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    Let’s Build an Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with Ritani Bridal Build-a-Ring Feature

    Today I’m going to be helping a client build an Asscher cut diamond engagement ring with Ritani! This is kind of exciting because Asscher cut diamonds are one of my favorite shapes and it’s been a while since somebody has asked me to find one for them… And Ritani is one of my favorite designers of bridal jewelry, so this should be fun! One of the things that I find mesmerizing about Asscher cut diamonds is the pattern of concentric squares which spirals downward from the edge of the table facet down to the culet, it’s like standing at the top of a square-shaped staircase and staring down.

    Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring from Ritani:

    While Ritani has a lot of Asscher Cut Diamonds in their inventory, there are two in particular which caught my eye today because they are both high color and high clarity, which look especially nice in an Asscher Cut Diamond.  The first option is this Ritani Asscher Cut Diamond weighing 1.22 carats, F-color, VVS-2 clarity, with no fluorescence and GIA Excellent polish and symmetry. The diamond measures 5.96 x 5.94 x 3.97 mm, so it is going to face-up nice and square which is really important for this shape.  The primary inclusions are indicated as being clouds and pinpoints, which are all forms of tiny diamond crystals which were trapped within the larger diamond crystal as it formed and as such are benign.  At the time this article is being published, this diamond is selling for $7,788.00*

    The second option which I selected is this Ritani Asscher Cut Diamond weighing 1.24 carats, D-color, VS-1 in clarity, with no fluorescence and GIA Excellent polish and symmetry.  The diamond measures 5.99 x 5.95 x 4.01 mm, which is also going to face up square, in fact this diamond has a length to width ratio of 1.000:1.006 which is about as good as I could hope for.  The primary inclusions are listed as crystals, feathers, and pinpoints, everything looks minimal on the plotting diagram of the lab report.  The price of this diamond at the time of publication is $9,757.00*

    Choosing The Diamond:

    Ritani Asscher Cut Diamond, Sku#D-TJN190Given that both diamonds are virtually the same carat weight and outside diameter and that most people are going to be hard-pressed to distinguish a difference  between D-color and F-color without a great deal of coaching once the diamond is mounted in a ring and being waved around on somebody’s hand, I’m inclined to $$$ SAVE $$$ the two grand and go with the 1.22 carat, F-color, VVS-2 clarity option from Ritani because the facet structure of Asscher cut diamonds can make it easier to detect the inclusions without magnification because the top of the diamond is about as transparent as the glass top on a coffee table. If you’re following along with me on the Ritani web site, select the option to “Add to an Engagement Ring”.

    Which Ritani Engagement Ring Should You Choose?

    Ritani Halo Micropave Platinum Engagement Ring, SKU #5016This is where stuff starts to get fun because Ritani has an extensive selection of halo micropave settings, which I think Asscher cut diamonds look really good in!  I’m going to select the ring located in the center of the second row because I like the way the corners are beveled, they’re going to accent the shape of the center stone quite nicely!  The ring is made of platinum which is one of my favorite metals for engagement rings because it is extremely durable and it picks up a beautiful grayish patina as it ages which is quite pretty!  The accent diamonds in this ring have a combined total weight of about 0.28 carats t.w. and the band measures around 1.9 mm so it’s going to be nice and delicate looking.  Now I click on “Click to Order” and the options are “Add to Cart” or “Free In-Store Preview”

    Taking Delivery of Your Ritani Engagement Ring

    Assuming that this is not the first time you’ve purchased something via the internet, you’re probably completely familiar with the option “Add to Cart” which will guide you through completing your purchase online and then Ritani will ship the completed ring to you within a few days… It’s being custom made to fit this particular center stone, so Ritani indicates that if you complete the order by 3:0o p.m. today, they expect to be able to ship it out in about two weeks (that’s pretty darn good for a custom order by the way!).

    The second option “Free In-Store Preview” will guide you through the process of having the ring made and shipped to an authorized Ritani dealer in your area, where you can arrange to meet with a jeweler and try the ring on Live and In-Person!  How cool is that?  The best part?  While Ritani does place a hold authorization on your credit card for the amount of the purchase, there is no obligation to purchase the completed ring if you don’t love it when you visit the store to see it… they trust that you’re serious about buying this ring and are confident that you are going to love their workmanship and the quality of their diamonds.  If you love the ring, complete your purchase.  Sure you’re going to pay a little sales tax, but that isn’t a bad offset for not having to stress about whether or not you’re going to like a ring which you’re ordering sight unseen. Consider for a moment that practically all custom ordered mountings are non-returnable and non-refundable when ordered from any other vendor!  Refer to the terms and conditions which are available on the Ritani web site for a more in-depth review of how the arrangement works.

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