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Disclosure of Material Connection: It is hereby disclosed that Todd L. Gray, DBA Gray Matter Development, LLC., and/or Nice Ice, Inc., of Roseburg, Oregon via this web site and other mediums on the internet and by email may have a Material Connection with various online diamond vendors and manufacturers of diamonds and fine jewelry.

You should assume that there is a "material connection" in the form of an affiliate relationship between Todd Gray, et al, and the providers of the goods and services mentioned throughout this web site and via any correspondence or conversation.

This site contains affiliate links, and we may earn commissions if you complete a purchase after clicking through from our site. Simultaneously, we only link to products or services that we would recommend even if not being paid.

It is recommended that you conduct your own due diligence before buying goods or services from anyone via the Internet or offline.

The MIB Material Connection Disclosure.

MIB on

Examples From the Real World:

As an example, let's say that you're thinking about watching Men In Black International, but you're not sure whether or not you'll like it. Perhaps you search Google for MIB International reviews and end up on this page.

You read our review that says that we liked the movie, but not as much as the original. That makes sense because it's going to compete with the combined energy of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. At the same time, the new version of Men in Black was entertaining and you can buy MIB International from Amazon Prime.

In accordance with the outline of this material connection disclosure, we might be compensated if you complete your purchase using that link. Then again, we might not receive any sort of affiliate commission because many other factors come into play. Not the least of which are the cookie settings on your computer and whether or our link happens to be the last link that you click before making the purchase.

With that in mind, we encourage you to complete your purchase using the links provided on our site or via email if you would like to help us support this site. Thank you. Of course, we're happy to help you with your diamond search (click the blue banner below) or answer your diamond buying questions regardless of whether you buy from one of our preferred vendors or from a local jeweler.

The Common Sense Is Not So Common Explanation:

Todd Gray has been a professional diamond buyer for 30+ years. As a matter of fact, he began his career in the diamond business in October of 1985. That means that he's been buying diamonds for the trade for nearly 35 years. Given the fact that you're on this site learning about diamonds, it stands to reason that you are looking to buy a diamond.

At the same time, you probably don't want to spend all your free time learning everything that there is to know about diamonds. With that in mind, we've shared tons of diamond grading knowledge throughout this site for free. It's literally yours for the taking just by reading the tutorials and blog posts available on Nice Ice. Of course, the material provided is protected under copyright law and should not be reprinted without written permission.

Speaking of cool tutorials, you definitely should download a copy of the Nice Ice Blueprint™ and keep it on hand while you search. We designed the Nice Ice Blueprint™ to be a desktop reference to be used while searching for diamonds. It contains in-depth information on what to look for when buying a round brilliant cut diamond for light performance.

Be sure to adhere to the recommended range of proportions if you want the very best sparkle factor. Of course, the links provided within the Nice Ice Blueprint™ are encoded with our affiliate ID and we may be compensated if you purchase something from the vendors featured within that publication.

How We Are Compensated:

If you choose to purchase a product and/or service that we recommend via one of the links provided on this web site or via email and/or on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., we may be compensated by that vendor in the form of an affiliate commission.

As a matter of fact, the sum total of those affiliate commissions makes it worthwhile for me to keep banging away on the keyboard of my computer in an effort to share my diamond buying knowledge with the world.

In reality, those affiliate commissions cost you little if anything because I'm paid out of the vendors pocket and not your own. The fact of the matter is that your price on the product or service is not affected.

That means that regardless of whether you find the diamonds or jewelry via an affiliate link that we provide and/or decide to forego the links provided and visit their web site on your own that your price is still going to be the same.

However, if for some reason you don't want to contribute to my dark chocolate addiction, that's cool also. Just read the information and don't click on the links to my sponsors:

Full Disclosure: Our material connection with the vendors featured on this site is not necessarily limited to the vendors referenced above. Other companies and/or services might be mentioned throughout the site and/or via email and/or social media that we may or may not have a material connection with.

