How to Create the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

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April 26

The Perfect Diamond would be colorless, with flawless clarity, precise proportions, and optical precision; it would also be expensive and cost-prohibitive.

It will also be AGS Ideal-0 or GIA Excellent cut with a crisp and complete hearts and arrows pattern. The light performance will be verifiable using ASET, H&A Scope, and Ideal Scope images.

In contrast, the perfect diamond engagement ring is mostly a matter of perception. For example, you might decide that a VS2 clarity diamond is better than flawless.

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My Quest For The Perfect Diamond Ring:

A recent study not conducted by any university or well-known authority reached an exciting conclusion. Specifically, most online diamond buyers have cognitive paralysis due to diamond information overload.

Unfortunately, cognitive paralysis when buying an engagement ring can have lasting effects on the ones you love.

As a professional diamond buyer, my quest to find the perfect diamond ring is endless. I thoroughly glean through the diamond characteristics on behalf of other men who have grown weary of the journey.

Most guys neglect to realize that perfection is a fleeting concept capable of driving you mad. Thirty-five years of experience taught me that there is no such thing as a perfect diamond; there are only shades of perfection.

In that case, you can stop looking for the perfect diamond and focus on creating the perfect-looking ring. Specifically, an engagement ring that reflects her preferences and personal sense of style.

Fiance Alienation Syndrome:

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Many soon-to-be hopeful brides exhibit symptoms of depression. Symptoms include the lack of ability to focus on work, sex, problem-solving, and decision-making.

Did I mention that they have trouble focusing on sex? I know it's improper to talk about that in a public forum. But, what gave you the impression that anything about my demeanor is appropriate?

For God's Sake! I sell men into slavery, according to my best friends. But enough about that, we're here to solve your sexual problems.

In that case, you need to buy the perfect diamond engagement ring as quickly as possible. Consequently, De Beers suggests that A Diamond Is Forever, but their ability to improve your sex life is limited.

Finding the Perfect Diamond Ring Is Imperative:

Big Diamond Rings from James Allen.

Perfect Diamond Rings from James Allen.

Let's face facts. You've waited your whole life to find the perfect woman. Then, once she saw you, she made you fall madly in love with her. Suffice to say, that was the easy part.

Suddenly, you find yourself on some endless quest to find her the perfect diamond engagement ring. You've turned the magical, mythical engagement ring into a search for the Holy Grail.

Arguably, there is a need for due diligence when making such a substantial purchase. But, you might not be fully aware of the consequence of your actions.

If you're reading this article instead of proposing, then she's probably about over the whole thing. Trust me. I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist and Strategic Intervention Coach. Relationship stuff is my specialty.

Brilliant Insight Into Your Relationship:

I have had the immense privilege of discussing the "whole process of getting engaged" with many women. Under those circumstances, they pay me to help them understand the shortcomings of your relationship.

Consequently, those issues are often directly correlated to the size of your rocks. These self-help articles might correct the problem:

Differences In Opinion:

Sylvie Engagement Rings from Brian Gavin.

Sylvie Collection from Brian Gavin.

Not surprisingly, most men and women differ in their idea of the perfect diamond engagement ring. You can blame it all on that whole Mars vs. Venus thing, but it's more complicated than that.

First, there are vast differences between what a man and a woman think defines the perfect diamond. Secondly, her idea of the ideal engagement ring is subject to change based on various factors.

For example, her mood, hair color, nail polish, attire, and Cosmo's latest issue might affect her style preferences.

However, the true meaning of an engagement ring remains pretty constant, so let's focus on that until it's time to upgrade. What? Is it too soon to begin talking about diamond shrinkage syndrome?

Characteristics of the Perfect Diamond:

On the off chance that you happen to have a zillion million dollars at your disposal to buy the perfect diamond, let's be clear about the characteristics:

Asscher cut diamond halo setting by Ritani.

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Of course, that diamond will have AGS Ideal and GIA Excellent overall grades. It will also be cut-to-order and set in a bespoke ring custom-made to order and named after your beloved.

The perfect diamond also weighs whatever she desires regardless of cost. The diamond will be set low on her finger irrespective of the carat weight and relative depth that size commands.

In short, the perfect engagement ring defies logic. To be more precise, it doesn't exist, either from the perspective of cost or geometry.

Under those circumstances, we need to set reasonable expectations and simultaneously maximize the wow factor.

Get Practical About Finding the Perfect Diamond:

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One of the great mysteries in life (which is key to your success) is understanding that everything becomes easier the more you do it.

Think about it. The more you do something, the easier it becomes, and the easier it becomes, the more you are likely to do it.

I'm sure this concept is relatively easy for you to grasp. In fact, the more you think about it, the more you will begin to agree that this is true.

In that case, the more you learn about diamonds, the easier it becomes to understand subtle nuances like diamond clarity and the perception of color.

The Perfection of Hearts and Arrows:

Black by Brian Gavin Natural Diamonds.

Perfect Diamond Sparkle by Brian Gavin.

The more you look at diamonds, the easier it will be to see that super ideal hearts and arrows diamonds exhibit the highest volume of light return and broad-spectrum sparkle.

Although that may be true, you might not want to invest a lot of time reading about diamonds unless your life's ambition is diamond grading. After all, how many diamonds do you really intend to buy in your lifetime?

Consequently, that Mars vs. Venus thing influences how many diamonds you'll buy in your lifetime. That argument is on par with when to upgrade and diamond shrinkage syndrome.

KISS the Ring (Keep It Simple Stupid):
The Lyra by Brilliant Earth Perfect Diamond Engagement Rings.

