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Black by Brian Gavin Diamond Fire.

"Fire" of a Black by Brian Gavin Diamond.

We highly recommend Black by Brian Gavin Super Ideal cut diamonds. He's a former supplier of the diamonds that we sold under the Nice Ice private label.

His diamonds offer the highest volume of light return, and exhibit a virtual balance of brilliance (white sparkle) and dispersion (colored sparkle) in the form of Broad Spectrum Sparkle.

Which means that the sparkle is larger in size, and tends to be more vibrant and vivid, than the sparkle produced by standard ideal cut diamonds.

Sure they cost a little bit more than standard ideal cut diamonds, but that’s because it takes about four times longer to polish the diamonds to the degree of perfection required to produce this crisp and complete pattern of hearts and arrows.

The higher degree of optical precision required to produce this H&A pattern, increases the volume of light return and produce sparkle that is larger and brighter! The extra expense is well worth the increased levels of light return and visual performance!

Super Charge Your Diamond Buying Skills:

Follow the Steps in The Nice Ice® Diamond Buying Blueprint™ and Unlock the Secret for Maximizing Sparkle Factor and Light Performance. These are the Tips & Tricks from the back office of Nice Ice Diamonds.