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If you’ve read any of the articles or blog posts featured on, then you probably realize that I’m a straight shooter. I well known for taking an upfront, no holds barred approach to writing, and helping my clients find the diamond of their dreams in a fast and efficient manner.

Unfortunately, the nature of a privacy policy can not always be explained in a few short words. It should probably be written up by an attorney who will cross all the T’s and dot all the i’s but I prefer to explain things in common sense simple terms that any ninth grader is likely to understand.

Our Privacy Policy Nice and Simple:

Nice Ice is owned and operated by Gray Matter Development, LLC., the President of the Corporation is Todd L. Gray (that’s me) and the majority of articles featured on the web site are written by me. I will make every attempt to respond to all your email inquiries personally.

However, there may be times when correspondence and inquiries are handled by other people authorized by me to provide you with assistance in the most timely manner possible.

You can surf freely without fear that your personal information is being collected. The web site does use Cookies and tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook, and Pinterest pixels to track the movement of people as they move about the web site. This data is collected in an effort to help us improve the web site.

It lets us know the type of stuff that people were searching for when they found us, such as the keywords you searched for and/or the image or ad that you clicked on. Many of the blog posts and articles that appear on Nice Ice originate from the phrases used by our clients which brought them to the site.

In the event that somebody contacts us for any reason, we reserve the right to use the content of their inquiry (edited or unedited) to create articles of an educational nature for the benefit of other visitors to the web site.

In the event that somebody clicks on any of the affiliate related or non-affiliate-related links provided on the web site, it is likely that those web sites will also use cookies to track their movement and the referral from Nice Ice to their site.

This is the nature of an affiliate site such as Nice Ice. Of course, everybody has the right to deactivate the use of cookies within the settings section of their internet browser as they deem to be appropriate.

The Nature of Nice Ice:

The purpose of this website is to provide people with educational content and diamond buying advice. As explained in the Material Connection Disclosure, this website generates revenue by promoting specific diamond vendors with who I share an affiliate relationship with.

People are encouraged to conduct business with these preferred partners, all of whom have been selected because of the products and services that they offer, and not simply because I can make money by being affiliated with them. I’ve helped lots of people buy diamonds from vendors whom I’m not affiliated with, you can find mention of that within the testimonials of clients posted on iVouch.

You’ll notice that there are a lot of companies selling diamonds on the internet, several of which are quite popular and who offer affiliate programs, but who are not featured on Nice Ice. This is because they either don’t meet my standards, or we simply don’t play well in the sandbox together… Can you imagine?

There are quite a few vendors who don’t always appreciate what I have to say about the diamonds that they offer. Heck, sometimes the vendors I do work with, don’t like what I have to say about a diamond that a client was considering before they checked with me…

I’ve been selling diamonds on the internet since 1996. Suffice to say that I know most of the key players and I’m keenly aware of their business practices and reputations. With that in mind, I strongly suggest that you conduct your own due diligence before initiating any transaction on the internet.

Don’t take my word for it, learn as much as you can about diamonds before you buy. Then you’ll know that whatever diamond you decide to purchase, is going to be the best diamond for your personal needs and preferences.

The foundation which Nice Ice is built upon is a BLOG that provides diamond buying advice, diamond grading tutorials, and diamond grading education. As such we are constantly searching for interesting topics that our readers want to know about.

Most of the ideas for blog articles are generated by inquiries initiated by people just like you, who submit a request for assistance using our free Diamond Concierge Service. You can also send us an email: diamonds[at]

Reasonable Use of Personal Details:

In the event that somebody initiates contact with us for any reason, using any form of written or electronic media, such as a submission via our free Diamond Concierge Service; a written letter; any email correspondence; posting a comment in response to any article featured on the web site; contacting us via any form of instant messenger, such as Google Chat, Skype, MS Messenger, et cetera; any reference to Nice Ice, Gray Matter Development, Todd Gray, et al, in any form of social media, or media publication; and/or initiate contact with us in any other form; that we reserve the right to publish the contents and commentary on the web site, edited or unedited for content without further authorization provided by them.

Rest assured that personal details such as email addresses, telephone address, and mailing address will not be posted by us in any public area. However we may use a person’s name, or an abbreviation of their name to validate the integrity of the nature of the blog post or article.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties:

The primary intent of Nice Ice is to assist you with finding and buying a diamond or other jewelry item. If you contact us and request our assistance in searching for diamonds and jewelry, and/or to obtain additional diamond details from various vendors, it may be necessary for us to include them in correspondence in the form of being CC’d or BCC’d into the communication, and/or provide them with personal details such as your name, telephone number, email address, etc., in order to obtain additional information and/or ensure proper tracking in their affiliate program.

You might be wondering what this might look like… Here’s an example:

Hey Brian,

I understand that you’re working with Bob Smith, email address: and he’s asked me to help him find a 2.70 – 2.99 carat, G-color or H-color, VS-2 or higher clarity, Brian Gavin Signature hearts and arrows diamond. I don’t see anything suitable in your inventory, nor is there anything like this in the Advanced Selection of Brian Gavin Diamonds that are coming off the wheel at the factory. Can you see whether you can find a piece of diamond rough suitable for producing such a diamond and get back to me with details ASAP. The price range that he’s working with is $85K and he needs it in the next 4 – 6 weeks.