The Lyra Engagement Ring by Brilliant Earth.

For the moment, let's focus on finding that one perfect diamond. Then, you can drop down on one knee and present it perfectly before she lops off your head.

Consequently, I'm referring to the head on your shoulders, but I imagine that all things are possible. So, get off your butt and buy her the ring before she begins reading the Biography of Lorena Bobbit.

From my perspective, the perfect diamond is the one that sparkles the most. It should also bring the most pleasure to the person wearing it.

She will see it as a symbol of your love (which is far from perfect), and thus the diamond does not need to be perfect either. In that case, the diamond should be perfectly cut.

Or at least as much as possible because that will dictate the sparkle factor. That's why diamond cut quality is the most important Diamond 4C's.

Perfect Diamond Cut Characteristics:

Black by Brian Gavin Loose Diamond 1.79 carats, E-color, VS-1 clarity.

Black by Brian Gavin Diamonds.

The perfect diamond is not perfectly-cut because it is technically impossible, but it's pretty darn close. There will always be minor variations in the facet structure because diamonds are turned on the wheel by hand.

However, there are varying degrees of perfection within each classification of the cut quality. You can improve your chances of finding a perfect diamond by limiting your search to jewelers specializing in hearts and arrows diamonds.

You can also spend a lot of time memorizing precise offsets for the crown and pavilion angle and worrying about specific measurements.

Alternatively, you can focus on hearts and arrows super ideal cut diamonds like this one from Brian Gavin Diamonds.

The Absolute Best Light Performance:
Maximizing Sparkle Factor Black by Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Black by Brian Gavin Fine-tuned for Performance.

Black by Brian Gavin and Signature Diamonds exhibit a higher standard of optical precision. That is the consistency of facet shape, size, and alignment from the perspective of 360-degrees.

The benefit is a higher volume of light return and sparkle factor that is more vivid and intense. Consequently, Brian Gavin holds the patent for maximizing light performance in the modern round brilliant cut diamond.

Most ideal cut diamonds do not exhibit the same degree of optical precision. There is more light leakage, and the sparkle factor tends to be smaller and less intense.

Under those circumstances, it's easier to find the perfect diamond within the hearts and arrows classification. However, there are varying degrees of production quality within each spectrum of the cut quality. In that case, you'll see that some hearts' patterns are more precise than others.

Perfect Diamond Color and Clarity:

Create the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring James Allen.

Create the Perfect Diamond Ring James Allen.

At this point, you know that diamond cut quality is the most important factor since it dictates light performance. Diamond color is the next most noticeable factor that affects our perception of brightness.

It is tempting to look for colorless diamonds in the D-E-F color range. However, they can be cost-prohibitive, and you'll only be able to afford a smaller carat weight.

Thus, many people prefer diamonds in the near-colorless range of G-H-I-J, which generally face up as "white" with just a hint of warmth in the J-color and lower range.

According to the GIA, the average diamond sold in the United States is N-color. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you can decide what diamond color is appealing.

The Eye-Clean Perfect Diamond:
Pick Your Perfect Diamond Ring from Ritani.

Pick Your Favorite Ritani Engagement Ring.

Set the lowest search parameter to SI-1 or VS-2 clarity if you want the diamond to be eye-clean in the face-up position.

Then ask the vendor to evaluate the diamond in various lighting scenarios. That will enable them to determine the extent to which the inclusions may be visible.

Most SI-1 clarity diamonds will be "eye clean" under typical lighting situations unless you scrutinize them closely. However, the degree to which diamonds are eye-clean varies greatly and changes with the lighting.

In the first place, we're talking about natural crystal structures that contain minor impurities. Secondly, human beings grade diamonds and have varying degrees of vision.

Under those circumstances, one person might deem a diamond eye-clean while another might be able to see the inclusions. Note that the eye-clean industry designation depends on merely glancing at the diamond from 9-12 inches.

Whereas most people scrutinize diamonds more closely when set in an engagement ring. Thus, I highly recommend a minimum clarity of VS-2 if you want the diamond to face up eye-clean.

Perfect Diamond Carat Weight:

Perception of Diamond Carat Weight 0.50 to 3.00 carats.

Examples of Diamond Carat Weight Brian Gavin.

There is no right and wrong choice for the diamond carat weight. It is a matter of personal preference depending on what you can afford within the range of quality.

If you believe that your perfect diamond needs to be D-color, then factors such as carat weight and clarity will be affected.

Likewise, if your ideal diamond clarity is Flawless, Internally Flawless, or VVS-1, this will also affect the diamond's size.

I tend to focus on diamond cut quality because the sparkle factor is apparent across the room. In contrast, slight differences in carat weight, color, or clarity, are not visible beyond a few inches.

Best Places to Buy the Perfect Diamond:

If your idea of the perfect diamond sparkles like the sun, then buy a hearts and arrows diamond:

The exacting range of proportions and a higher degree of optical precision produces better light performance. However, there are varying degrees of perfection within each brand designation.

Where to Buy Ideal Cut Diamonds Online:

If you want a diamond that sparkles better than most but can't spend the premium for hearts and arrows, then buy a standard ideal from:

Brilliant Earth Diamonds Perfect Peace of Mind.

Perfect Diamond Peace of Mind Brilliant Earth.

The last four on that list also offer lab-grown diamonds. I'm happy to help you find the perfect diamond if you drop me a note.

Just give me some idea of what you're looking for and the price range you're working with, and I'll run a search.

I am also happy to help you look over the details of any diamonds that you may be considering. Note that it doesn't matter to me whether you intend to find the perfect diamond online or shop locally.

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