Brian Gavin Diamonds Review Performance Hacks

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Brian Gavin Diamonds is a leading producer of hearts and arrows diamonds with a patent for maximizing light performance in the modern round brilliant cut.

If it were up to me, all of my clients would buy their engagement ring from Brian Gavin. That is a powerful statement for somebody in my position to make. However, there is every reason for me to wish this for you.

In the first place, Brian Gavin produces the most spectacular diamonds that I’ve ever seen. Given that I have 35+ years experience in the niche of super ideal cut diamonds, that’s saying a lot.

In addition, I consult for the trade on how to improve light performance. Not to mention that I ghost write educational content for several popular sites.

Black by Brian Gavin Diamonds Reviews.

Black by Brian Gavin Diamonds Sparkle.

Be that as it may, I’m not one to blindly endorse a brand name without reason. Because every diamond is individual and exhibits its own personality.

As a matter of fact, these diamonds are turned on the wheel by hand. In other words, these diamonds aren’t being stamped out like widgets on a production line.

Under those circumstances, you should consider every diamond on its own merits. Although this may be true, Brian’s production quality is extremely consistent.

In that case, choosing a spectacular looking Brian Gavin Diamond is like shooting fish in a barrel. Obviously, the diamond above looks spectacular, right? Well, that’s the kind of light performance you can expect from Brian Gavin.

Brian Gavin Diamonds Collections:

Regardless of what shape you prefer, Brian Gavin Diamonds deliver the best performance. In that case, it's just a matter of whether or not you like blue fluorescence. And the combination of carat weight, color, clarity, and price:

Brian Gavin is the King of Cut:

Platinum 3-stone Diana Setting by Brian Gavin.

Platinum Diana 3-Stone Setting.

In the first place, Brian Gavin is a fifth-generation diamond cutter. Secondly, he’s the only diamantaire with a patent for maximizing light performance.

Specifically in the modern round brilliant cut diamond. Consequently, his patent encompasses the proportions, process, and performance.

Under those circumstances, there are the diamonds crafted by Brian Gavin’s team… and then there is everything else.

That’s why my son Corey chose a Black by Brian Gavin Diamond for his engagement ring. As a matter of fact, his ring (on the left) is drop-dead gorgeous.

In case you’re wondering, the center stone is 0.80 carats and measures almost 6 mm in diameter. While the green Tsavorite accent stones are 4 mm each. The ring is a custom version of the platinum Diana setting.

Considering my trade status, we’re able to buy direct from practically any diamond manufacturer in the world. So, it says a lot that we buy our diamonds from Brian Gavin. Of course, you should still use our free Diamond Concierge Service.

After all, that is one of the fastest and easiest ways to find what you’re looking for. To begin with, we help you avoid any pitfalls. At the same time, we specialize in the niche of light performance. In that case, we’re able to search more effectively because we know what to look for.

Brian’s Influence on My Career:

Black by Brian Gavin 3-stone ring.

Black by Brian Gavin 3-stone ring.

As a matter of fact, Brian is one of my original mentors in the diamond business. Under those circumstances, I attribute my early success as a diamond buyer to his guidance.

Obviously, part of Brian’s motivation was to teach me to appreciate the nature of his diamonds. Because that was when Brian was manufacturing the A CUT ABOVE™ hearts and arrows diamonds.

Up until that time, we were an authorized dealer for Hearts on Fire diamonds. As a matter of fact, we are one of the first HOF dealers in the United States.

However, we discovered that we could buy ACA diamonds from Brian's company Alpha Creations for a better price. In that case, we surrendered our Hearts on Fire franchise. In that case, we were selling A Cut Above H&A Diamonds in 1998.

Under those circumstances, we literally built a brand on Brian's production. However, the degree of light performance continues to improve with each generation.

The new Black by Brian Gavin puppies clearly outperform the original H&A diamonds. In a matter of speaking, Brian Gavin is competing against himself to win the space race for maximum performance.

Through the Eyes of Brian the Cutter:

Brian the Cutter Gavin.

Brian the Cutter Using a 10x Jewelers Loupe.

