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    James Allen Engagement Ring Reviews, the Best Rated of 2019

    James Allen Petite Pave

    Discover which James Allen Engagement Rings received the best reviews for 2019 from the people who bought them. An in-depth look at the most popular engagement rings from James Allen for 2019.

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    Sylvie Engagement Rings (designed by a woman for a woman)

    Sylvie Engagement Rings

    The Sylvie Collection of Engagement Rings from Brian Gavin is designed by a woman for a woman. That means that they are beautiful, dainty, and comfortable. Custom design is available.

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    Fancy Colored Diamonds Buying Tips

    Brian Gavin Yellow Diamond

    Fancy color diamonds are becoming more popular and provide colorful alternatives to traditional white diamonds. Discover what to look for in a fancy color diamond and how to select the best.

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    Win a $10K Diamond Ring from James Allen

    James Allen Ring Challenge

    Here’s a great contest from James Allen! Enter for your chance to win a diamond ring valued at $10K and they’ll probably send you a discount coupon via email just for signing up! Be sure to take the quiz and you’ll be well on your way to getting her to say yes!

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    The Best Setting for Cushion Cut Diamonds (How to Maximize the Sparkle)

    September National Cushion Cut Diamond Month

    What Is the Best Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring?Given that September is National “Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring” Month I think a feature article is in order.Before you run off to Google this epic event, you should know that I just made that up. Be that as it may, September shall henceforth be the month […]

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    Jeff Cooper Tracie vs Brian Gavin Anita Halo (Brilliant duo)

    Jeff Cooper Tracie vs Brian Gavin Anita halo setting

    Trying to decide between the Jeff Cooper Tracie setting and the Anita Halo by Brian Gavin? Tough choice, no doubt about it! Both Brian Gavin and Jeff Cooper are extremely talented jewelry designers with a reputation for the highest quality.
    What are the differences between these rings and which should you buy?

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    French Set Halo Ritani vs Brian Gavin Anita in 2019 (which Sparkles more)

    French Halo Settings.

    The French Set Halo by Ritani and Anita Halo setting by Brian Gavin are both extremely popular. Discover the differences between these halo settings and which one you should choose. Plus! All the guidance you need to buy a diamond with incredible sparkle!

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    Tiffany Solitaire Style Engagement Rings (Top 5 Best + Pics)

    Tiffany solitaire by Brian Gavin

    The classic Tiffany Solitaire continues to be the most popular engagement ring style. Let’s review the Top 5 Best options you have for getting the look without getting killed on price! By the end of this article, you’ll know which ring to choose and why.

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    How to Sell Your Engagement Ring (and Get Paid Super Fast)

    How to sell your engagement ring and get paid cash fast

    There are lots of reasons why somebody might want to sell their engagement ring. We live in challenging times and relationships don’t always work out and sometimes we just need the cash. But when that happens, you want to sell your ring quickly and easily and get paid fast.

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    6 Tips to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger! (size does matter)

    6 Tips to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

    Everybody seems to want a BIGGER DIAMOND, but the reality is that we’re all working with a budget. At the same time, you also want a diamond that is going to Rock Her World because it delivers the highest volume of light return and sparkle factor. Discover why GIA Excellent & AGS Ideal might not be enough. Learn how to tilt the scales to make the diamond look bigger and nail light performance!

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