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The minds behind Nice Ice® are proud to introduce GEMTRACE™ - The Key to Identifying Your Diamond. Do you have or are you buying an engagement ring or a piece of jewelry inscribed with a diamond grading report number?

Have you ever worried about losing your precious diamond jewelry accidentally or due to theft? Rest assured, because we have a solution for you. Say hello to GEMTRACE™, a revolutionary online service that aims to increase the odds of recovering your diamonds in the event of loss or theft.

GEMTRACE™: A Central Database for Inscribed Diamonds

GEMTRACE™ operates through a central database that electronically stores specific identifying characteristics, such as the inscription on the girdle edge of your diamond and your contact details.

With this information securely stored, GEMTRACE™ can assist with the recovery of lost or stolen gemstones, increasing the possibility of reuniting you with your precious engagement ring and other jewelry.

Their database provides law enforcement, jewelry stores, and pawn shops with the ability to quickly determine if someone has reported a diamond as lost or stolen. In that case, GEMTRACE™ facilitates faster identification and expedites the safe return of recovered gems to their rightful owners.

What is a Diamond Laser Inscription?

A diamond laser inscription is a series of letters and numbers etched onto the gem, typically on its girdle edge. This sequence of symbols acts as a unique identifier, usually based on the diamond grading report number associated with that stone, e.g. GCAL 331230109.

Inscriptions facilitate verifying that the characteristics stated on a lab report match a specific stone. They can also help us quickly differentiate between diamonds of similar quality, such as when identifying virtually identical stones for inventory purposes.

A photograph of the GCAL Certificate number inscribed on the girdle edge of a diamond as seen through extreme magnification.

GCAL Inscription of Certificate Number.

The inscription on a diamond's girdle edge is microscopic and does not affect the carat weight or structural integrity. While a diamond's laser inscription number is only visible under magnification, it is an invaluable asset for identification. However, there was no way to identify the owner of an inscribed diamond until now; GEMTRACE™ is a game changer.

A diamond's laser inscription can include a unique identification number, a logo, and sometimes a personalized message. For branded diamonds, such as Black by Brian Gavin, the reference may contain the brand name or logo, e.g., GIA 2221886171, and the Brian Gavin Black symbol.

In this case, the GIA references the laser inscription on the diamond grading report under the inscription segment. If you purchase a diamond and take it to an independent gemologist for verification, they may utilize the inscription to confirm the diamond's characteristics match the diamond grading report.

Do All Diamonds Have Inscriptions?

Not every diamond receives a laser inscription. Some gemstone manufacturers opt against paying for this service offered by gemological laboratories, like GCAL, GIA, HRD, and IGI. In these instances, it's not possible to register the diamond with GEMTRACE™ because it lacks a unique identifier.

Thankfully, more diamond manufacturers opt to have their diamonds inscribed while being lab-graded because it provides many benefits. Consequently, most of the gems our diamond concierge service recommends are laser inscribed with the "certificate" number so you can register your diamond with GEMTRACE™ quickly and easily.

Can Lost Diamonds Be Traced?

Until recently, there wasn't a convenient way to identify a gem's owner based on the inscription or track down the owner. Consequently, due to confidentiality constraints, most gemological labs cannot disclose who submitted a stone for grading.

Even if the labs could reveal who submitted the stone, polished diamonds may exchange hands multiple times at the trade level before being purchased by a consumer.

Under those circumstances, if someone finds an inscribed diamond or law enforcement recovers it and contacts the lab to determine the owner, the lab cannot supply that information.

Hopefully, the owner purchased jewelry insurance, enabling them to buy a new ring, but the sentimental value of the original piece is gone forever. Over the years, we have had the privilege of helping numerous individuals replace their lost or stolen engagement rings.

Time and again, the most heart-wrenching aspect was the irreplaceable sentimental value attached to their engagement ring. The most somber moment was coming to terms with the harsh reality that the chances of recovering their cherished jewelry were slim.

At Nice Ice®, we understand your emotional attachment to your jewelry, so we created GEMTRACE™. It is a simple yet brilliant idea that changes the narrative of lost and stolen jewelry by increasing the likelihood that it's returned to its rightful owners if recovered.

How to Trace Diamonds on GEMTRACE™:

To ensure your security, GEMTRACE™ limits the access to search registered diamonds to authorized personnel only. If you find a diamond with an inscription, kindly report it using this form. Their team will promptly cross-check the information against our records and initiate the recovery process in the event of a match.

In the event of a match, a confirmation message appears verifying that the diamond is registered and notifies the user but does not provide the owner's details. The GEMTRACE™ recovery team will work directly with law enforcement and the registered owner to ensure the gem's safe return.

Unfortunately, keeping tabs on your jewelry using GPS, Apple Tags, or similar devices is not an option. In such a scenario, tracking down the rightful owner of lost and stolen jewelry becomes as daunting as searching for a needle in a haystack.

Enter GEMTRACE™, a central database for inscribed diamonds, turning what seems like an impossible dream into a possibility. While nobody can guarantee the return of your lost or stolen jewelry, GEMTRACE™ significantly increases your chances of being reunited. Register now and enjoy peace of mind.

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