Is the Blue Nile Petite Cathedral Solitaire a Good Ring?

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October 18

The Blue Nile Petite Cathedral setting has sweeping shoulders that create an elegant alternative for those who prefer timeless classic designs. Since choosing a specific style is mostly a matter of preference, this post aims to show how to pick the best-looking Blue Nile diamond.

The inspiration for this article comes from a client: "Hi Todd, I'm curious about your thoughts about the Petite Cathedral Solitaire from Blue Nile. I am searching for an engagement ring, which gave me a lot of insight into a topic I didn't know anything about before."

Blue Nile Petite Cathedral Solitaire Setting with Round Brilliant Cut Diamond.

Blue Nile Petite Cathedral Setting.

She Likes the Blue Nile Petite Cathedral Solitaire

Side view of the Blue Nile Petite Cathedral solitaire setting.

Blue Nile Petite Cathedral Setting.

"Being from the Netherlands, a country where engagement rings are not very common, this has been a great help. I am looking for an engagement ring for around $5000, with some range possible."

"I am looking at Blue Nile, but I am open to other vendors. My girlfriend likes the Blue Nile Petite Cathedral Solitaire, with a round brilliant cut diamond. Now I am looking for a diamond, and reading your website, I realize that cut is the most important."

"I set the search criteria to your recommended proportions and specified Astor Ideal Cut. For the color, I-color or higher with negligible to faint fluorescence. An SI1 clarity diamond could be acceptable if the inclusions are not visible without magnification."

"My girlfriend cares most about the sparkle/cut, but a 0.9 carat would be appreciated if possible. The price range is $4500-4800, given the price of the setting above."

Additional Questions

  • Is SI1 clarity dangerous?
  • Is it better to go for VS2 or better with a smaller diamond?
  • How can we be sure the diamonds are eye-clean?
  • Will the petite cathedral make diamonds look bigger or smaller? 

"I am open to any changes you think will give the best-looking diamond, and I want to thank you in advance for your help. Thanks a lot, Wieger N."

Will the Blue Nile Petite Cathedral Affect Perception of Size?

Great questions, Wieger! The petite cathedral solitaire setting is popular with our clients and is one of our favorites. I want to address your questions before explaining how to search Blue Nile and find the best-performing diamonds.

First, the petite cathedral setting won't affect the perception of carat weight any more than a traditional solitaire. The simple four-prong crown holds the diamond in place and does not add or detract from the center stone.

The simplicity of solitaire engagement rings ensures that people focus on the center stone's beauty. In contrast, halo settings tend to make diamonds look larger but can also make it difficult to focus on the center stone.

Are SI-1 clarity diamonds dangerous?

Example SI1 Diamond Clarity Grade Brian Gavin Signature Diamond.

Example of SI1 Clarity Brian Gavin Diamond.

Many wonder whether SI1 clarity diamonds are suitable for engagement rings. Essentially, they're asking whether the inclusions present a potential durability risk. In which case, they might consider something VS2 clarity or higher.

However, it depends on the inclusion type, location, extent, and characteristics of the individual inclusions and the location. Thus, it's essential to consider every diamond on its own merits.

Generally, I prefer to avoid diamonds that contain cavities, knots, extensive feathers, or clusters of tiny feathers, as these tend to pose more of a durability risk. In truth, as I flip through the diamond grading reports, I eliminate diamonds that don't look on paper.

Blue Nile Petite Cathedral with SI1 Clarity Diamond

If you choose carefully, an SI1 clarity diamond can look fantastic in the Blue Nile Petite Cathedral setting. Please adhere to our recommended proportions and account for inclusions and optical precision for best results.

The biggest challenge is determining whether an SI-clarity diamond is eye-clean and under what conditions. Rather than guess, we can ask the vendor to evaluate the diamond and describe the inclusions in detail. That will let us know the degree to which the inclusions may be visible without magnification and from what distance.

The Best Blue Nile Diamond Available

How to Pick the Best Blue Nile Diamonds.

Blue Nile Diamonds.

This 0.90 carat, I-color, SI1 clarity, Blue Nile Signature diamond is the best option currently available. The proportions don't meet our selection criteria, so you might want to wait for new inventory.

The 34-degree crown angle is shallower than the 34.3 - 35-degrees we recommend. In that case, the diamond may exhibit more brilliance and less dispersion. In other words, you might see more white sparkle and less colored sparkle/fire.

The 41-degree pavilion angle is steeper than the 40.6 - 40.9 degrees we recommend. In that case, there might be more light leakage, and the table facet might appear darker than it would with a shallower pavilion.

A GIA Diamond Dossier accompanies this stone, and they don't feature plotting diagrams that show the inclusions. The Key to Symbols lists the inclusions by type, but we can't determine the location of the crystals and clouds of pinpoints.

The supplementary GCAL report provides a clarity photograph. However, it's insufficient to judge the extent of the inclusions, but maybe that's good since they don't seem glaringly obvious.

Brian Gavin Signature Diamond

Brian Gavin Signature Hearts and Arrows diamond.

Brian Gavin Signature Diamonds.

This 0.893 carat, H-color, SI-1 clarity, Brian Gavin Signature diamond has the proportions we recommend. In that case, it will exhibit a high volume of light return and a virtual balance of brilliance and dispersion.

It also exhibits a higher degree of optical precision, which is the consistency of facet shape, size, and alignment. In that case, it will produce more virtual facets, the kaleidoscope-like reflections that increase sparkle.

This SI1 clarity diamond is probably eye-clean up to 9-12 inches because the inclusions look minor in the photograph. We can ask Brian Gavin to evaluate the diamond and provide more details.

Brian Gavin Tapered Cathedral Solitaire

Blue Nile Petite Cathedral vs. Brian Gavin Tapered Cathedral.

Brian Gavin Tapered Cathedral.

The Brian Gavin Tapered Cathedral solitaire is a popular alternative to the Blue Nile Petite Cathedral setting. At first glance, these cathedral settings appear similar from the side profile, but that's where the similarities end.

The main differences are that the tapered cathedral has an elegant six-prong crown custom-made to fit the diamond. In contrast, the Blue Nile Petite Cathedral setting has four prongs, which is primarily a matter of preference.

One consideration is that six prongs maintain the diamonds' round appearance. While four prongs tend to draw the eyes out to "the four corners" and can make round diamonds look square.

Save Money on Either Cathedral Setting

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