Blue Nile Contest Sweepstakes Enter to Win Colin Cowie Engagement Ring valued at $8,500.00

Enter this Blue Nile Sweepstakes for the chance to win a Blue Nile Signature Diamond set in an engagement ring designed by Colin Cowie, valued at $8500.00 and be sure to check out the Colin Cowie collection of engagement rings exclusively at Blue Nile. I see a lot of beautifully designed engagement rings in the collection, and I’m happy to help you select a diamond if you drop me a note indicating the characteristics and price range of the diamond you seek, via my free Diamond Concierge Service.

Getting the Most out of my Free Diamond Concierge Service:

People ask me all the time how my Diamond Concierge Service works, it’s pretty simple actually… All you have to do is click on that link and tell me the range of diamond characteristics that you are looking for, and the price range that you are working with, something like this:

  • Diamond Shape, e.g. round, princess cut, etc.
  • Cut Quality, e.g. Hearts & Arrows, GIA Excellent, AGS Ideal-0
  • Range of clarity, e.g. SI-1 to VS-2, or VS-2 and higher, etc.
  • Range of color, e.g. D to G-color, or J-color and higher, etc.
  • Fluorescence, e.g. none / negligible, or up to medium blue, etc.
  • Price range, e.g. $7.5 – 10k, or up to $10k for the diamond, etc.
  • Preference of vendor if any, e.g. Blue Nile, Brian Gavin, etc.
  • The time frame you are working with…
  • Special considerations, e.g. country of residence if outside USA.

 Why my Diamond Concierge Service is Free:

The services that I provide Diamond Concierge Service are free to consumers, because my time is paid for by the various vendors who I promote, my fees are paid out of their annual budget set aside for advertising and promotion, sales commissions, etc., and do not affect your purchase price… your purchase price on the diamond is the same whether you purchase it from an approved vendor using the links provided, which are encoded with my affiliate ID, or if you were to simply run a search for the same diamond on their web site.

While most of the online diamond vendors who I work with will track referrals for orders placed by telephone, Blue Nile will not (!) and thus I am only credited for referring you to Blue Nile if you complete your purchase using the links provided. If you want to place the order by telephone and ensure that I am credited for my assistance, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Click the link to place any item from Blue Nile in the basket;
  • Call Blue Nile Customer Service at 1.800.242.2728
  • Tell them that you are working with Todd Gray of Nice Ice;
  • Provide the CS Agent with the Order Number;
  • Ask them to manually process the order;
  • And ensure that I receive credit for the referral.
  • Email me with the order number.

Of course you don’t have to do any of this, but I totally appreciate it when clients take a moment to ensure that I’m credited for the time spent helping them determine the best options available from Blue Nile, who has the strangest affiliate program structure of any of the online diamond companies that I work with… e.g. the programs are different for certain countries, so I need to generate links from that program if you happen to reside in Canada, China, or the United Kingdom, and intend to take delivery of the diamond in those countries, but otherwise links generated for the Blue Nile U.S. web site will track the referral just fine.

While other vendors such as Brian Gavin Diamonds, Enchanted Diamonds, High Performance Diamonds, James Allen and Ritani, rely on just one affiliate program that covers the globe, and will track referrals made off of this web site, or via links provided via email, or if you simply mention on the telephone that you’re working with Todd Gray of Nice Ice.

By the way, I’m happy to assist you with reviewing the details for any diamond that you found yourself, and which you might be considering, regardless of whether it is from one of the preferred vendors listed above, or another vendor online if you’d like to send me a link, or even a diamond that you are considering from a local jewelry store if you’d like to submit the diamond grading report number and details to me via the Diamond Concierge Service form; and once again, all for free at the consumer level.

Todd Gray
Todd Gray is a professional diamond buyer with 30+ years of trade experience. He loves to teach people how to buy diamonds that exhibit incredible light performance! In addition to writing for Nice Ice, Todd "ghost writes" blogs and educational content for other diamond sites. When Todd isn't chained to a desk, or consulting for the trade, he enjoys Freediving! (that's like scuba diving, but without air tanks)
Todd Gray


Professional diamond buyer with 30+ years trade experience in the niche of super ideal cut diamonds. In my free time, I enjoy freediving & photography.
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