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Brian Gavin Signature Emerald Cut Diamond Pave Engagement Ring.

Signature Brian Gavin Emerald Cut Diamonds.

Signature Brian Gavin Emerald Cut Diamonds offer brilliance and performance unlike any other. Although that may be true, you might be wondering how the competition stacks up.

I had the distinct pleasure of being involved with the development of this project from the ground up. In that case, I assure you that Signature Brian Gavin Emerald cut diamonds display unparalleled brilliance (/'brilyens/).

To be clear, these are the brightest emerald cut diamonds that I've ever seen! Bar none. They also tend to face up larger than traditional emerald-shaped diamonds of comparable carat weight.

Black by Brian Gavin Emerald

Black by Brian Gavin Emerald Cut Diamonds.

Through the Looking Glass:

The superiority of Signature Brian Gavin Emerald cut diamonds will be apparent when you see the photographs below. The ASET Scope image clearly shows how it breaks the barriers of light performance. The abundance of bright red and even distribution of colors confirms these diamonds are incredibly lively.

Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamond reviews, ASET, Ideal Scope images

ASET & Ideal Scope Images Black by Brian Gavin Emerald Cut Diamonds.

I've had the pleasure of seeing the Signature Brian Gavin Emerald cut diamonds in-person. They are so bright that you're going to need shades! That's why we say that they're /'brilyens/, but you should see it for yourself.

The /’brilyens/ of Brian Gavin:

brilyens Brian Gavin Signature emerald cut diamond brilliance definition

Brian Gavin Emerald Cut Diamonds = Brilliance.

Signature Brian Gavin Emerald cut diamonds are the brightest and most brilliant that I've ever seen! If you are looking for an emerald-shaped diamond, these are the pinnacle of performance.

The AGS Laboratory grades every Signature Brian Gavin Emerald cut diamond on the Light Performance grading platform. Consequently, the AGSL DQD offers the most in-depth analysis of fancy shape diamonds.

In the first place, the AGS provides a light performance analysis using their proprietary Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool. Secondly, they give the crown and pavilion measurements that the GIA does not.

I'm unaware of any other emerald-cut producer willing to subject their work to this level of scrutiny. In that case, you're not likely to find any other emerald-cut that offers such incredible performance.

Brian Gavin Emerald Cuts Look Bigger, Brighter, and Bolder:

Signature Emerald Cut Diamond from Brian Gavin.

Spectacular Performance from Brian Gavin.

Brian Gavin did not invent the emerald cut diamond. On the contrary, this classic fancy shape diamond has been around for centuries. Although this may be true, I've never been a fan of emerald-cut diamonds.

First, they lack brilliance and intensity because most cutters don't know how to optimize them for performance. Second, most of them are bulky and cut deep to retain more carat weight.

At the same time, they lack brilliance and intensity for the same reasons. As a result, most emerald-cut diamonds look like dull and lifeless beveled glass coffee tables. However, the Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamond is a brilliant new improvement.

Reinvention is the Mother of Necessity:
Brian Gavin Signature Emerald Cut Diamond Halo Setting.

Brian Gavin Signature Emerald Cut Diamond Halo.

In that case, it's accurate to say that Brian Gavin reinvented the emerald cut diamond. In the same fashion, Henry Ford reinvented the automobile. They both reinvented things within their area of expertise to improve performance.

In the same way, Elon Musk further reinvented the car when he introduced Tesla. In case my mother is reading this, you still owe me a Tesla! (It's a long story).

Steve Wozniak arguably improved on the computer. Speaking of which, that is a legacy that drove me nuts for years! It turns out that Wozniak graduated from the high school I attended in 1968, and I followed in 1984.

In that case, my electronics teacher would ramble on about how he taught Wozniak everything he knows: "Blah, blah, blah, well, if that's true, then why didn't you invent the Apple computer?"

Yeah, I said it and got sent straight to the principal's office. Of course, he was obliged to call my electrical-think-tank-engineer father. The fallout from suggesting that Brian Gavin has created a brighter emerald cut diamond will be equally entertaining.

P.S. Dad informed the principal that my question was valid.

Creating the Best Looking Emerald Cut Diamonds:

brilyens Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamond set in Stephen Kretchmer channel tension setting.

Tension Set Brian Gavin Emerald Cut Diamond.

The traditional emerald cut diamond is square or rectangular with a step-cut facet structure. Long rows of facets run parallel to the girdle edge of the diamond, ending in beveled corners.

The emerald cut diamond is a timeless classic. It is capable of producing spectacular spectral colors under the right circumstances. The problem is that most emerald cut diamonds aren't very bright.

Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamonds are the brightest step-cuts that I've ever seen. The reason is that Brian Gavin insists upon a very narrow range of proportions. You would not believe how difficult it is to achieve AGS Ideal-0 for this shape.

3-Tier vs. 4-Tier Emerald Cut Diamonds:

Brian Gavin Signature diamonds set in Erika Winters fine jewelry, Grace, Laurel, Margot in platinum, reviews.

