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June 22

The July birthstone ruby is a pinkish-red to blood-red gemstone, specifically the mineral corundum. It's a member of the sapphire family and composed of crystalline aluminum oxide, Al2O3.

The difference of a single trace element determines whether the gem is ruby red or sapphire blue. Ruby is widely known as a symbol of passion and vitality.

Rubies also hold the prestigious title of July's birthstone. Widely known for its fiery red hue, this gemstone's allure transcends its physical beauty. It's also deeply ingrained in societies' worldwide history, culture, and spirituality.

Consequently, rubies and sapphires are varieties of the mineral corundum. Both gemstones rate ten on the Moh's Hardness Scale. The primary difference between them is their color. Sapphires are blue and rubies are red due to trace elements present during the corundum crystals formation.

July Birthstone - Ruby Gemstone Ring.

6-carat Ruby and Diamond Ring by Leibish.

The July Birthstone Ruby

Are you a July baby, or do you know someone born in this radiant summer month? If so, you're in for a treat! The July birthstone, Ruby, holds an irresistible allure that has captivated hearts for centuries.

Ruby is known as the king of gemstones due to its mesmerizing beauty and deep symbolism. This blog post will explore the fascinating world of July's birthstone, unveiling its history, properties, and significance.

The History and Lore of Ruby

The history of ruby dates back thousands of years, with ancient cultures valuing its properties highly. The allure of this gemstone traces back to its vibrant red color.

Many associate it with power, protection, and passion, believing the rich red color comes from an eternal flame. Imagine ancient civilizations revering rubies as talismans of courage and symbols of nobility.

Ruby's rareness and beauty made it a prized possession among royalty and the elite. A belief originating in medieval times suggests that wearing rubies contributes to health, wealth, wisdom, and successful romance.

Rubies appear four times in the Bible in association with wisdom and beauty. They also appear in the book 'Natural History' by the Roman scholar Pliny in the first century AD. Offering a ruby to the Krishna God guarantees rebirth as royalty for ancient Hindus.

Today, ruby is a fashionable alternative center stone for engagement rings. While most traditionally prefer natural gems, many opt for lab-created rubies like the one pictured here. Consequently, the popularity of lab-grown diamonds and colored gemstones increases daily.

Cushion shaped lab-created ruby from Brilliant Earth.

Lab-created Ruby • Brilliant Earth.

The Enchanting Properties of Ruby

Ruby's captivating red hue comes from chromium. Meanwhile, its hardness, only surpassed by diamond, makes it a durable daily gemstone

Besides its stunning appearance, many believe that Ruby also possesses metaphysical properties. It enhances vitality, promotes love and passion, and inspires confidence and courage.

Legend suggests that warriors wore ruby gemstones in battle for protection in ancient times. Now, the ruby's fiery red flair symbolizes love and passion. Consequently, these gemstones make prevalent center stones for engagement rings and romantic gifts today.

Surprisingly, most rubies are not lab-graded like diamonds. However, Brian Gavin and Leibish offer lab-graded natural rubies. In that case, the lab reports indicate the gems' characteristics, including the natural origin and treatments, if applicable.

Lab-graded natural cushion-cut Ruby with vivid color.

Lab-graded Ruby from Brian Gavin.

Symbolism and Significance of Ruby

Ruby is deeply symbolic, representing passion, love, and prosperity. Many associate rubies with matters of the heart and consider them powerful romantic talismans.

Additionally, Ruby may bring good fortune and success in business endeavors. That makes it a popular choice for entrepreneurs and professionals. Its fiery red color also represents the life force within. It also symbolizes vitality, strength, and the courage to pursue one's dreams.

The July birthstone, Ruby, holds an enchanting charm that continues to enthrall admirers worldwide. Many cherish ruby for its vibrant red color, rich history, and profound symbolism.