Regardless of that fact, we hope that you will mention that you are working with Todd Gray of Nice Ice whenever you consult with a vendor because it is good for them to hear our name.

I suppose that under the guise of full material connection disclosure that we should mention that in addition to any affiliate commissions that may be generated by this site, we are also paid to "ghost write" blog posts and educational content by certain retailers that you might visit online.

At the same time, we provide consulting services and may work with trade members to develop diamond designs and/or content for their website and marketing material. Suffice to say that our involvement in the diamond industry is multi-faceted because of our experience in the niche of super ideal cut diamonds.

BIG SCARY AFFILIATE LINKS - Full Material Connection Disclosure:

According to the Federal Trade Commission, sprinkling those BIG SCARY AFFILIATE LINKS throughout the site might cause you to buy something without being consciously aware that you are doing so. That's extreme sarcasm, by the way, because I think it's rather obvious we have a material connection with the vendors featured on this site.

Material Connection Disclosure

Nevertheless, we're required by law to provide a material connection disclosure in the event that you might not realize that such affiliations exist in this modern age of internet technology. Apparently we have to be abundantly clear in stating this fact and do so in a manner that can be readily understood by a child of twelve years old.

This is not because FTC Agents had their sense of humor surgically removed at birth. After all, most people working for the FTC are probably good hearted people doing their best to protect you from Ali Baba and his Den of Thieves.

With that in mind, we're not actually trying to poke the bear, but trying to make this boring material connection disclosure more interesting. At the same time, it's probably worth mentioning that sarcasm and satirical wit are specifically protected by the First Amendment of the United States.

Given our sarcastic and satirical nature, you should realize that this kind of diatribe simply can't be helped. If it makes you feel any better, 50 members of a trade organization already tried this site by fire and it's been deemed bulletproof.

Show Your Support By Clicking Our Affiliate Links:

Given everything that we've already said, we hope that you find our experience and insight helpful enough that you want us to be compensated for the time and effort that goes into helping you buy a spectacular looking diamond.

In that case, please click on the links provided to purchase the products and services that we find beneficial. At the very least, we hope that you will mention our contribution to the vendor when you call them or send them an email.

By the way, we only work with vendors and service providers who we respect and have a personal relationship with. Doing business in this way enables us to be confident that our recommendations are the best available at the current time.

Naturally, you should take nothing that we say at face value because sometimes our rants are just rants based upon our thoughts. And those happen to be based on our own personal preferences and represent our own personal belief systems.

With that in mind, you are encouraged to develop your own belief system and be responsible for your own actions by challenging everything that you read. That's right, we want you to conduct your own due diligence and reach your own conclusions. Take the time to test the theories that we present about light performance and sparkle factor and decide for yourself whether you agree with them.

You have a brain and you should use it to decide what to buy for yourself based on your own needs and preferences. My brain is cluttered up with my own opinions and preferences.  So don't take anything that we say at face value, heck no! Simply take whatever we say under advisement and then ponder it for a while.

If what we say makes sense, then we hope that you'll click on one of those BIG SCARY AFFILIATE LINKS. Doing so helps fund my writing efforts so that other people may continue to benefit from my knowledge and experience.  Thank you for your time.

Applicable Law Regarding this Material Connection Disclosure:

By visiting the Nice Ice web site(s), you agree that the law of The State of Oregon, without regard to principles of conflict of laws, shall govern these Terms of Use and any dispute that may arise between you and Todd Gray, or the parent company Gray Matter Development, LLC., et al.

If any court of competent jurisdiction determines that any provision, or any portion thereof, contained in these Terms of Use is unenforceable in any respect, such provision shall be deemed limited to the extent that such court deems it enforceable, and as so limited shall remain in full force and effect.

If such court shall deem any such provision, or portion thereof, wholly unenforceable, the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use shall nevertheless remain in full force and effect. These Terms of Use, together with the Privacy Policy, constitute the entire agreement between you and the parties relating to your access to and use of the Nice Ice web site(s).

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