How to Choose the Best-looking Antique Cushion Cut Diamond

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May 24

This in-depth review of the Canera Antique Cushion Cut Diamond aims to help you choose the best-looking diamond using ASET to evaluate light performance.

The following client inquiry is the basis for this tutorial: "I'm considering the Victor Canera Emilya Halo Solitaire and hope you will write a review. I've been reading your blog for a while and want to thank you for all of the tutorials and diamond buying advice."

"My girlfriend really likes the
Emilya halo solitaire by Victor Canera. I'm wondering about your thoughts on the setting. I would like your opinion on the two diamonds that I am considering."

Canera Antique Cushion Cut Diamond Vintage Emilya Halo Setting.

Canera Antique Cushion Cut Diamond.

"I can't decide which of the two diamonds is the better option. Whether it makes more sense to go for the higher color grade or the larger carat weight. Please feel free to respond via blog post."

"I'm merely in the research phase at the moment. We're holding off on getting engaged until we both graduate from College in June. We're both the type of people who tend to conduct a lot of research in advance of making major purchases or decisions. I'll certainly use your affiliate links when it's time to make a purchase. Thank you in advance."

Choosing an Antique Cushion Cut Diamond:

Canera Emilya halo setting with Antique Cushion Cut Diamond.

Canera Antique Cushion Cut Diamond.

I’m quite confident that your girlfriend is going to love her Victor Canera Emilya halo setting. I’ve had quite a few clients order this ring, set with Victor Canera Antique Cushion cut diamonds.

Thus far, everybody is raving about their Victor Canera engagement rings! And why shouldn’t they? Each ring is hand-forged from the metal, specifically made to fit your diamond. It’s a perfect match made in heaven.

Speaking of which, people often ask me which wedding ring goes best with the Victor Canera Emilya setting? They posted this photograph of the U-cut pave setting with it the other day on Instagram.

I’ve never seen this combination myself, so I can’t tell you what the two rings look like together. But I can tell you that the Emilya halo setting by Victor Canera is gorgeous!

You’re going to love the way your Victor Canera Emilya Halo setting looks on your hand! You’re going to love the way that it feels! Most of all, you’re going to love seeing the years of enjoyment she’s going to get from wearing this ring!

This is a custom-built engagement ring, which is being made just for her. I have no doubt, that you can appreciate how truly special that is. In contrast, the majority of engagement rings pop out on the production line like widgets.

That means that the engagement ring is made to fit a broad range of center stone sizes. On the contrary, the Victor Canera Emilya halo setting is custom-made to fit your diamond perfectly. The difference is similar to a custom-tailored suit, versus one which you buy off the rack.

Canera Antique Cushion Diamonds Reviews:

Let’s look at the Victor Canera Antique Cushion cut diamonds that you are considering:

It’s important to realize that we don’t evaluate cushion cut diamonds by the numbers like we do with rounds. This is because cushion cut diamonds are not as symmetrical as a round brilliant.

Every Victor Canera Antique Cushion cut diamond has a slightly different outline and shape. In other words, the facet structure of every one of these vintage cushion cut diamonds is slightly different.

Thus, the pattern of light return and how light reflects through each individual diamond is going to be unique. With this in mind, it’s largely going to come down to which one you find most appealing.

The Best-looking Antique Cushion Cut Diamonds:

Which of the antique cushion cut diamonds from Victor Canera below looks best to you? Numbers 1 and 2 referenced above are shown below the top row from left to right. Numbers 3 and 4 are in the bottom row from left to right.

Notice how each diamond has a slightly different shape and outline. Unlike round-brilliant cut diamonds, fancy-shaped diamonds' outlines will always be different. In that case, it's essential to focus on diamonds with the overall shape you prefer.

Victor Canera Antique Cushion cut diamond review.

Antique Cushion Cut Diamonds from Victor Canera.

Some people prefer antique cushion cut diamonds that look square, while others prefer those that are slightly elongated. It is strictly a matter of preference, so choose the one that appeals to your sense of balance.