Brian Gavin Signature Diamond Engagement Rings.

Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamonds feature a 3-tier pavilion. As opposed to the traditional 4-tier facet structure. The different design creates brighter emerald-cut diamonds that exhibit more intense sparkle.

The 3-tier facet structure makes them seem more significant than others. Under those circumstances, Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamonds look more substantial for their size.

In that case, you're not paying for carat weight hidden in total depth. You're going to enjoy the benefit of wearing an emerald cut diamond that looks larger. At the same time, you'll enjoy the more vivid and intense sparkle.

The inspiration for incorporating the 3-tier facet structure came from the archives of Gavin family journals. Five generations of diamond cutting experience are evident in every Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamond's brilliance.

I'm so happy that Brian Gavin uses his expertise to improve this popular diamond shape's light performance. Hollywood celebrities Amal Clooney and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter wear emerald-cut diamonds. The number of Diamond Concierge Service requests for the emerald-shape reflects its popularity.

Black by Brian Gavin Emerald Cut Diamonds:

brilyens Black by Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamond

Black by Brian Gavin Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire.

The diamonds in the Black by Brian Gavin collection represent the best of the best. If you're a regular reader of my blog, you know I don't make these statements lightly.

Throughout my 35+ year career as a diamond buyer, there have been very few emerald cut diamonds that impressed me. Although that may be true, I'm equally impressed with the Brian Gavin Signature Emerald as the Black by Brian Gavin diamonds.

Of course, you might be wondering how it is that I've already seen this brand new collection. The reality is that I've been privy to the R&D for the Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamond from the beginning.

Talk about the learning opportunity of a lifetime! Brian has been sending me clarity photographs and ASET/Ideal Scope images for each research and development phase.

Learning from a Master Diamond Cutter:

Sylvie Halo Setting Brian Gavin Signature Emerald Cut Diamond Ring.

Brian Gavin Signature Emerald Sylvie Halo Setting.

You can't imagine how much I've learned about light performance in emerald cut diamonds! For instance, I never knew how difficult it is to polish long, straight parallel lines on a diamond.

Consequently, it is one of the most challenging skills for a diamond cutter to master. For this reason, it is unlikely that Brian's competitors will be producing ideal emerald cut diamonds anytime soon.

Not to mention that they don't have the recipe for the secret sauce that makes these diamonds so delicious! We're not going to publish the range of proprietary proportions for that reason.

Nor am I going to reveal the secret of how Brian produces such bright-looking emerald-shaped diamonds. Even though I don't think most cutters have the skill to reproduce them. First, they'll have to learn to polish straight parallel lines. Let's have them start with that.

Signature Brian Gavin Emerald Cut Light Performance:

Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamond ASET AGSL 104096347002

AGS ASET Emerald Cut Diamond.

If you're not familiar with ASET, it is an acronym for Angular Spectrum Evaluation Technology. ASET is a proprietary light performance grading system developed by the American Gem Society Laboratory.

We can use ASET to determine how the brightness of Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamonds compare to others. The advantage of ASET is that you'll know that the diamond you select is bright and reflecting light evenly.
The ASET Scope enables you to see the pattern of light return in a gem quickly and easily. While many places say their diamonds are beautiful, Brian Gavin backs it up with science.

Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamonds deliver an incredibly high volume of light return. They are impeccably cut and defy the limits of brilliance in an emerald-cut diamond.

It's no wonder why Brian Gavin submits his Signature diamonds to the AGS Laboratory. Only the AGSL offers a light performance-based grading platform and provides so much detail.

The Scientific Basis for Using ASET:

Brighter brilyens Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamond set in Parade Design engagement ring.

Pavé Set Brian Gavin Signature Emerald.

The principle behind Angular Spectrum Evaluation Technology (ASET) is simple. We live in a world where the sun illuminates half the celestial sphere at a time.

The intensity of light that we enjoy depends on our proximity to the sun and the time of day. With that in mind, the light available to affect a diamond's brightness will vary throughout the day.

However, your fiancé wants her engagement ring to look fabulous all the time, day or night! Right? The challenge is that the intensity of light available to illuminate her diamond is continuously changing.

At the same time, we all know your fiancé doesn't want to concern herself with the direction of the sun. But that doesn't mean you can't give her the moon and the stars!

What Do the Different Colors of an ASET Image Mean?
ASET Scope Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamonds

How to Hold and Use an ASET Scope.

Here Brian Gavin is using an ASET Scope to evaluate a diamond. The design uses different colors to demonstrate where a diamond is gathering light.

The color Green represents low-intensity light like you see when the sun is rising or setting. Illumination of this type occurs around 45 degrees in the hemisphere.

The color Red indicates light that is visible in the hemispheric spectrum of 35 degrees. You want to see lots of red in an ASET Scope image because that means it's going to be brighter!

The color Blue represents the contrast created when the sun is directly overhead. Diamonds are brighter when they exhibit high contrast brilliance.

