Two carat diamond ring, Crafted by Infinity review, HPD7856

Two Carat Diamond Ring Crafted by Infinity (Best Pick of 3?)

I’m in the market for a two carat diamond ring. I’ve been reading your site for awhile, and feel much more confident about buying a diamond online. At the same point, I thought it would be a good idea to look at diamonds in-person. So I visited a few jewelry stores in my area, one of which is a Hearts on Fire dealer. I really like the look of the HOF diamonds. It was easy for me to see the difference between the GIA Excellent cut and Hearts & Arrows diamonds that they showed me. But the price was out of this world! They sure are proud of those diamonds! At present, I’m trying to decide between three 2 carat diamonds from Crafted by Infinity. The stock numbers areHPD7856, HPD7882, and HPD8621. Can you tell me which one of these diamonds you would choose for a 2 carat diamond ring and why? Thank you for your time. I’ll be sure to use your referral link when purchasing if you’ll provide it.

The Two Carat Diamond Ring Quest:

So, you’re trying to decide between 3 two carat Crafted by Infinity hearts and arrows diamonds. This is my kind of diamond project! Paul Slegers of Crafted by Infinity oversees a team of master cutters, who produce a truly exceptional looking diamond. They actually used to produce hearts and arrows diamonds for our private label collection! As you might imagine, I’m quite familiar with the visual properties of Crafted by Infinity diamonds.

Let’s take a look at the diamonds you’re considering for this two carat diamond ring:

In reality, it doesn’t matter which 2 carat diamond you choose from this group, they’re all going to be gorgeous! At the end of the day, I think it just comes down to your preference for carat weight and price. But let’s take a moment to break them down just the same.

Crafted by Infinity 2 Carat Diamond Review: HPD7882

Two carat diamond ring, Crafted by Infinity, HPD 7882At the same time, there are subtle differences between the diamonds. After all, these things are not stamped out on a production line like widgets. These Hearts & Arrows diamonds are turned by hand on the wheel, one facet at a time. As such, there will always be slight variations in the hearts patterns. There will also be slight differences in the proportions and how light travels through each diamond. Not that I’m so sure we’ll be able to see those differences with just our eyes at this level of the game!

Just look at the hearts pattern exhibited by the 2.077 carat, I-color, VS-1 clarity, Crafted by Infinity diamond. The hearts pattern is nice and uniform in size and shape. The spacing around the hearts is nice and even, this is what we look for in a hearts and arrows diamond. This is the kind of precision that creates sizzling sparkle!

The 40.8 degree pavilion angle should produce a high volume of light return. While the 34.6 degree crown angle produces a virtual balance of brilliance and dispersion. At the same time, the higher degree of optical precision and 76% lower girdle facet length should create broad spectrum sparkle. That is sparkle which tends to be larger in size and bolder than what standard ideal cut diamonds produce.


CBI Two Carat Diamond Review: HPD8621

Two carat diamond ring, Crafted by Infinity HPD8621This 2.187 carat, I-color, VS-1 clarity, Crafted by Infinity hearts and arrows round diamond looks just as amazing! The hearts pattern looks just as precise as I expect it to be. The combination of the proportions and this higher degree of optical precision should produce incredible sparkle! Do you know how each of these hearts is created? It’s actually pretty incredible!

Each heart consists of two halves, which are comprised of two reflections of light reflecting off the lower girdle facets. Each half of the heart is made up of light reflecting off of a pavilion main facet on the opposite side of the diamond. Now take a moment to think about that concept. Two pieces of light, reflecting off a pavilion main facet on the other side of the stone, line up with another half a heart to create one. That seems pretty incredible, doesn’t it?

As incredible as it sounds, it’s a lot like finding your perfect match in another person. Feel free to adapt that concept accordingly when you explain this to your fiancé. Maybe it will win you a few extra dog points to stuff away for a rainy day! You never know when you might need them.

With regards to the proportions, the 40.8 degree pavilion angle should produce a high volume of light return. While the 34.3 degree crown angle produces a virtual balance of brilliance and dispersion. The higher degree of optical precision and 77% lower girdle facet length should produce broad spectrum sparkle. Without a doubt, this diamond is a total knock-out.

2 Carat Diamond Review – Crafted by Infinity HPD7856:

2 carat diamond ring, Crafted by Infinity HPD7856Now we get to the one we’ve all been waiting for. I bet you’re wondering whether this 2.312 carat, I-color, VS-1 clarity, Crafted by Infinity diamond will be my top pick. In the event that you can swing it, I have no doubt that this will make a phenomenal 2 carat diamond ring! This diamond also exhibits a stunning pattern of hearts and arrows. At the same time, you might be wondering why some of the hearts are slightly shaded on one side.

Remember the explanation above which explains that each heart is made up of two halves? As such, light is going to reflect across each diamond slightly different than another. In addition, factors such as any slight tilt of the diamond on the platform, or lighting temperature in the room will affect the image. But I have no doubt that light is reflecting evenly throughout this diamond!

Realize that as a professional diamond buyer, I’ve seen this sort of thing through the scope a couple thousand times. The slightest shift of the diamond, the scope, or the camera plays havoc with these images. It’s the kind of thing that can give a newbie diamond buyer pause, since all you have to go by are the images. But I have the experience of knowing what is creating the effect and knowing that every Crafted by Infinity diamond that I’ve ever seen has been A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Which Two Carat Diamond Ring Should You Buy?

M&M's Guys. Can you eat just one?Given what you know now about these 2 carat Crafted by Infinity diamonds, you do realize that they’re going to face-up the same in terms of light performance. Right? They’re all VS-1 in clarity and I-color with negligible fluorescence. They all exhibit a phenomenal pattern of hearts and arrows, and have an overall cut grade of AGS Ideal-0. These diamonds quite literally represent the Top 0.001% of the annual production for rounds!

And you expect me to pick just one? That’s like handing me a one pound bag of M&M’s and expecting me to eat just one. Spoiler Alert: It’s not happening! I can’t do it. With that in mind, I have to admit that if I were still buying diamonds for inventory, I’d snatch all three of these puppies up for stock! There is a lot of demand for two carat diamond rings and I have every confidence these Crafted by Infinity diamonds are gorgeous!

To that end, the only logical way to decide which Crafted by Infinity to buy for your two carat diamond ring, is to buy the largest one you can comfortably afford. It goes without saying that I would buy the 2.312 carat, I-color, VS-1 clarity, Crafted by Infinity diamond if you can swing it!

I chose a 2.25 carat, I-color, super ideal cut diamond very similar to this for my own two carat diamond ring! Let me tell you, it was a real crowd pleaser! People would walk up to me and announce that the sparkle caught their attention from across the room! Now that’s the kind of two carat diamond ring that I’m talking about! And any one of these Crafted by Infinity diamonds is going to deliver that same light performance!

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