Fancy Yellow Diamonds Bright Canary Colors

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May 28

Fancy Yellow Diamonds are a spectacular way to add some color to your life. Not only are they colorful, but they are guaranteed to make your friends green with envy.

No doubt that you've heard of the "Green-Eyed Monster."

Shakespeare introduced the concept in The Merchant of Venice (Act 3, Scene 2). However, the inspiration for the story is as old as time.

Whether your beloved admits it or not, she probably secretly desires for her friends to be jealous of her jewelry collection. That's why they're always trying to one-up each other over lunch.

Bright Vivid Fancy Yellow Diamonds from Brian Gavin.

Brian Gavin Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond.

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Yellow Diamonds Are Like Liquid Sunshine:

Custom Fancy Color Diamond Ring by Brian Gavin.

Custom Ring Designs by Brian Gavin.

Picture the scene. Those lovely ladies at the country club are strolling about, showing off the latest addition to their wardrobe. The minimum requirements to enter the competition range from a manicure to a new pair of shoes.

However, a new designer dress, expensive piece of jewelry, or a trip to an Instagram-worthy destination are more likely to win. Under those circumstances, a fancy yellow diamond ring from Brian Gavin will make her friends green with envy.

First, a fancy color diamond ring is dramatically different from what they're used to seeing. Second, it's truly unique because the cutters polish every fancy color diamond to create the highest intensity of color.

In that case, no two fancy yellow diamonds are alike. Each one is as individual as a snowflake and your beloved princess. Speaking of whom, she's going to love seeing that sparkling sunflower on her finger!

Create the Perfect Fancy Color Diamond Ring:

Fancy Color Halo Diamond Engagement Ring by Brian Gavin.

Halo Engagement Ring by Brian Gavin.

Brighten up your day with a splash of sunshine with this fancy yellow diamond halo ring from Brian Gavin. Isn't the contrast between the white and vivid yellow color spectacular?

Consequently, fancy color diamonds are available in every color of the rainbow. In that case, you can choose your favorite color and shape.

You can also choose to set a fancy yellow diamond in the setting of your choice. Feel free to mix and match ring styles and center stones.

Choosing the right ring style is always a matter of finding one that matches your personality and taste. Although, we like the bright yellow intensity of this cushion-cut diamond from Brian Gavin.

Fancy Color Diamond Prices:

Fancy Greyish-Blue Round Diamond from Brian Gavin.

Fancy Greyish-Blue Diamond from Brian Gavin.

Most women love to color coordinate accessories to match their outfits. Some of them even change their phone case and watchband to create the perfect ensemble.

In that case, being able to color coordinate your jewelry to match the occasion is also essential. That is why women love to have pieces of jewelry in every color of the rainbow.

Unfortunately, fancy color diamond prices can be astronomical. In other words, they are cost-prohibitive and out of reach for most people. For example, this 1.30 carat, Internally Flawless, fancy greyish-blue from Brian Gavin is $312K.

Consequently, the average outside diameter is slightly larger than the eraser on a standard #2 pencil. Fortunately, the price of yellow diamonds is much more affordable. For example, a 1.50 carat, Radiant of the same quality costs about five grand.

How Rare Are Fancy Yellow Diamonds?

How Rare Are Fancy Color Diamonds Based on Blue Nile Inventory.

Fancy Color Diamonds from Blue Nile.

The ratio of colorless to natural yellow diamonds is approximately 1650:1, which makes them pretty rare. However, yellow diamonds comprise 60% of natural fancy color diamonds.

In that case, they are more affordable than colors such as blue, pink, orange, purple, and red, which are less common. Consequently, only one out of every 10,000 carats is likely to be a natural fancy color diamond.

The ratio of yellow diamonds to other colors available from Blue Nile is considerably higher, as shown here. There are 4,589 yellow diamonds available at the time I am writing this article.

In contrast, there are only 500 pink diamonds, 161 brown, 95 green, 62 orange, 17 blue, 10 purple, and one red. Needless to say that the price of pink diamonds is higher than yellow but less than those other colors.

Lab-grown fancy color diamonds from James Allen are more affordable. However, people should take the differences between natural vs. lab-grown diamonds into account.

Where to Buy Fancy Yellow Diamonds:

Let Us Help You Search for Fancy Yellow Color Diamonds:

Colorless and Fancy Color Diamond Engagement Rings by Brilliant Earth.

Fancy Color Diamond Rings by Brilliant Earth.

First, I hope that you enjoy reading this article on yellow diamonds and find it helpful. Second, there is a good reason why we aren't going too deep into the subject.

Picking a fancy color diamond is mostly about finding one with the right balance of hue and saturation. Unlike with round brilliant cut diamonds, the proportions are not a critical component.

Once again, the cutters' goal is to intensify the body color and not necessarily create sparkle. In that case, you should focus on finding a fancy color that you find appealing.

Needless to say, that we would love to help you shop for yellow diamonds or other fancy colors. Begin by submitting an inquiry via our free Diamond Concierge Service. It's helpful if you let us know your preference for shape, color, and price. Thank you.

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