— Todd

Sometimes it is faster and or efficient to simply forward your entire email message to my preferred vendors and say "What have you got?” when trying to help you find the diamond of your dreams as fast and efficiently as possible. Imagine that you Search for Diamonds on Blue Nile and find one that you think is a good option, but there are not any clarity photographs or reflector scope images provided on the diamond details page.

Simply submit an inquiry via my free Diamond Concierge Service and provide me with a link to the diamond details page, or simply the Blue Nile stock number that usually looks something like LD12345678. I’ll use my trade resources to determine whether images and additional details are available… things like whether the inclusions are light or dark in color, or whether the diamond has any brown, grey or yellow undertones, et cetera.

So now you understand why we share customer information with third parties who perform services on our behalf. We also use tools like retargeting to advertise and promote our affiliate partners online. Third-party vendors, including but not limited to Google, display ads targeting our affiliate partners on web sites across the internet. Third-party vendors, including Google, might also use cookies to serve ads based on someone’s past visits to the website. You can control the use of cookies on your computer by adjusting the settings in your internet browser.

A Common Sense Approach Privacy Policy:

There may be times when I want to bring the vendor into the conversation to enable them to assist you more efficiently; introduce you to a higher level of customer service than you’re likely to arrive at quickly on your own without a great deal of frustration, or put your project on the desk of the person who I’ve been working with at that company for years; and the fastest and most efficient way to do that is to simply add them as a CC or BCC recipient to the correspondence.

The reality is that the thirty years I’ve spent as a professional diamond buyer gives me direct access to the majority of diamond vendors operating online, the kind of access that you simply don’t have as a consumer. I’ve got the private email addresses and "inside track” type of contact information that enables me to get the specifics of your diamond project in front of whoever is going to be able to provide us with the answers and information required as quickly as possible.

Privacy Policy for Nice Ice Diamonds.

But in order for any of the inquiries that I make on your behalf to make sense, I’ve got to be able to share your contact information with whichever vendor we are working with, so that we’re not doubling up on work and duplicating our efforts unnecessarily… Plus the odds are that they won’t take most inquiries seriously without a name for the project.

All correspondence sent between Nice Ice and the vendors we work with is considered to be confidential in nature by everybody involved. It is not intended to be shared by them, nor are they authorized by Nice Ice, et al, to contact you directly, and/or share the information contained in the correspondence with any other person or company.

By contacting us via any means or purpose, you are in essence for all intents and purposes, authorizing us to act as your "Secret Santa” or "Top Secret Diamond Buying Agent” when you initiate contact with us.

It should be noted that vendors are not authorized to add you to their mailing list. However, you may elect to opt into their mailing lists by visiting their individual web sites. The odds are that we will add you to our newsletter and email list, but you can opt-out at any time using the link provided therein.

Reasonable Requests for Privacy Will Be Honored:

Now with all of this in mind, the collective "we” want "you” to understand that at the end of the day it’s really all about trying to help you find the diamond of your dreams (based upon my standards of perfection of course!) while adding new and interesting blog content to the web site, and generating some affiliate commissions that keep it all going… but we have no desire to violate your privacy.

Thus if anybody really does not want the content of their project published as a blog post, or shared with the vendors that we work with, they simply need to say so in the body of their correspondence. Just say something simple like:

  • "I would prefer that you not use this as a blog post.”
  • "Please change this up a bit before making it a blog post.”
  • "Please wait 3 weeks before using this as a blog post.”
  • "Please omit my name and specific details.”
  • "Please hold off publication until this date.”
  • "Please don’t share details with any vendor.”
  • Please remove me from your mailing list.

You get the idea, right? And of course, we’ll do our best to honor that request. But let’s face it… How effective can we really be if people tie our hands behind our backs with too many restrictions? "Help me find a diamond, but don’t use any of your contacts or resources to do it” isn’t going to be all that effective. It’s much better to trust that we have your best interests in mind and that our ultimate goal is to help you find the best options available within the network of vendors we’ve chosen to work with.

By the way, if you’ve asked us not to publish anything from your project. However, at some point, something of specific interest comes to light, we might ask to use a specific section of your inquiry or our ongoing correspondence as the topic for a blog post without any reference to you or a specific project.

Let’s face it, some of the stuff you guys come up with makes for EPIC blog content! And if you’re looking for the answer to a question, the odds are that a bunch of other people are also… At the end of the day, it’s all about sharing our collective experience and knowledge, to help everybody who visits Nice Ice find the perfect diamond engagement ring! But you’re still welcome to decline the request for authorization to turn the topic into a blog post if you are so inclined. We won’t take it personally.

Note that this common-sense approach to a Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice. We recommend that people visit this page often, and read it to ensure that they continue to agree with the nature of our current privacy policy. If anybody does not wholeheartedly agree with the nature of our Privacy Policy, then it is recommended that they discontinue use of the web site immediately, since their participation here is strictly voluntary.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding which enables Nice Ice to continue to grow and flourish as an ever-expanding collection of diamond buying advice.

Ideally Yours (pun intended)

— Todd Gray

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