One of the advantages that Brian Gavin has over other companies is that he’s a fifth-generation diamond cutter. In fact, he has roots in South Africa and comes from a long line of well-known diamond cutters.

This makes Brian’s advice invaluable because it’s from the perspective of a cutter with hands-on experience. Whereas the rest of us see things from the perspective of diamond buyers and sellers.

Under those circumstances, Brian taught me to look beyond proportions and focus on optical precision. That is the consistency of facet shape, size, and alignment. That's because most ideal cut diamonds still leak light due to an inconsistent facet structure.

Brian also taught me how light reflects within a diamond to create the hearts pattern. And then countless hours were spent discussing topics pertaining to Azimuth shift, facet yaw, and distortion.

Consequently, those factors have a major impact on the intensity of the sparkle factor and light performance. In addition to the nature of the rough crystal and the interplay of inclusions upon performance and durability. It’s his unique experience with minute details that separates Brian from the pack.

Brian Gavin Co-founded Whiteflash in 2001:

Brian Gavin Fifth-generation Diamond Cutter.

Brian Gavin, Fifth-generation diamond cutter.

During the course of conducting due diligence, you might discover the relationship between Brian Gavin and Whiteflash. Consequently, they are two distinctly different companies with a complicated past.

As a matter of fact, Brian is the co-founder of Whiteflash along with investor Debi Wexler. Under those circumstances, Brian’s original A CUT ABOVE™ H&A diamond now belongs to Whiteflash.

Be that as it may, Brian went back to the drawing board after leaving the company in 2008. Shortly thereafter, I got the chance to see the new Brian Gavin Signature diamonds. Obviously, the sparkle factor is mind-blowing and that is why I recommend them over every other brand.

Of course, I’m getting ahead of myself. Because I want you to know the history of Brian Gavin and Whiteflash. People often ask me about the relationship between Whiteflash and Brian Gavin. Suffice to say that there isn’t any at this point because they are separate entities.

However, it remains a point of confusion because many people associate the A CUT ABOVE™ diamond with Brian Gavin. That makes sense because he was selling ACA diamonds to us back in 1998.

The Historic Launch of Brian Gavin Diamonds:

Hearts & Arrows Cushion Cut Diamond.

Brian Gavin Signature Hearts & Arrows Cushion.

As stated previously, Brian Gavin co-founded Whiteflash in 2001. However, he left the company in 2008. Then, he launched Brian Gavin Diamonds (BGD) in 2009. Consequently, the company was successful from the start just like Whiteflash.

Of course, that makes sense because Brian’s reputation as a fifth-generation diamond cutter precedes him. Obviously, the guy has mad skills and he is always looking for ways to improve light performance.

Fortunately, I have the rare privilege of getting to talk with Brian several times per week. If you could be a fly on the wall for one of those conversations, your mind might explode.

Because we’re likely to sit there for hours and geek out. While discussing his latest research into maximizing the light performance of different diamond shapes.

Consequently, this gives me a unique insight into the performance differences between Brian Gavin and other brands of diamonds. Although that may be true, you don’t need my experience to see the difference. Because it should be plain as day if you compare them side-by-side under different types of lighting.

"It's all in the hearts" ~ Brian Gavin:

In the first place, I want to acknowledge that Brian Gavin is only one of my mentors in the diamond business. As such, he is not the only person to influence my grading standards for hearts and arrows diamonds. Nor is he the only person to guide my development as a professional diamond buyer.

As a matter of fact, there is only a handful of people in the niche of Hearts and Arrows diamond cutting. Luckily, I have the good fortune to talk with many of them on a regular basis.

In addition, research from the following gemological laboratories influences my grading standards:

In case you’re curious, you can learn more about that in this tutorial on Hearts & Arrows diamonds. Of course, you might want to skip all the psycho-techno-babble and just by the ring already. In that case, you should click on the button below to search Brian Gavin Diamonds.

Brian Gavin Diamonds, the Cure for OCD:

Black by Brian Gavin Diamond Prices.

Black by Brian Gavin Diamond.

