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Free diamond buying advice:

People often ask me how I’m able to offer free diamond buying advice. Quite simply because the largest and best online diamond brokerages pay me to write about diamonds and promote their brand. All of that is revealed in this material connection disclosure.

Most diamond concierge services actually charge money to answer your questions, or help you look for a diamond. Then they will collect another commission from the vendor if you buy the diamond using their  affiliate link.

My Services are Free to the Public,
Because “double dipping” seems wrong.

Nice Ice is a diamond information site that is supported by commissions earned through affiliate marketing. There is nothing wrong with affiliate marketing, provided that the material connection is properly disclosed.

When people buy the diamond which I have selected for them (using my affiliate link) that company will compensate me for my expertise. The price of the diamond is not affected by using this service.

Free Peace of Mind |Same Diamond | Same Price

Whether you find the diamond on your own, or rely upon my guidance, the price of the diamond will be exactly the same. How’s that for cool? Talk about Win / Win.

Another thing you will appreciate is that I don’t promote every company out there simply because they offer an affiliate program… I’ve rejected quite a few affiliate contracts from some very well known companies.

I’m not going to rubber-stamp what they have to offer just to make a buck. The diamond has to meet the selection criteria that I developed during the 30+ years I’ve worked as a diamond buyer for the trade, and so does the company selling it.

Selection criteria that drives vendors crazy!

One of them recently wrote this to me:

“We’re really disappointed in your performance. You should earning a lot more money. If you would loosen up on your selection criteria, you would sell a lot more diamonds. Not everybody wants or needs the very best. Start telling people to just watch the videos provided on our web site, they’ll see how much our diamonds sparkle, that’s really all they need to know. They’ll buy and you’ll earn higher commissions. You’re costing yourself money focusing on diamond cut quality…”

Sadly, they’re serious about that…

But I didn’t develop the reputation that I have within the industry as being one of the strictest diamond buyers out there, by adapting my selection criteria to the needs of vendors. I never have and I never will…

There’s a reason why they call me the:

  • Diamond Nazi
  • Diamond Snob
  • Golden Child
  • That !!%&@!! Guy

I made one diamond cutter cry…

After I rejected forty super ideal cut diamonds in a row during a face-to-face meeting at the JCK Trade Show in Las Vegas. However I did buy four diamonds from that parcel, because they truly were exceptional. And that’s what I’m looking for, diamonds which are exceptional. The round brilliant ideal cut diamonds that I focus upon represent the Top 0.001 to 1% of the annual production of round brilliant cut diamonds.

I’m only interested in diamonds that offer the highest volume of light return and light performance. The majority of diamonds produced flat out suck in terms of visual performance. Why would anybody knowingly buy something like that? And yet people buy sucky looking diamonds, day after day, simply because they assume that AGS Ideal or GIA Excellent is good enough.

AGS Ideal and GIA Excellent are not good enough. You could drive a truck through the parameters for those cut grades if you know what you’re doing (and the diamond cutters do know that they’re doing).

Nice Ice is your best resource:

  • 30+ years experience as a Professional Diamond Buyer.
  • The Senior Diamond Buyer for Nice Ice.
  • The Senior Diamond Buyer for Treasures by R.J.
  • Paid Consultant for several online diamond brokerages.
  • The Guy “They” call when they want to launch a site!
  • Paid to “Ghost Write” daily blogs for several sites.
  • Paid to “Ghost Write” their newsletters.
  • Paid to “Ghost Write” their promotions.
  • Paid to “Ghost Write” their educational sections.

Many of the largest online diamond brokerages in the world, rely on my experience as a paid consultant dedicated to improving their business. They pay me to write the content for their web site in their voice, which means that it won’t always reflect my preferences. They’re paying for my expertise and experience.

If people in the diamond industry are willing to pay for my expertise and experience, it makes sense for you to take advantage of it. Especially when they’re footing the bill for my service? Your price on the diamond isn’t going to change, whether I find it, or you try to figure this all out on your own. It only makes sense to work with a seasoned professional.

Did you know that most people
Offering diamond buying advice online
Don’t have any real experience?

Zig Ziglar Quote: You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.How scary is that? Sadly, it’s true. Most people offering diamond buying advice are weekend warriors. They learned a bit about diamonds while shopping for an engagement ring. Then they turned their “passion for diamonds” into a nice little cottage industry. That might be good for them, but is it really good for you? Would you really take investment advice from a weekend warrior? We are talking about your hard earned money. Only a few of us have any real trade experience. I’m known as one of the strictest diamond buyers in the trade. The other guy sold diamonds to jewelry stores. I’m a buyer, he’s a seller. Obviously we approach things from different vantage points. I have the highest rejection rate in the industry. I’m not going to recommend anything to you, that I wouldn’t buy myself. I strictly adhere to Zig Ziglar’s principle: “You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”