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James Allen Diamond Reviews:

Every successful diamond vendor who I know is successful because they developed a niche for themselves which distinguishes them from their competitors. James Allen is one such vendor. I’ve known James Schultz for many years. We rose up together in the world of online diamonds. His original web site was Dirt Cheap Diamonds. As the name implies, Jim’s primary focus was simply to provide his customers which diamonds at prices which were dirt cheap.

Dirt Cheap Diamonds evolved into James Allen Diamonds in 2005. At that time, the focus changed from simply offering diamonds at dirt cheap prices to an improved focus on better quality diamonds. Increased visual performance and an impressive line of top quality jewelry items became a priority. While the development of the James Allen brand is a significant change from the original image presented by the Dirt Cheap Diamonds web site, Jim’s dedication to offering a large selection of diamonds at phenomenal prices remains an integral part of the James Allen web site.

If I were to describe the business model of James Allen in a single word, that word would be innovative, Because I am continually impressed by their ability to lead the industry with a web site which provides visitors with a state of the art online diamond buying experience.

Not only does James Allen offer an exclusive inventory of True Hearts brand diamonds which are not available anywhere else. They also provide a detailed clarity photograph for every diamond in their inventory. You can use their online diamond grading loupe tool to closely examine the inclusions within each diamond. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that this technology is very cool and while several web sites offer a similar type of magnifying tool. The first time I recall seeing it in action was on the James Allen web site.

Search James Allen for Ideal Cut DiamondsUsing Nice Ice preset criteria for proportions, polish, and symmetry!

James Allen’s extensive inventory of diamonds:

While James Allen offers an extension selection of diamonds owned exclusively by them, your ability to select a diamond from James Allen is not limited to the diamond inventory which they have on hand. Like most online diamond vendors, James Allen also taps into the multiple listing service which diamond manufacturers use to advertise their diamonds to the trade… Most online diamond dealers simply mirror the thousands of diamonds listed on the MLS.

They advertise that they have 50,000 to 100,000 diamonds in inventory. Then they drop ship diamonds direct from the manufacturer to their customer when a purchase is completed. A few online diamond dealers insist on actually inspecting every diamond that they sell prior to shipment to determine whether the diamond is accurately graded and worthy of consideration.

James Allen is one of the few diamond dealers that will not sell a diamond without personally inspecting it to ensure that it meets their selection criteria. So while you might see the same diamond advertised at various prices on several different web sites, James Allen is a safe bet if you want to actually know a little something about the diamond you are buying! But don’t take my word for it, take some time to read the James Allen Reviews on iVouch. Discover what other diamond buyers say about their experience buying a diamond from James Allen.

James Allen Diamond Reviews, search ideal cut inventoryIn summary, James Allen provides online diamond buyers with exceptional pricing and access to a substantial inventory of diamonds. The combined strength of their exclusive inventory of True Hearts brand diamonds, and their virtual inventory of zero ideal cut diamonds is impressive. They also provide access to tens of thousands of diamonds made available through the diamond multiple listing service at competitive prices. But do so with the added advantage of having their diamond buyer evaluate the diamond on your behalf.

In terms of price, James Allen is definitely competitive and working on some of the lowest margins in the industry. I believe they are definitely operating from the belief that profits come in the form of high volume which is directly opposed to the traditional plan of most jewelers.  But then they bring a few other things to the table which I feel makes them highly attractive in terms of a diamond vendor:

  • 100% Full Refund if not satisfied*
  • 60 Day Return Policy*
  • Free Return Shipping (U.S. Customers only)*
  • Free Shipping on purchases*
  • 100% Upgrade Value on Qualifying Purchases, minimum 2X the value of original item*
  • Lifetime Warranty on jewelry items*

And the Design Your Own Engagement Ring feature on the James Allen web site makes it extremely easy to design your own engagement ring in minutes! It features a wide variety of popular engagement ring styles with the ability to customize features and select a diamond in minutes… the picture quality is great and the selection of styles is extensive.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring James AllenStart with a setting, or start with the diamond... it's easy!

So this is my understanding of James Allen that I developed over the years as one of their competitors, stay tuned because I’ll be expanding this review of James Allen in the very near future from the perspective of a Secret Diamond Shopper… That’s right, we’re going to order a few diamonds from James Allen and several of their competitors and see how they stack up in a side-by-side comparison when put through the diamond evaluation process that I relied on when buying diamonds for Nice Ice. But shhhh don’t tell them, we want it to be a surprise!

* Be sure to check out the terms and conditions for each of the features indicated above for specific terms and conditions as they are subject to change without notice.

James Allen scores 4 out of 5 stars in this review by Todd Gray