Tiffany Solitaire Style Engagement Rings (Top 3 Best + Pics)

Most popular Tiffany solitaire style engagement rings by Brian Gavin

“Tiffany Solitaire” is a generic term that may be use to describe any diamond solitaire engagement ring. Needless to say, this is a fact that probably ruffles the managerial feathers at Tiffany & Company. Rumor has it that Charles Lewis Tiffany first introduced the classic Tiffany solitaire engagement ring back in late 1800’s. The problem is that the term has more or less become a common use phrase, similar to Kleenex or Xerox. Practically every mountings in the world offers a broad selection of Tiffany Solitaires and none of them are from Tiffany. This is my favorite tiffany style solitaire =======>

Classic Tiffany Style Solitaire Setting:

Tiffany solitaire style engagement rings, Brian Gavin half round, knife edgeVariations of the timeless classic tiffany style solitaire range from extremely basic to stunning and elaborate. The basic premise consists of a half-round or knife-edge ring shank set with a four or six prong head on top. The six prong classic solitaire engagement ring by Brian Gavin is obviously my favorite style of tiffany solitaire. I’ve held this ring in my hands many times! This is the best looking tiffany engagement ring that I’ve ever seen. It is super comfortable and looks amazing from every vantage point.

The six prong head has a modern design which resembles a crown which elegantly cradles the diamond. It is soldered down into the base of the ring shank, so it has a fairly low profile. This gives it an advantage over other versions where the head is soldered on top of the ring. It’s no wonder that this is the most popular tiffany style solitaire with my clients! Everything about this ring is perfect.

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Tiffany Knife Edge Solitaire Setting:

Classic Tiffany Knife Edge Solitaire style engagement ring by Brian GavinThere is another version  of the classic tiffany style solitaire available from Brian Gavin. This classic knife edge solitaire by Brian Gavin features the same six prong crown. The outer edge of the shank tapers off into a V-shape to create what is known as a knife edge. I think the term “knife edge” is kind of misleading, because it doesn’t feel sharp to me at all. But obviously somebody thought it was a clever way to describe the outer edge of the ring style.

I suppose that “Tiffany knife edge solitaire” has a better ring to it than pointed outer edge solitaire. However I think that knife edge solitaires would be more popular if people didn’t think they were sharp. Knife edge solitaires were really popular with our in-store clients, but we sold more of the half round version online. I’m quite certain that the difference in popularity was simply a matter of semantics. After all, the prong configuration of these two rings is exactly the same.

The James Allen Tiffany Setting:

James Allen Tiffany setting knife edge six prong solitaireEverybody has their own version of Tiffany solitaire and each one looks a little different. The openings on the crown appear to be shorter on the knife edge tiffany setting by James Allen. You can see from this photograph how the openings in the prongs are shorter than those incorporated by Brian Gavin. Slight differences between Tiffany solitaire ring styles will appeal to different people. That is why there are so many variations of the classic tiffany solitaire style engagement ring.

I tend to gravitate more towards the version by Brian Gavin, because that’s the classic tiffany solitaire. However, you might prefer the shorter openings incorporated in this version by James Allen. It’s really all a matter of personal taste. What do you want to see when you look at your Tiffany solitaire from a side profile?

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The New York Tiffany Style Solitaire:

New York Tiffany style solitaire setting from Winfields HPDThis classic New York Solitaire by Winfield’s is also very popular with my clients. Each one of these tiffany style solitaires features similar characteristics. And yet, each of these classic solitaire ring designs is slightly different. This is because each jewelry designer puts their own spin on their creation. They’ve taken the basic concept known as a Tiffany style solitaire and made it their own. Which version of Tiffany solitaire should you choose?

I suppose the answer depends on where you are buying the center stone. If you’re buying a Brian Gavin Signature round hearts and arrows diamond, then it’s best to go with his classic solitaire. Choose the New York classic solitaire from High Performance Diamonds if you’re buying a Crafted by Infinity round hearts and arrows diamond. You’ll want to choose the James Allen Tiffany style setting if you’re buying a James Allen True Hearts diamond.

These settings look so similar that it won’t be possible to distinguish one from another across the dinner table. Which is why you want to focus on buying the most spectacular looking diamond possible! Because that is a difference that will actually be apparent from across the room! Light performance and sparkle factor is what people focus upon. They’re not likely to detect the subtle differences between these 3 solitaire settings.