How to Determine the Length to Width ratio of cushion cut diamonds:

For the most part, you can determine the length to width ratio of a diamond by simply looking at it. The 1.512 carat, F-color, VS-2 clarity, Victor Canera Antique Cushion cut diamond in the upper left corner is more elongated than the rest. The diamond measures 7.02 x 6.41 x 4.45 mm. It’s the first two measurements that we’re going to pay attention to, since they represent the length and width.

To determine the length to width ratio of a cushion cut diamond, simply divide the length by the width. In this example, you would simply divide 7.02 by 6.41 = 1.095 to 1.00 which we’ll express as 1.095:1.00 with 1.00:1.00 being perfectly square. In contrast, the 1.527 carat, F-color, VS-2 clarity, Victor Canera Antique Cushion cut diamond in the lower right corner has a length to width ratio of 1.00:1.00

With that in mind, what do you think the length to width ratio of the diamond in the upper right corner is? The 1.512 carat, G-color, VS-2 clarity, VC Antique Cushion cut diamond looks more square, right? It measures 6.82 x 6.60 = 1.033:1.00 which is definitely more square than the one in the upper left corner.

At the same time, the 1.514 carat, F-color, VVS-2 clarity, VS Antique Cushion in the lower-left corner looks pretty square also. It should come as no surprise that this diamond measures 6.71 x 6.69 mm, which gives it a length to width ratio of 1.002:1.000 which is pretty square.

So, which Antique Cushion cut diamond from Victor Canera looks most appealing to you? Do you prefer the cushion cut diamonds that are more square, or rectangular?

Does the slight difference in the length and width of the diamonds even matter? Some people might think so, other people won’t care. I don’t think it really matters personally, especially since every Victor Canera Emilya setting is custom-made.

How to Interpret Antique Cushion Cut Diamond ASET Images:

Victor Canera Antique Cushion cut diamond review, AGS 104069782005 ASET

Antique Cushion Cut Diamond ASET.

Victor Canera Antique Cushion cut diamonds unique is that they are graded on the AGS Light Performance grading platform. You can use those ASET Scope images to get see how light is reflecting throughout each diamond.

Read this article for insight on what the different colors of an ASET Scope image mean. You want to focus on finding a diamond with lots of red and green.

Red represents the brightest light source in the room reflecting within the diamond. Green represents the second brightest light source and blue is contrast.

Thus you can see that the 1.527 carat, F-color, VVS-2 clarity, Victor Canera Antique Cushion cut diamond is super bright! Look at all that red color! And there is a pretty good distribution of greens and blues too.

Now, what about the white spot in the middle of the table facet? Would you believe that is a very large culet? Vintage style cushion cut diamonds usually have larger culets than modern cushion cut diamonds.

If you look at the ASET images for the other diamonds, you’ll see that they vary in size from stone to stone. Thus it is a characteristic or trait of vintage cushion cut diamonds like the Antique Cushion by Victor Canera.

Victor Canera Emilya Engagement Ring:

The fact of the matter is that I don’t see a reason to choose one of these Victor Canera Antique Cushion cut diamonds over another.

I’m confident that all of them are going to face up bright and white and exhibit amazing light performance! Given the fact that they are all VS-2 clarity or higher, they should all face-up eye-clean.

At the same time, they all look really good in the ASET Scope and Ideal Scope images. Thus I think it really just comes down to which shape or outline you find most appealing.

Emilya Halo Setting Victor Canera Antique Cushion Cut Diamond

Victor Canera Hand-forged Emilya Setting.

Any one of them is going to look absolutely incredible in the Emilya Halo Setting by Victor Canera. It goes without saying that I’m really curious about which of these diamonds you’re going to pick!

I can’t wait to see photographs of the Emilya halo setting on your finger. Please send me pictures of the ring when you receive it. You can also tag me @NiceIceDiamonds on social media.

Of course, I’m happy to help you select the best Antique Cushion cut diamond from Victor Canera’s collection. Just drop me a note via my free Diamond Concierge Service with all the details.

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