Whether you're born in July or appreciate the allure of this enthralling gem, Ruby is a timeless treasure. The magnetic visual appeal of blood-red rubies inspires love, passion, and appreciation.

Is Ruby Jewelry Expensive?

It surprises many to discover that some gem-quality rubies are more expensive than diamonds. Record prices for collection quality rubies exceed $1,000,000 per carat! In contrast, the cost of most rubies ranges from a few hundred to thousands of dollars per carat.

Consequently, the highest quality rubies are transparent, with vivid, intense red hues and minimal inclusions. Trace amounts of chromium create red hues. Subsequently, higher concentrations of chromium produce deeper red colors.

Many rubies are heat-treated to improve their value by boosting transparency and intensifying color saturation. However, there's nothing wrong with various treatments that enhance color assuming proper disclosure.

Cushion cut ruby engagement ring from James Allen.

Cushion Cut Ruby Ring • James Allen

Where to Buy Ruby Jewelry

As you know, rubies come in various qualities, such as natural, lab-grown, and treated. We particularly favor Brian Gavin and Leibish, given their extensive collection of lab-graded ruby gemstones.

However, it's worth noting that these gems typically carry a higher price tag than the standard rubies found in most jewelry. Now, let's delve into some of our favorite places to shop for colored gemstone jewelry:

10 Fascinating July Birthstone Facts:

  1. 1
    Ruby is the July Birthstone: Rubies are the traditional birthstone for those born in July. It symbolizes the warmth and energy associated with summer.
  2. 2
    Anniversary Stone: Ruby is the traditional gift for the 40th and 80th wedding anniversaries, symbolizing eternal love.
  3. 3
    One of the Hardest Minerals: Ruby scores a nine on the Moh's hardness scale. It's the second hardest mineral after diamonds and equal to sapphire.
  4. 4
    Ancient Regard: The ancient Sanskrit word for ruby is 'Ratnaraj,' meaning the 'king of precious stones.'
  5. 5
    Geological Rarity: Rubies form under specific conditions, requiring the presence of chromium. An absence of silica and the perfect amount of heat and pressure is also essential.
  6. 6
    Color Variance: While best known for their vibrant red color, rubies can range in shades from deep crimson to light pink. Consequently, the color differences depend on chromium levels present during formation.
  7. 7
    High-Value Gems: The finest quality rubies can fetch higher prices than diamonds of similar carat weight. The most expensive rubies are transparent purplish-red colors. In contrast, inexpensive rubies are cloudier with orange, pink, or brown hues.
  8. 8
    Record-Breaking Rubies: Sotheby's auctioned the exquisite 'Sunrise Ruby' for an impressive $30 million in 2015. Consequently, that's a world record for a ruby's highest auction price ever.
  9. 9
    Historical Fakes: Many people mistake red garnets and spinel for rubies. Recently, gemologists discovered that some of the British Crown Jewels' rubies are less valuable spinels.
  10. 10
    Astrological Significance: Astrological practices associate rubies with the sun. Many believe they bestow health, wisdom, wealth, and success in love upon their wearer.

Ruby Faq.

What is the meaning of the July birthstone, Ruby?

Ruby represents passion, love, prosperity, and courage. It is a gemstone associated with vitality, strength, and success.

Can anyone wear Ruby, or is it exclusively for July-born individuals?

Ruby is a gemstone anyone can enjoy, regardless of their birth month. People cherish ruby for its beauty and metaphysical properties.

What are the alternative July birthstones?

The alternative birthstones for July are Carnelian and Onyx, which offer unique colors and properties to those born this month.

What is July's birth color?

The birth color associated with July is red.

Is the July birthstone red or pink?

The July birthstone, Ruby, is primarily known for its vibrant red color. However, rubies are available in different qualities ranging from light pink to pigeon blood red.

What is the meaning of the July Crystal?

The July birthstone, Ruby, is often called the "July Crystal." It represents passion, love, prosperity, courage, and vitality.

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