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Inside the JCK Diamond Trade Show Jewelry Expo, Las Vegas 2013

By Todd Gray

June 1, 2013

Yesterday marked the kick-off of the 2013 JCK Diamond and Jewelry trade show in Las Vegas, everybody who is anybody in the industry is here!  Well except for my buddy Wink Jones from High Performance Diamonds, who told me that he’s not attending the show this year because I am… okay, that’s a bold face lie, but we’re friends and he expects to be slandered by me on a regular basis. Also not in attendance is Paul Slegers of Crafted by Infinity, but he sent the lovely Lieve who selects their diamond rough, so I’m good with it. And of course, John Pollard from CBI is also in attendance!

One of the things which I love about coming to the JCK diamond and jewelry show in Las Vegas is that I get to meet new people and play with diamonds like this fancy intense yellow diamond which weighs just a little more than 50 carats!  And it gives me the opportunity to catch up with old friends in the diamond industry and make some new friends, like the diamond cutter who produced this beautiful diamond and who I established a new affiliate relationship with!  Now I’m not ready to tell you who it is yet, but suffice to say that I scoured the JCK Trade Show to find the best source for fancy colored diamonds and I am thrilled to be able to finally be able to help you with all of your fancy colored diamond needs!

Todd Gray and Brian Gavin, JCK Show 2013While it’s certainly fun to have the opportunity to play with diamonds and check out all the jewelry, what I really look forward to is having the opportunity to meet up with friends from all over the world!  I bumped into Brian Gavin of Brian Gavin Diamonds (right) while he was running from meeting to meeting, just long enough to snap a picture with him and get a sneak peek at his latest creation which is a proprietary diamond cut that is going to be announced in the next few weeks!  Now if you’re looking for a round brilliant cut diamond, stick with the Hearts and Arrows from the Brian Gavin Signature or the Brian Gavin Blue collections, but if you’re looking for a spectacular looking, UH, oh shoot, that’s right, it’s a secret.  I’m so not good at keeping secrets!  Why did he have to wave that diamond under my nose?


From left to right: Todd Gray, Lieve Peters, John PollardSpeaking of the crew from Crafted by Infinity, that’s Lieve Peters (center) and John Pollard (right) pictured with me (left).  Lieve is the person who selects every piece of diamond rough for Crafted by Infinity and John is the U.S. representative in charge of distribution and education for CBI.  Many thanks for lots of great conversation, great food and lots of laughter!


Fancy colored diamonds by Novel, JCK Trade Show 2013How cool is this fanned out collection of fancy colored diamonds? This is a picture of an actual tray of fancy colored diamonds from a company called Novel which does not sell to the public, but who was kind enough to allow me to snap this picture and give me permission to publish it online.


As it turns out, a good friend of mine works for this company, but we didn’t figure that out until after they had agreed to let me take this picture.  Cool people and beautiful diamonds, let me know if you’re looking for a fancy colored diamond and we can source it through one of the companies I work with…

From left to right: Garry Holloway, Andre Pilipchak, Todd GrayYou know that whole “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” advertising campaign? Well in the spirit of honoring the premise of that concept, I got permission from the boys to post this picture of Garry Holloway, inventor of the Holloway Cut Adviser (left), Andre Pilipchak of Pricescope (center) and myself (right) hanging out at Red Square in the Mandalay Bay ~ which has a phenomenal filet mignon in case you’re interested!


View from the MGM Sky Tower, Pricescope Party, JCK 2013Special thanks to the crew from Pricescope for throwing an amazing get together at the top of the MGM Sky Tower this past Saturday night! Amazing people and incredible views! I had a great time hanging out with many of the regular contributors to the forum and spent some time with James Allen and talked late into the night with the peeps from White Flash. Good times!

About the author

A mad scientist with a passion for improving diamond cut quality to maximize light performance and sparkle factor. I speak geek in degrees of optical precision between bouts of freediving. My ghostwritten ramblings haunt the rabbit holes of information found on many diamond vendor sites. Diamond buyer, author, consultant, errant seeker of deep blue water.

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  1. Well, I gotta tell you that Todd is one sneaky guy. I beg him for years to show up at JCK, even offer to let him crash with me so we can split the cost of a room, and every year it is, no, I have important things to do.

    Now, One year, I miss the show to be with my daughter and her new baby, Ele Lou (Eleanor Louise) Lin and he waits until I announce that to sneak in and grab a reservation to the show.

    What are you hiding Mr. Gray. What is it that you know Wink will find out and expose if he sees you at the show???

    Perspiring minds want to know!

    1. It’s all in an effort to keep the identity of my diamond suppliers like Crafted by Infinity, proprietary knowledge! Now that I’m no longer selling diamonds directly, that sort of thing is really important! And you know, I was afraid that if we bunked together that you might sneak your way into the Admin section of the Nice Ice blog and write something nice about yourself when I wasn’t looking… Congratulations on the birth of your granddaughter my friend, you were missed at the show! See you at the Infinity Symposium if they’re dumb enough to let me attend 😉

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