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August 6

Todd Gray, CEO and Diamond Buyer for Nice Ice.

Todd Gray, Diamond Buyer.

I’m Todd Gray and I’ve been actively involved in the diamond industry since 1985. During that time I’ve owned and operated a brick and mortar jewelry store.

I was also employed as the primary diamond buyer for Nice Ice, Inc. As a matter of fact, Nice Ice is recognized as one of the pioneers of the online diamond industry.

I’ve recently converted the Nice Ice web site from a direct seller of diamonds to a diamond information site. Our goal is to provide consumers with in-depth diamond grading advice and impartial reviews.

Feel free to contact me for a free in-depth analysis of the characteristics of any diamond that you are considering. Alternatively, you can click the banner below and use the form to send me a message.

In-depth Diamond Buying Advice:

You’re in for a real treat if you’re the type of person who likes to learn as much as possible about something before you make a significant purchase because we’re going to fill your brain with the type of diamond buying brilliance that can only come from spending 25+ years in the diamond industry!

I have to forewarn you, this web site is a lot more in-depth than those 4C’s diamond information pamphlets which barely scratches the surface of diamond grading, I speak geek and this web site is one big rolling adventure through the ramblings of my mind. I write like I talk so this is going to be like a passionate conversation between two friends discussing diamonds over a few bottles of wine.

Now if you just want to buy an engagement ring as quickly and painlessly as possible without uploading 80+ pages of diamond grading information into your brain beforehand, just read this One Minute Diamond Buying Guide and you’ll be good to go.

But keep reading if you’re like me and you love to learn. I think you’re going to enjoy learning all about diamonds from the perspective of a veteran diamond buyer.

Challenging the Status Quo by Sharing Knowledge:

When we first launched Nice Ice as a Diamond Information Site in 1996, we were promptly sued by 50 members of a trade organization for Disclosure of Proprietary Information to the Public and Disparagement of an Entire Industry, they later withdrew their case after we hired a really prominent law firm to protect our first amendment rights.

Interestingly enough my cell phone began to ring non-stop when I announced that Nice Ice was returning to its roots as a Diamond Information Site and that we would no longer be selling diamonds. Apparently, the concept of sharing diamond buying information freely with the public is a concept that still sends a shiver down the spine of some people in the industry.

Quite a few of our former competitors are wondering what I’m going to say now that I have nothing to gain or lose in terms of diamond sales… well, no worries, I don’t have a bone to pick with anybody in the diamond industry, I just thought it would be kind of cool to use the knowledge which I’ve acquired through 25+ years as a respected member of the diamond trade to help people buy exceptional diamonds at fair prices!

Diamond Buying Advice for Real People:

The basic premise behind the creation of Nice Ice is to provide unbiased diamond grading advice and in-depth diamond grading tutorials designed to help real people buy exceptional diamonds without getting bogged down by all the marketing hype.

We wanted to decode all of the letters, abbreviations, vague descriptions, and codes commonly used on diamond grading reports and translate them into plain and simple English that is easy to understand and make it possible for you to purchase an exceptional diamond without getting caught up in all the backroom diamond-speak.

I think we’ve done an exceptional job of making it easy and fun to learn about diamonds and look forward to guiding you on this journey.

So What is Nice Ice?

Nice Ice is the brainchild of Robin & Todd Gray and first emerged in Cyber Space in February of 1996. Initially, this was the website for Treasures by R.J. Diamond & Jewelry Brokers which was established in 1979.

The website was first created to be an educational resource for our local clients and we actually never intended to sell diamonds online. However, the universe had different plans and within a few years, Nice Ice had developed a reputation as one of the most respected online vendors of Hearts & Arrows Super Ideal Cut Diamonds.

Robin committed suicide on June 01, 2005, fifteen months after we lost our daughter Niki to a terminal bone marrow disease. It was at that point that Robin’s family seized the opportunity to try and steal a lifetime of work and achievement from me. After eight years of extensive litigation, it was determined that their case lacked any merit. However, to be perfectly honest, the sum of those experiences made me realize that there is more to life than sitting around an office grading and selling diamonds.

With that in mind, while I love diamonds and remain an active member of the diamond industry, the truth is that I love hanging out with friends, freediving, wakeboarding, and challenging people to fully embrace all that life has to offer significantly more!

During the eight years of litigation following Robin’s death, I began a new career as a Hypnotherapist and Coach. I primarily help people improve their relationships and overcome the obstacles that might be holding them back. Visit my web site Hypnoformance if you would like to know more about that.

With all of this in mind, Nice Ice is being returned to its roots as a diamond information resource. In other words, we are no longer actively involved in the business of selling diamonds and manufacturing jewelry. However, we will help you search for diamonds and evaluate the ones that you are considering.

Harnessing the Power of Nice Ice:

As the Diamond Buyer for Nice Ice, I took it upon myself to purchase every diamond for inventory as if I were buying it for myself or my best friend. That means that I rejected a lot of zero ideal cut diamonds and quite a few of them were quite beautiful.

The reality is that subtle distinctions between diamonds can result in incredible differences in visual performance and price. So I was always looking to find the best options available for our clients and I was willing to wait a reasonable amount of time to find it.

The goal of Nice Ice has always been to help our clients get the best diamond available within the range of their desired preferences and price range. That has not changed and I am more than happy to assist you find the diamond of your dreams and act as your diamond buying consultant to the extent that time permits.

Understand that I have more or less retired from the industry to pursue my true passion as a personal development coach helping people to achieve their peak potential, but diamonds are still very much in my blood and I look forward to helping you find the diamond of your dreams!

Click here to ask for my help in finding or reviewing a diamond. Please note that client requests are quite often used as the basis for a blog post in an effort to help other people who might be seeking similar information.

Who Pays for My Time?

Affiliate agreements with various vendors provide compensation for the time spent writing diamond reviews and diamond grading tutorials. However, rest assured that the evaluations provided are based upon the individual characteristics of each diamond and that my opinions about each diamond are clearly stated regardless of any affiliation.

You'll see that clearly once you spend a little time spent reading the articles and diamond reviews. Sometimes I like a diamond offered by a dealer in one paragraph and then rip apart another diamond from same vendor in the next paragraph.

The idea is to walk through each diamond in a way that enables you to learn from the evaluation process. It's an approach that works from my perspective, but it's not always favored by the vendors. The difference between us is that I get to cherry pick the best diamonds they have to offer. While they have to try and sell everything in their inventory regardless of performance.

I hope that you enjoy reading my rants and learn something along the way.

Ideally Yours,

Todd Gray

About the Author

Dive deep into the glittering world of diamonds with Todd Gray, the CEO of Gray Matter Development, LLC. Todd has 35+ years of experience as a diamond buyer and trade consultant. He ghostwrites content for several online vendors and is an avid Freediver, currently exploring the Cenotes of Yucatan, Mexico. Dive into brilliance with Todd Gray!