Introducing the Astor by Blue Nile diamond reviews

Introducing Astor by Blue Nile Diamond (Unmatched Sparkle?)

A client sent me an email this week asking my thoughts on the Astor by Blue Nile diamond. As a matter of fact, I was right in the middle of writing this Astor by Blue Nile diamond review. With that in mind, I set off to write that review, with a bit more motivation. Because he sent me a copy of the email from Blue Nile, introducing the new Astor Diamond.

The reality is that I had only discovered the Astor by Blue Nile diamond a moment before. While conducting a diamond search that morning, I realized that Blue Nile Signature was no longer available. There was a link for the Astor by Blue Nile diamond where the one for the Signature diamonds used to be. One of my friends at Blue Nile had hinted at something big happening in a few days. Now I know what he was referring to. Replacing the Blue Nile Signature diamond with something entirely new is a bold move.

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Astor by Blue Nile Diamond Reviews:

A short time later, I received a few more emails from clients asking about the Astor by Blue Nile diamond. Patience my friends, Blue Nile didn’t give me advance notice of this product launch. Apparently the coup to overthrow the Blue Nile Signature diamond was top secret. Thankfully, it didn’t take me long to unravel the mystery. I know that you’re going to enjoy learning more about the Astor by Blue Nile diamond. At the same time, I don’t want to reveal too much of the secret here. Because I spent a lot of time writing this review. Which should answer all of your questions!

Since you’re still here, reading this text, I suppose I’ll share more of the email with you:

Astor by Blue Nile introductory email

As you might imagine, Blue Nile’s description of their new diamond piqued my interest. Which is why I promptly set out to run a search to see what I could find. As you might expect, the results of my diamond quest were very interesting indeed. I was very curious to discover how this diamond could “captivate the eye in ways other diamonds cannot.” With that in mind, I’m certain that you’re going to enjoy reading my review.

Astor by Blue Nile diamonds, precisely cut ideal proportions

Precisely cut to achieve maximum sparkle. This is another claim that I find to be very interesting. Does this mean that Blue Nile is finally going to provide us with reflector scope images? Because the only way to accurately judge optical precision, is through a Hearts & Arrows scope. Which might mean that Blue Nile is going to provide us with ASET and Ideal Scope images as well!

Astor by Blue Nile Diamonds are double certified by the GIA and GemEx

That’s right, you heard it here first! That is if you didn’t receive this email from Blue Nile before I did. To think that I had to receive this email from a client instead of directly from Blue Nile! Nevertheless, the big news is that Astor by Blue Nile diamonds are “double certified” by the GIA and GemEx. With that in mind, if you’re searching for a GIA Certified Diamond, then Blue Nile might be your only source! And you’ll find out why when you read my review of the Astor by Blue Nile diamond.

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