The contrast that appears blue in an ASET Scope image will show up as black. From this perspective, the diamond is reflecting the darker color of the camera lens.

The contrast appears blue in an ASET Scope image because of the blue cap at the top. Notice the high degree of contrast brilliance and how evenly light reflects throughout the Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamond.

Brian Gavin Signature vs. GIA Excellent Emerald:

Which of the emerald cut diamonds below look brighter and appear to be reflecting light more evenly? Even if you knew nothing about ASET, it's easy to see which diamond is more radiant. In that event, the Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamond on the left is the best choice.

Brian Gavin Signature Emerald versus GIA Excellent cut

Brian Gavin Emerald vs GIA Excellent Cut.

At the same time, the distribution of colors is more even and vibrant looking. It's hard to believe that the three diamonds on the right have GIA Excellent polish and symmetry.

GIA Excellent Cut Is Broad-Based:

/'brilyens/ Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamond set in Parade Design engagement ring.

Brian Gavin Emerald Pavé Engagement Ring.

Under those circumstances, GIA's Excellent cut might not good be enough. Of course, there is more to the story.

Did you know that the GIA Laboratory does not provide crown or pavilion measurements for fancy shape diamonds? Those measurements are essential for estimating light performance.

Both the AGS and GIA use Sarine Technology to measure diamonds. So, why doesn't the GIA provide the measurements necessary for you to make an informed decision?

The AGSL also issues a cut grade for fancy shape diamonds. The GIA only gives an overall cut grade for round brilliant cut diamonds. In that case, there is not a GIA Excellent rating for fancy shapes.

The GIA also does not consider light performance when grading fancy shape diamonds. Whereas the AGS Laboratory takes the proportions, polish, symmetry, and performance into account.

AGS ASET vs. the Handheld ASET Scope:

Click to play

The AGS Laboratory grades Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamonds on the AGS ASET-based Light Performance grading platform. The scan taken by the AGSL provides better insight than the handheld ASET scope.

The AGSL measures light performance from several different vantage points. However, the handheld ASET Scope only allows you to see the diamond in the face-up position from 90 degrees.

Diamonds always look their best from this vantage point. However, we don't view diamonds from that static position. We mostly see diamonds in motion, with light striking them from many different angles.

I don't know any other diamond cutters producing an AGS Ideal-0 Emerald Cut diamond of this quality. Consequently, I don't know of anybody else consistently producing ideal emerald-cut diamonds.

ASET Scope Images for Fancy Shape Diamonds:

brilyens Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamond set in Stephen Kretchmer tension setting

Stephen Kretchmer Tension Set BGD Emerald.

A few diamond dealers provide ASET Scope images for the emerald cut diamonds in their inventory. However, as you've seen from the ASET Scope images above, there is a lot of room for improvement.

Brian Gavin is also the only company that submits their emerald cuts to the AGSL for grading that I know. They also provide clarity photographs, ASET/Ideal Scope images, and high-resolution 3D video.

These images enable you to see how your diamond is going to sparkle in different lighting environments. With this in mind, I think it's clear that only /'brilyens/ by Brian Gavin offers the brilliance you desire.

Doesn't the BGD Signature Emerald cut diamond look incredible in this tension setting by Stephen Kretchmer?

Brian Gavin Signature Emerald Cut Diamond Reviews:

In the final analysis, the Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamond is the brightest I've ever seen. Fancy shape diamonds rarely offer good light performance. Thankfully, my friend Brian Gavin continues to reinvent the wheel:

Brian Gavin is also the only diamond cutter with a patent for maximizing light performance. That patent specifically applies to modern round brilliant cut diamonds.

What's next? Only the Mad Scientist knows for sure!

Well, that's not 100% true because he gave me a sneak peek at what's around the corner. Let's say that it will blow your mind (but it has nothing to do with the diamond shapes above).

The King of Cut Is Brian Gavin:

Brian Gavin Fifth-generation Diamond Cutter.

Brian Gavin, Fifth-generation diamond cutter.

The volume of research and development that went into this project is monumental. Countless hours were spent crunching the numbers and cutting prototypes. Many of which were a vast improvement over traditional emerald-cut diamonds.

However, they didn't produce the crescendo of brilliance that Brian Gavin envisioned. Thus Team Brian Gavin kept at it until it was virtually perfect.

Of course, there's no such thing as a perfectly cut diamond. However, some diamonds offer better light performance than others. In that case, I'm confident that you'll love the Brian Gavin Signature Emerald cut diamond.

The only thing that could be better is a Black by Brian Gavin. They exhibit an even higher degree of optical precision and performance.

As always, I invite you to take advantage of my free Diamond Concierge Service. People are raving about the depth of detail I provide. It will enable you to feel more confident buying a diamond.

Be sure to provide me with the details, such as the characteristics you desire and the price range. I hope you receive a lot of benefits from reading this article. I look forward to helping you select a diamond.

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