Obviously, it should be apparent by now that I’ve got a severe case of Obsessive Cut Disorder. Be that as it may, the cure exists within the Brian Gavin Signature collection.

That’s because there is a higher probability of finding the light performance and sparkle factor that we’re looking for. After all, Brian is just as obsessive as I am when it comes to diamond cut quality.

As a matter of fact, Brian is the one who deemed me the Golden Child of Light Performance. That’s because I expect everything to be perfect and I’m not willing to settle for anything less.

Which is pretty funny given how amazing his diamond looks in the high-resolution video on the left.

Of course, some of the other nicknames given to me by the cutters are less heartening. For example, I’m also known affectionately as the Diamond Snob and the Diamond Nazi.

As a matter of fact, the latter is from one of the largest Jewish sight holders in the world. And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a compliment because he was screaming "You’re a Diamond Nazi!” at me over the telephone!

That's because I rejected 30 out of the 40 diamonds he sent me for evaluation. Obviously, that is something that would never happen with a cutter like Brian Gavin. After all, his standards are as strict as my own. Pot calling kettle black and all that.

Great Minds Think Alike:

Amethyst & Diamond Double Halo Setting.

Amethyst & Diamond Halo Setting by Brian Gavin.

In the first place, I adhere to a strict range of proportions and do not deviate from it. Secondly, I’m very selective about the types of inclusions that are acceptable.

As a matter of fact, I automatically reject diamonds for certain types of inclusions. Then there is the fact that I prefer an exacting range of clarity and color. But, my definition of what constitutes an H&A diamond is even more precise.

In that case, the vast majority of what other people consider to be hearts and arrows does not make the grade. As a matter of fact, I would be more apt to describe what they call Hearts & Arrows to be closer to lawn darts or rabbit ears.

Under those circumstances, it’s easy to see why certain diamond cutters describe my precise nature so passionately. After all, they’re either unable or not willing to hit the mark with any consistency.

Whereas Brian Gavin and I speak the same language when it comes to precision. Consequently, that makes it much easier to find the light performance and sparkle factor that I demand. Of course, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In that case, the halo setting by Brian Gavin on the left speaks volumes.

Why You Should Buy from Brian Gavin:

For the moment, let's set everything that goes with prior competition and camaraderie aside. In that case, here are a few reasons to buy your ring from Brian Gavin:

  • Strict adherence to patented production standards.
  • Hands-on oversight by a fifth generation diamond cutter.
  • Black and Signature represent the best of the best.
  • Exclusive in-house inventory.
  • Average daily inventory of 500+ diamonds.
  • Advance Selection & Cut to order available.
  • AGS Light Performance grading on Black & Signature.
  • Laser inscribed with BGD Logo & Lab report number.
  • Exceptional pricing on H&A diamonds.
  • Conflict free in accordance with the Kimberley Act.
  • Direct shipment from BGD, not drop shipped by suppliers.
  • Custom engagement rings and jewelry design.
  • 15 day inspection period with a generous return policy.
  • Lifetime upgrade and trade-in policy.

Use Our Diamond Concierge Service:

Brian Gavin Signature Round, Cushion, Emerald cut diamonds.

Popular Shapes of Brian Gavin Signature Diamonds.

As shown above, Brian Gavin is the King of Diamond Cut Quality. Obviously, the benefit of being a fifth-generation diamond cutter is an advantage. Because that experience enables him to produce diamonds that deliver better light performance.

As shown above, Brian Gavin is the King of Diamond Cut Quality. Obviously, the benefit of being a fifth-generation diamond cutter is an advantage. Because that experience enables him to produce diamonds that deliver better light performance.

Whereas the majority of other sites are reselling diamonds from several different cutting houses. In that case, it’s difficult for them to offer any semblance of consistency.

On the other hand, Brian Gavin holds patents for ideal versions of several popular diamond shapes. Including one for maximizing light performance in the modern round brilliant cut diamond.

Under those circumstances, it should be apparent that Brian Gavin is the best choice. Although that may be true, you might still want our help evaluating the diamond details.

After all, we have 35+ years experience buying diamonds for light performance. In that case, we can evaluate the details and find the best options.

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