as 10k, 14k, and 18k white gold, yellow gold, palladium and platinum.

By the same token, you can buy a tiffany solitaire engagement ring that is all yellow gold or all white gold. Alternatively, you can choose a ring which is all platinum, or all palladium, or a combination of different alloys.

The six prong solitaire engagement ring from Brian Gavin on the left, has a yellow gold shank with a white gold head. At the same time, this ring style is also available in all white gold, or platinum.

You may also special order this setting with an 18k yellow gold shank and a white gold head. Then again, you could order this ring with a platinum head if you prefer.

There is also a 4 prong classic solitaire by Brian Gavin available. You get the idea right? Needless to say, there are lots of ring styles to choose from.

Quality of Classic Tiffany Solitaire Settings:

It's important to remember that classic Tiffany style solitaire engagement rings are available in a wide variety of qualities. As a matter of fact, there is a super cheap promotional version that is very light weight.

Generally speaking, chain stores use these inexpensive and less durable settings for price point. At the same time, you should be aware of differences in production quality when comparing prices online.

Unfortunately, offering promotional "throw away" settings has become a common way to appear more competitive on price. Although this may be true, differences in the price of solitaire style engagement rings usually result from:

  • Construction Quality and Materials.
  • Die Struck vs. Custom Fabrication Costs.
  • Alloy Purity (Under Karating).
  • Gram Weight.
  • Production Quality / Details of Finish.
  • Skill and Precision of the Craftsman and Diamond Setter.

How Much Do Tiffany Solitaire Rings Cost?

Given the points above, it stands to reason that you'll find a wide variety of prices for Tiffany solitaire rings. At the same time, it makes sense that a custom ring costs more than one which is die struck.

In the same fashion that a suit which is tailor made to order will cost more than one off the rack. In like manner, you'll probably look better in the suit that a tailor custom makes to your exact proportions. That's just common sense, right?

Needless to say that the quality of the ring is also likely to influence the degree of enjoyment over the course of a lifetime. Which is why I lean towards the handcrafted versions of higher quality Tiffany solitaire style engagement rings. From that perspective, you should check out:

Tiffany style knife-edge solitaire by Brian Gavin

Knife Edge Solitaire by Brian Gavin

As it so happens, one of my clients sent me this photograph of their engagement ring from Brian Gavin. Consequently,  they chose this setting because it is exactly what they were looking for.

The center stone is a 1.585 carat, G-color, VS-1 clarity, Black by Brian Gavin Diamond. Needless to say, the diamond looks spectacular in this platinum knife edge Tiffany solitaire style engagement ring from Brian Gavin.

Consequently, I really appreciate it when clients share photographs of their ring with me. As you can see, doing so enables me to provide real-life examples for other people to see.

Obviously, this practice of paying it forward is mutually beneficial. With that in mind, I hope you'll share photographs of your Tiffany solitaire with me.

Where to Buy Tiffany Solitaire Style Engagement Rings:

Diana 3-stone Setting by Brian Gavin

Corey Gray's e-Ring from Brian Gavin

As shown above, there are a variety of places to buy Tiffany Solitaire style engagement rings. At the same time, each version incorporates the vision that each designer has for this timeless classic.

Obviously, I'm not likely to pay the premium that Tiffany & Co., demand for their brand. Especially when I know that other companies offer similar and/or higher quality diamonds for less.

With this in mind, I'm more likely to buy a Tiffany Solitaire style ring from the other vendors featured here. For example, the photograph on the left shows my son's engagement ring from Brian Gavin.

By the same token, I'm not suggesting that one of these places is necessarily better than the others. In other words, only you can decide which version of the classic Tiffany solitaire is right for you.

Be that as it may, ultimately the decision comes down to who offers diamonds with the best light performance. Needless to say, 30+ years working as a diamond buyer give me unique perspective on that subject.

With that in mind, I invite you to take advantage of our Free Diamond Concierge Service. I also hope that you will share this page with your family and friends.

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