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Blue Nile Classic Six Prong Solitaire:

Blue Nile classic six prong tiffany style solitaireThis Blue Nile classic six prong tiffany style solitaire features a much more basic design. The prong configuration consists of a six prong die struck head. Unlike the six pointed crown effect created by the design of the other rings, this is more of a standard head. Another difference is that this style of ring is made to accommodate diamonds of various sizes. Whereas the more elaborate tiffany style solitaires are individually made to fit each specific diamond.

For example, this setting is pictured with a one carat diamond in the center. The head is likely to fit a round diamond measuring between 6.3 – 6.7 millimeters. Whereas if you buy a one carat round diamond that measures 6.5 mm and set it in the more elaborate tiffany style settings from BGD, HPD or JA, they’re going to make that ring to hold that 6.5 mm diamond. Each of those rings is custom made-to-order which is why they cost more than die struck settings like this.

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Tiffany Solitaire Setting Basics:

Tapered Tiffany Solitaire Style half round engagement ring by Brian GavinMost traditional Tiffany solitaire style engagement rings have a width of about 2.5 to 2.0 mm. The ring shank can be the same width all the way around, or it might taper slightly. Some variations of the design are wider at the top and taper down at the bottom. While some of the newer designs are wider at the bottom and get thinner towards the top. Remember that every ring designer is going to put their own spin on the classic tiffany solitaire to make it their own.

For example, this Tapered Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring from Brian Gavin adds that modern twist to the traditional concept. The ring shank tapers outward from about 1.8 mm at the top to around 2.0 mm on the sides. Refer to the product details page on the Brian Gavin web site for exact measurements. The prongs are more crown-like and can be viewed from different vantage points online.

A traditional solitaire engagement ring will usually feature a four or six prong head. The prong configuration is commonly referred to as a crown or the head. There are two common prong configurations. What you’re usually going to see is a peg-head which has a post on the bottom. The post is soldered into a hole that is located on the top of the ring.

The other common style of head is a v-head, which is soldered down into the ring. The ring shank will be open at the top and have edges that are v-shaped. The v-shape head will be pushed down between the two open sides of the ring shank. Then it will be soldered into place.

Die Struck Tiffany Solitaire styles:

Classic Tiffany style solitaire engagement ring from Brian GavinTraditional die-struck tiffany style solitaire engagement rings are manufactured in a wide range of alloys. They are available in all the normal combinations of gold content. Such as 10k, 14k, and 18k white gold, yellow gold, palladium and platinum. You can buy a tiffany solitaire engagement ring that is all yellow gold or all white gold. It can be all platinum or all palladium, or a combination of different alloys.

The six prong solitaire engagement ring from Brian Gavin pictured here, has a 14k yellow gold ring shank and a six prong white gold head. However it is also available in all white gold, or platinum. It can also be special ordered with an 18k yellow gold shank and a white gold head. Or you could order it with a platinum head if you prefer. You get the idea… Of course, there is also a 4 prong classic solitaire by Brian Gavin if you prefer that head configuration.

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Quality of Tiffany Classic Settings:

The classic tiffany style solitaire engagement ring is manufactured in many different qualities. There is of course a promotional grade which is extremely light weight. These inexpensive and less durable settings are frequently sold by chain stores who focus strictly on price. However you should be aware of differences in production quality when comparing prices online. It’s a common practice to offer promotional “throw away” settings in an effort to appear more competitive on price.

Differences in the price of a solitaire style engagement ring can be attributed to:

  • Quality of Construction & Materials
  • Die Struck vs Custom made-to-order
  • Purity of the alloy content.
  • Gram weight of the piece.
  • Production Quality / Details of Finish
  • Skill & Precision of the Diamond Setter

You should expect to pay more for a custom made-to-order Tiffany solitaire style setting, than you will for a die struck solitaire. You’ll also pay more to buy kitchen cabinets custom made to fit your kitchen, than you’ll pay for the generic stuff off the shelf at Home Depot. Needless to say that the quality and enjoyment of use is also likely to be a completely different experience.

Notice that I’m not saying that one is necessarily better than the other. It’s up to you to decide which version of the classic Tiffany style solitaire engagement ring is right for you. Please leave a comment below and share this page with your friends.

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